Five Thing Tuesday


I am working on a new illustrated story that is kind of taking a while, so in the meantime I just have a few loose Florida ends that I want to talk about. Nothing else all that interesting has been happening around here. But then I’ll shut up about Florida, I promise!

1. I was perusing Sky Mall while on the plane.


Which is an online catalog that lives in airplane seat pockets. There were definitely a few interesting items in there…


I would like to draw your attention to the man in the top left with his lap pillow. Specifically how ridiculous he looks. I don’t know about you, but I would feel like a pretty big idiot lugging that thing onto a plane and then sleeping on it like that. Especially in that shirt. That being said, he does look kind of comfortable. I was making fun of it, but on the way back when I was trying to sleep I kind of wished I had one…

The second interesting thing I came across was this:


I like zombies as much as the next Walking Dead fan, but I am not sure I want a life-sized one crawling its way out of my family room “pleading for assistance with the eeriest eyes you’ve ever seen.” How about no thanks. That thing is terrifying. Although I think it would be pretty fun to terrorize your kids with this.

Sky Mall is a good time.

2. I need to take another minute to rant about alcohol prices.


I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this in Walgreen’s. $11.99 for that JUG of wine? What is that? We can definitely get inexpensive wine here also, but not quite that cheap.

I also enjoyed the beer prices quite a lot.


I can’t get over those prices. A 12-pack of Coors Light here is double that. And a 2-4 of bottles is something like $35. A 2-4 of cans? $40. Not cheap friends, not cheap.

Also, the fact that you can get your alcohol in a drug store, or a grocery store, or a convenience store just boggles my mind. In Ontario we can buy alcohol from two places: The Beer Store, and the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). Both close at 9pm, and 6pm on Sundays. Ontario does not really make it convenient to buy your booze. The sale is very controlled. I mean, it doesn’t stop anyone from drinking, we’ll go through hoops for our love of beer. I’m just saying the difference between Ontario and the US is crazy. And I don’t understand why we are selling the same product for double the price.

I actually signed a petition the other day to bring booze to convenience stores, so hopefully someone gets on that.

3. I think this might embarrass Evan (in a good way!) but I wanted to show the amazing thing he did for my parents while in Florida. He is a skilled tiler, and as a thank you for letting us stay in their Florida pad, he installed the kitchen backsplash for them in their condo. Here is the before and after:

before copy

after copy

I think it looks amazing! My parents arrived on the day we left and loved it also. They called him to rave on about it. He did such a good job that I couldn’t not talk about it.

He spent an afternoon installing the backsplash…



And another evening grouting it. And then it was just beautiful.


He has such sweet tiling skills.

4. We went to a flea market one day, and I was pretty unimpressed with the offerings there, I have to say. I think I would have been more enamoured if I was a kid. But I did spot this beautiful sight:


Holy shiny, Batman. I was overwhelmed just looking at that shop. The lady who worked there was trying to lure me in, and though I love shiny things, I think going in there would have given me a panic attack.

5. The pressure on the plane did this to my bag of chips!


Weeeeeeird. But no worries, they were still good.

And that is it. Have a great Tuesday!


24 responses to “Five Thing Tuesday

  1. They should definately reface those cabinets…like strip the white paint, and burn the wood…then stain it to compliment the tile. next would be the counter. But he did a great job on that tile, I’m impressed. Bravo Evan the all mighty.

    Also this is another reason Merica is better than canada, cheap booze. OH and Canada is home to Justin Bieber….enough said.


  2. Keep in mind minimum wage in the states is like $7. Also, I’m glad our alcohol is more expensive! I’ve worked at the LCBO and I had quite a few regulars who would abuse twice the alcohol they already consumed if the prices were that cheap! And you can also buy booze at Wine Rack (near Honest Ed’s) and a lot of grocery stores have little wine stores too. We’re not too bleak on the alcohol front 🙂

    • Well that is true, I do hit up Superstore’s Wine Rack pretty frequently.
      And you do make a good point about alcohol abusers. Hey, did you get a discount when you worked at the LCBO? 😉 (and did everyone ask you that?!)

      • Haha everyyyone asks me that. Nope, I didn’t get a discount 😦 But it’s unionized so the pay is a few dollars more than minimum wage, so not too bad for a summer job! 🙂

  3. The availability of booze varies from state to state, it’s not like that all over the US. I was shocked when I moved to Florida and people were not only buying alcohol from the drug store, they were buying it on Sundays! Haha. Where I grew up, that was about 10 different kinds of illegal.

  4. I’m going to have to check out a Skymall mag next time I’m in an aircraft! I have to say that Zombie made me think of Halloween! We have a huge party every year and always try to make it better. Though, we like to get creative rather than spend $100 on one thing. 😉

    That back splash looks great! What a nice thing to do for your parents!

    Wow on the alcohol price differences. I hadn’t realized we had it so cheap. I do want to mention that I spent a year living in SC and they stop selling liquor at 7pm, but beer can still be bought after that. And, they don’t sell liquor on Sunday. I wanted to buy liquor all the time in defiance! LOL. I grew up in FL, where we can buy liquor on Sundays and until late! I’m not a beer drinker, so it didn’t impress me that I could still buy that. They actually have their liquor stores split – one side is beer/wine, the other liquor. And, no they are not connected. You must walk out of one and into the other, if you want both. Not all states are created equal here. I’m glad to be back in Florida! lol.

  5. Yeah, the rules are different from state to state. I’m from Maine and you could buy beer, wine, and liquor at the grocery store and convenience store. Then I moved to Rhode Island and you couldn’t buy any of that stuff unless it was at a liquor store (I was like WHERE DID WE JUST MOVE???) and they had similar hours to what you described in Canada. Now I’m in Virginia and you can get beer and wine at grocery and convenience stores buy have to go to the liquor store for liquor. I miss Maine…

    Anyway, I LOVED all of your Florida posts…thanks for sharing! Looked like a great time. Also, way to go Evan! That backsplash is gorgeous.

  6. Holy Cow… that kitchen looks 100% updated just with that change!

    That pillow is awesome… & stupid… all in one. Why not just nap sitting up straight at that point?

    If I saw that zombie thing in someone’s yard, I’d kick the head off of it – that’d show ’em!

  7. I like the backsplash! Evan is so handy!

  8. That zombie. My friend has that in his yard by his front door. I thought it was a Halloween thing, but no. He has it there year-round. I guess now I know where to buy him a new one should the need ever arise.

    Did you notice I have a jug of that very wine as decoration in my kitchen? Yep. No way I’m using the expensive stuff for decoration. However, it’s available should a zombie apocalypse ever happen and we need libations.

    Also, I don’t think the pictures do that backsplash justice. I mean, that looked way more awesome in person. Maybe cuz the sun wasn’t on it? I still want Evan to be my personal house fixer-upper. (paid of course) Please arrange that.

    • Haha. I wonder if he ordered it off Sky Mall. That is funny. And no I did not notice that! That sounds like beautiful decor, but there is no way a jug of wine would survive in my house for very long. I be drinkin’ that.

      I agree, the backsplash did look better in person. And actually, I may arrange that. We could live in Florida! We could live WITH YOU! Ohh the fun we would have.

  9. Ha, I was just looking at SkyMall on Sunday & though how ridiculous the guy using the pillow looks, think of how embarrassing it would be to take out your pillow & spend time blowing it up!?!? Nice backsplash (that sounds kind of creepy but not meant that way at all!)

  10. Okay I have to say I think that zombie statue is freaking awesome! And that guy’s shirt is ridiculous, even more so than the pillow. I’m from Pennsylvania, (thats Philadelphia in my gravatar in case anyone cares), and we have similar alcohol laws to Ontario. Whenever I go to other states and I was actually in Florida last year, I can never get over seeing booze in drugstores. It’s always the little drug stores that confuse me the most. That back splash looks really good. It would take me a lifetime to install something like that.

    • Well Brian, for only $99.95 that zombie can be yours! Think of how jealous your neighbours will be of that thing hanging out in your garden.

      I hear you on the little drug stores, and I was also really surprised that they sold cigarettes.

  11. What a wonderful man 🙂 He’s a keeper!

  12. First — Tile job — Amazing!

    Second — Special at Kroger (grocery store) this week — 30 pack of Budweiser for $18.99.

  13. How do people get by when alcohol is so expensive waaaay up there in Canada? If beer was that expensive here in Texas, I’d wind up in a puddle on the floor in the fetal position sucking my thumb and mumbling incoherently! Even though it’s prettier where you are and all you cool people say “eh” after making a statement, if I lived there I think I’d have to defect or escape or whatever it’s called and head for the states.
    If you’re ever in Texas look me up and I’ll buy you a case of beer or jug-o-wine and teach you how to say “yall” properly.

    By the way, the tile backsplash is tile-tastic!

    And I would never order that pillow because my beer gut (from all of the cheap beer here) would be in the way and I couldn’t bend over that far.

    The bloated bag of chips made me snort Coke out of my nose.

    I enjoy your posts!
    (Stop by and visit –


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