That Tricky Weight Maintenance Thing

I’m not sure how to segue into this so I’ll just get right to it. Mama’s gained some weight. Not an alarming amount. I am not in dangerous weight gain territory or anything, but the pounds have been gradually increasing all up in here over the past, oh, year or so I’d say. Looking through my Facebook pictures from the last year to now basically looks like a slideshow on how to gain weight.

This is not the first time I’ve mentioned this. And I don’t know exactly how much weight I’ve gained, as I do not own a scale and have not weighed myself in at least a year.


If I were to guess I’d say maybe 10-15lbs, but I am aware that my body hides it fairly well. I’m tall and big boned anyway, so that helps. I feel like it would be a lot more noticeable if I was short and slight. But my clothes are definitely snug. I do not feel svelte in them. And I can notice a difference.

It seems to be mostly in my mid-area, because as a girl I used to work with pointed out, I have an apple body shape. Thank you for that. Why do we have to compare our body types to fruit? Is being compared to an apple flattering in any way? No it is not.

I was also mentioning to her that I wanted to hit the gym before Jamaica and she said “Well, your legs look great, you just have love handles.”

so gross

Thank you for that also.

Anyway, this weight gain situation isn’t exactly a surprise, because we all know what happens when you eat a lot and don’t work out. Weight gain city. And as you have all probably been able to tell by the pictures of food I post, I eat a lot.


Also, my workouts lately have consisted of running 5k about once a week and trying to walk whenever I get a chance. I haven’t been to the gym in at least a month, and have only gone a handful of times since January. I have basically just been donating money to GoodLife.

I have definitely always eaten a lot, but I used to have about an 80/20 ratio of healthy to not so healthy, and that has just been a steady decline lately over to the not so healthy side of things. I have also always been big into the whole “everything in moderation” thing, and I’ve never restricted what I ate. I would just try to make healthy choices on the regular, and then indulge at certain functions, like any sort of party.


Party/finger foods are pretty much my favourite food group so that’s not going to change.

But something has to. I have lost my healthy motivation. I used to work out five times a week. I would wake up at 6am and squeeze in a run. What happened to those days?! I felt so much better then!

I know everyone says that weight loss/maintenance is something like 80% food, 20% exercise, but I have found that’s not really the case for me. If I am working out regularly, I can eat a lot more and I don’t have to be as careful.


Or I used to be able to anyway. Now that I’m 30, who knows. Maybe my metabolism is crap now.

But I love food, I want to continue to love it, and I want to continue to eat all the things.



And it’s not like I come home and gorge myself on chips and cookies. Evan usually heads straight to my snack cupboard when he comes over, and he always says to me “You are so good at not eating your snacks!” as he shoves Golden Oreos in his face. I am good at only having one cookie, or a small handful of chips. But it is the regular every day healthy choices that used to be second nature to me that I am starting to fail at. Eating in instead of out. Eating vegetables or salad with my main dish. Not eating as many fried foods and friggin’ French fries.


That will kill your diet right there.

My friend Dawn has recently started blogging again (you may remember she started a blog in the summer for a short period of time), and she mentions she has decided to take it up again because she wants to get healthy again and needs someone to be accountable to. And she mentions in her blog that I told her that I never looked or felt better than when I was blogging about what I ate. She is not wrong. I did say that, and that is true. When I blogged mainly about my food and workouts, I was at my healthiest, absolutely.


But I wasn’t even doing anything crazy then. I was just making better choices. I was still eating cookies, and cake, and pasta, and bread, and all the things. I didn’t feel like I was limiting myself or depriving myself. I didn’t cut anything out of my diet.


I was just making better choices, and I was active.

So I don’t want to turn this back into being a quasi healthy living blog (although writing about your food and workouts is easy blog content, I gotta say). I don’t want to do the whole “Here is what I did today. Here is what I ate. Here’s another bowl of oatmeal. And this is a salad.”

But I do want to feel/look better. I want to get back to where I was a year and a half ago. I’m just not willing to go on some crazy diet or seriously restrict my food to do it. I will never have a six pack or be incredibly fit. My body does not like that, and aspiring to that would really change the quality of my life.

But I can be healthier by making better choices and moving more. So that is the plan, Stan. Maybe less alcohol also.


Probably not though.

Anyway, that’s all. I guess the point of this is just to say I’ve gained weight, I’ve noticed this, and I’m going to stop it, but I’m not going to be all nutty about it. And I hate that this is something that we always have to be conscious of!

Oh and check out Dawn’s blog. She makes me laugh hard.


29 responses to “That Tricky Weight Maintenance Thing

  1. As long as you don’t start eating Paleo and/or doing Crossfit, WE’RE COOL.

  2. Good for you! But yes, please don’t go joining Crossfit. Those people creep me out.
    I personally think you look fantastic, but I know that how healthy YOU FEEL is important, too,

  3. hey hot stuff, just keep on making tiny changes and you will see those lbs start to drop. But if you want to lose it faster, you need to stare at a few salads and long gym sessions. Im moving more to the “slow and steady” track myself with trying to cut back on snacking and get moving more. But I do have Jamaica in a few months so I think maybe I need to step it up.

    Also, your coworker is a bitch. and im pretty sure I used to have the same coworker. ugh

    • Oui oui, that is the plan, the tiny changes! No need to get crazy. I do like salads, but I like them to include cheese and sometimes bacon. Slow and steady wins the race.
      And ahh Jamaica!!! I’m so jealous, I wish I was going back!

  4. Ugh – we’ve all been there, and I feel for ya. I figure snug pants aren’t too bad. So long as they still fit, you’re not too far off and will be able to get back to your old self without tooooooo many sacrifices… like alcohol. 😉 haha love the gifs

  5. Me too! I had lost close to 40 lbs in 2012 … and have started to add it back. I’ve got the tall guy thing going on so I hide it fairly well but with beach season around the corner … epp! Best of luck with your weight maintenance.

    From my POV, I’m more attractive to women who like to eat.

  6. Thanks for the shout out Evan Evanoff. Perhaps we can get back on track togetha?

  7. Blame it on Evan! I lost quite a bit of weight and then started dating my boyfriend a year or so ago and have slowly been gaining weight. I blame it on wanting to spend more time with him and less at the gym. I just have to get better at making him work out with me!

    • No that’s a good point. You are probably not wrong here. When I was at my very heaviest I was about 19 and dating someone who was a very unhealthy influence, and I just ate what he ate. Evan eats very healthily usually, but yeah, I’d much rather spend time with him than at the gym. And when I was at my most fit I wasn’t in the best relationship so I didn’t mind spending a lot of time gymming it up.

  8. I work out a LOT and still don’t lose weight. Probably because I eat everything in front of me. Will power, I do not have it. It would be great if I was told what to eat everyday and only had access to those things. Is Evan looking for a personal chef position that pays very little but is in Florida where there is no snow?

  9. I am in the same boat. Have noticed myself chunking up lately, so about a month ago I decided to pay more attention to what I’m putting in my body, and heading to the gym a minimum of four times a week. Just weighed myself for the first time in a month and have put ON 2.5lbs. I’m feeling pretty defeated. So! I love your blog and if it starts to focus a little more on your attempts to get healthier, all the better! I wish you luck and hope to gain some motivation myself.

  10. When i started going to the gym i put on weight 😦
    I love food so much – i remember when i could eat whatever i wanted and not put on a thing. There was one stage where i was eating three hash browns for breakfast, a pizza pocket for morning tea and a bacon and egg roll for lunch. And who knows what for dinner!

  11. Urgh, this is how I’ve been feeling since Christmas. I got awful shin splints for ages and couldn’t run. Also it was cold outside.

    I’ve been back on it for the last 7 weeks and I’ve got 13 weeks until I’m required to prance around a pool in a teeny swimsuit on holiday. Scary.

    I agree though – it’s all about how you feel and how your clothes fit, not how much you weigh. I’m tall and put muscle on really easily so I’m always depressingly heavy. I remember reading Bridget Jones for the first time and she heads up her diary entries with ‘Weight: 9 stone 3 – dooom, DOOOOOOOOOOOM’ and I was like ‘…Christ.’

    • Ohh you’ll be all good by then.
      But YES! I am also tall and put on muscle easily and I just generally weigh a lot, so if I were to weigh myself all the time it would just be super depressing. No thanks. Honestly at my very heaviest ever I was 192lbs (very shortlived) but I wasn’t even big. How you feel and how your clothes fit are way more important.
      Haha, when I watched Bridget Jones I didn’t even know what 9 stone meant…

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