Tiki Hut Party

Hi! It’s been a while. Possibly you noticed I took a week off blogging. I don’t really have a reason for this, except I was busy and I’ve had this stupid cold for a week that I can’t shake and I just kind of felt like hibernating from the internet. Today is the first day I can almost breathe properly and I can somewhat taste food again. It’s been a good time.

Also, to be honest, blogging was a lot easier when I talked about what I ate and did all day. Food = easy content. Now that I don’t really do that, sometimes I just don’t know what to say. I think it’s probably better to not post anything at all than rave on about nothing exciting, ya know?

But I saw all my pals on Saturday night, and not only did they give me crap for not updating my blog, they recharged my blogging batteries. So I’m baaaaaaack. And I am going to try to be a better blogger.

Back to Saturday. These two lovers recently moved into a new love nest.


Mark and Dawn

Last week was also Mark’s birthday, so the two of them hosted a good old fashioned house party at their new pad on Saturday night in celebration. Evan and I showed up around 9:30 ready to get the party started.


Dawn and Mark’s new house is gorgeous. Just beautiful. And I am extremely jealous of their backyard, which includes a pool and a tiki hut.


An actual tiki hut. That is my DREAM. I used to build a similar tiki hut next to the pool in the backyard of my Sims houses, and set it up similarly with a BBQ and outdoor cooking space. Next to the dance floor of course, so my Sims had a good space to get their party on. All my Sims’ neighbours would have the time of their lives, and then Drew Carey would show up.


I’m sorry if you don’t know what I’m talking about. But man, I miss the Sims. Now I wanna play it.

Anyway, I love the tiki hut, and I hope to spend a lot of time hanging out in it this summer.

So the party was a good time. There was a pretty decent snack table, but because I couldn’t really taste anything for maybe the first time in my life I did minimal food-table stalking. My plan was to just drink my cold right out of me, and since I am feeling better today I am going to say my plan worked. So I just spent my time working on that and catching up with everyone.



Our old English teacher Marni dropped by, and it was once again really great to see her.


We all talked about how sad we are that our little school is closing. At the end of the night we decided we should get a Cartwright HS photo with everyone who was still getting their party on (Lisa and Joanna had left a bit earlier).


Khalil at the back didn’t actually go to our school, but we let him slip in the picture because he makes us laugh hard.


Since Dawn and Mark now have a pool there was a definite pool theme going on. Emily and Corey got them a couple lifeguard signs to adorn their new backyard, and there were some inflatables and water wings hanging around.

We also found a replacement for Troy.


He is ready for the pool.

And we snuggled with Mark and Dawn’s amazing dog Miyou.



I thought Evan was going to sneak her in my purse…


Best friends.

Dawn made Mark a pretty hilarious birthday cake, which I cannot show you because it is wildly inappropriate.


But Mark enjoyed it. I did also, even though I couldn’t taste it. I still knew I was eating icing so I could imagine the deliciousness.

I enjoy a good house party, and it was a really great night with all my pals.


I hope you guys had a great weekend!


10 responses to “Tiki Hut Party

  1. that dog is ADORABLE. so fluffy and cute!
    and i used to LOVE the Sims. Seriously, that game was the bomb!

  2. Sorry you have been sick :(. I just wondered if you had any squirrel nest updates? Thanks!

  3. Who is Khalil and where can I get one?!

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