Bobby the Raver

I have the day off work today because of the celebration for my little high school closing, so I was very, very excited to sleep in. This week has been stupidly busy and there’s been something going on every night and I haven’t been getting the most sleep. I thought for sure I would be able to sleep until 9, no problem.

But nope, plans were foiled. The balconies in my building are being redone, so at 7:32 this morning I was woken abruptly to the sweet sound of a jackhammer outside my window. An actual jackhammer, and yes, at 7:30. Are you even allowed to start work before 9 on weekdays? I thought there was a rule about that. Normally this wouldn’t matter and I’d already be awake for work, but this morning I was not a happy camper about it. I feel sorry for people who do not work during the day. This is going to put a damper on a lot of leisuring in my building.

So I can’t use my balcony now for probably the whole summer. My door is nailed in from the outside as I might wander out there and fall to my death.


But I’m sad. I very much like my balcony. At least it will look nice for the winter.

In other news it was my dad’s 62nd birthday on Wednesday, so after work Evan and I drove over to their place for a barbecue. It took us almost two hours to get there because of the beautiful Toronto traffic. That shouldn’t be news to me as I used to commute from around there to Toronto every day for work, and each way took me at least an hour because of traffic. But now that I am in the city that is soo farrrrrrrr. I now understand why people who live in Toronto don’t leave the city. Vair annoying.

Anyway, barbecue. We had burgers and my stepmom Mona had every condiment imaginable laid out and ready for us.


I think I love burgers for the condiments. I loaded them all on there.


First barbecued burger of the year and it was fabulous.

And there was also cake for Bobby’s birthday.


62 years young!

The cake was vanilla and strawberry with whipped cream and it was delicious.


Mona always finds the best cakes!

I know what my dad likes and that is the Montreal Canadians, so my gifts to him are usually of that nature. I got him a very nice Montreal Canadians clock that he can add to his collection. But I think his favourite present was this leather fanny pack:


Or maybe the beer. But when he opened the fanny pack and realized what it was he exclaimed “AlRIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!” very excitedly. I am looking forward to my retirement and the days where I get ridiculously excited over a fanny pack. Mona said it was necessary because his keys and wallet keep falling out of his sweatpants (again, to be retired…) so he needed somewhere to keep them. Bam, fanny pack. Very handy and practical.

I also need to take a moment to address my dad’s shirt, because it has a story behind it. My dad plays the keyboards, quite well actually (just ask Dawn her favourite song), and a couple years ago Roland was having a contest where you could create your own digital song and send it in. If your song was chosen as the best digital song, you would win a keyboard, and also tickets to some rave party in Montreal, where they would play your song. Of course my dad entered. He wanted that keyboard. He recorded his song and I helped him make it into an mp3 and sent it in for him. He did not win, sadly, but he did get that sweet shirt out of it.

It makes me laugh very hard thinking about if he did win, because my 60-year-old father would be attending a rave.


I’m sure he would have enjoyed himself.

I guess this is nothing new, because my dad used to store this old trailer we had at Trudeau Park in Tweed where the World Electronic Music Festival took place, and one day he was there during it so he just went to the festival on his own. He said he made friends. Bobby’s a fun guy.

Anyway, that’s all I got today. Have a great weekend!


9 responses to “Bobby the Raver

  1. cathy sinclair

    Oh Lindsey, you crack me up!!! I love Bobby. Glad he had such a FINE Birthday. The fanny pack brings back such sweet memories of camping. And yes your Dad is an awesome keyboard player!! Thanks for the laugh!!
    p.s. I still have my camping fanny pack. hehe!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Bobby! “Tell me about yo fears….dun dun dun” Love that song.

  3. Bahaha, somehow I missed this. I think Bobby would fit in just fine at a Rave. He would pop a bunch of pills thinking they were Tylenol and have a great time. That sucks about your balcony!! What a terrible time to now have a access, you should be getting a discount in your rent sire.

  4. I find it odd that you refer to your dad as dad and as Bobby in the same post. By the way, my dad’s name was Bob so we are basically soul mates. Yep. We are. Plus, I would have been happy to have a burger will a million condiments on it with you.

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