Brotherman’s Slaw

I have been staying at Evan’s house during the week quite a bit in the past couple of weeks, and this has meant one very awesome thing… Gourmet dinners.


I can get down with that. By the way, that cucumber salad features my very favourite oil and vinegar dressing, just like my Nana’s. And I do mean just like my Nana’s. Evan’s tastes exactly like hers. I can’t even do that!

Evan and his brother (aka Brotherman) have a condo together and enjoy cooking dinner together in the evenings. I am very impressed by this. I am impressed that they not only enjoy cooking, but also that they carve out time in their busy evening to actually put effort into cooking. Evan and Brotherman typically arrive home from work around 6:30 or 7, and then do their dinner thing, and they aren’t even lazy about it. Dinner usually features some kind of meat, beans/rice and vegetables, and a salad. But Evan has also been known to make some pretty amazing curried rice concoctions, minestra, and other delicious things (they are really big on breakfast also).

I used to make more elaborate dinners pretty frequently, but now that I’m just cooking for myself I’m lazy about it. When I arrive home from work in the evening I’m all about the quick and dirty. English muffin pizza is a pretty big staple up in here. So sign me up for steak, any time. I really enjoy that they make their mealtimes into more of an affair, and they are inspiring me!

One thing in particular that has been inspiring me is Brotherman’s amazing coleslaw.


Pork tenderloin, broccoli and bok choy, slaw

I didn’t even think I liked coleslaw, but it turns out I do. I like it quite a lot. I think maybe I just wasn’t eating it properly before (and also I associate coleslaw with KFC’s neon green weirdness).

Since I like Brotherman’s coleslaw so much I got all the deets on it so I can make it myself. And Brotherman is letting me share his secret slaw recipe with all of you!

Here are the ingredients to Brotherman’s slaw.


Cabbage, onion, mayonnaise, rice vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, salt and chipotle hot sauce are Brotherman’s staples, but sometimes he likes to add apple to mix it up.

First you slice your veggies…


They just got a mandolin for this, but before that they would just slice the onion and cabbage by hand very thin.


Then you add in the rest of your ingredients. Brotherman does not measure, but this is what he says he does:

– Couple dashes of rice vinegar (you could use regular vinegar also)
– Drizzle of sesame oil
– Spoonful of mayo
– Sprinkle of sugar
– Pinch of salt
– Couple shots of chipotle hot sauce (optional, and any hot sauce will work, but chipotle does give it a great flavour)


Once all your ingredients are in your bowl, mix it all up with your hands. Brotherman says using your hands adds flavour (my Nana used to say this also, so while that’s kind of a gross notion I think it’s legit).

And then you have your slaw. BAM.


It’s good stuff. I honestly can’t get enough of it, and this is coming from a non-coleslaw fan.

If you make it and love it, you can thank Brotherman.


Sometimes I like to tell him he looks like Robin Hood.

Also, Evan and Brotherman tend to have really good snacks kicking around. Like this:

Just to give you a size reference…


Legit half pound cup right there. Bigger than the palm of my hand! Biggest Reese PB Cup I’ve ever seen. I know this girl would be impressed. Don’t worry, I shared it. But yep, it’s a good time at Evan and Brotherman’s house.

PS: This is totally unrelated, but I have updated my Cartoon Stories page. I was missing a bunch of my more recent ones, so they are now all there. And yes I am still working on one! Should be done early next week.


10 responses to “Brotherman’s Slaw

  1. Geez, Evan and his bro’s parents sure did pass on the good-lookin’ genes to those boys.

  2. i LOVE coleslaw and that stuff sounds amazing. Thanks brotherman!

  3. Why’s your Reese’s cups up there gotta be missing the apostrophe S like that? I call shenanigans!

    I want Evan and Brotherman to make me meat, veggies, and salad. There. I said it.

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  6. I love a good oil and vinegar salad dressing! Please ask Evan if he’ll share his. It’s funny that something so simple can be so hard to recreate.

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