Food Talk Friday

I got a pretty disturbing comment about that Vietnamese soup I wrote about on Wednesday.

soup (1)

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 7.57.07 PM

Sounds like weird lunch meat was the least of my worries. I probably ate congealed blood and pig’s knuckles. There were a lot of weird mystery items in that soup. When I read this comment to Evan he said “Yeah, now that you mention it, I remember you struggling with some kind of cartilage-type thing.” Welp. Pig knuckles! A hoof, basically. I may have eaten a hoof.

I feel like if you are going to include weird ingredients in your menu items, those weird ingredients need to be listed on your menu. Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. Normally if I am at a restaurant that is outside of my culinary boundaries culturally, I just eat without asking questions because I am afraid of the answer. What’s in that sushi? Oh, octopus testicles? Fabulous. Didn’t need to know that.

I think those days may be over for me now. Now I feel like I need to know. If there’s blood in my soup (congealed  blood), I’d like to know. Ah well, all good, just a life experience.

Anyway, moving onto more delicious things. I went to Evan’s house after work on Wednesday and when I got there he was roasting a chicken for dinner.


So for dinner we had an entire chicken, stuffing (stove top but I’ll take it), gravy, and Brotherman’s slaw. What is this, Thanksgiving?!


Nope, just another day at their pad. This is not even for my benefit, I promise. They are constantly cooking these elaborate dinners. And breakfasts. This is what they made me for breakfast yesterday.


A frittata with a bunch of vegetables, ham, and a chocolate chip waffle.

No lie, this is an every day thing. Here are two other breakfasts I have enjoyed there lately:


STEAK and eggs.


PEROGIES and eggs.

No one has ever cooked for me like this before. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude. I guess blog about it.

They also just got a juicer, so my breakfast yesterday was followed by juice with mango, orange, and grapefruit.


It tasted like Florida!

On Wednesday evening I was talking to Dawn on the phone for a while in another room, and Evan came in and surprised me with a glass of carrot, apple, orange, and ginger juice, instructed me to take a giant sip of it, and then poured wine into it to top it off. I can’t even explain my reaction to that. I thought I was dreaming.

So anyway, don’t blame me if I move in there. Winnie cooks me jack squat over here.


Yeah, but your love isn’t edible Winnie.

I am going away for the weekend, and though I am excited about leaving the city, I am a little bit sad because it’s a huge food weekend in Toronto and I am going to miss it.

First of all there’s the first annual Halal Food Festival at the International Centre, which according to the website is two days of food in seven festival areas and 60 food sampling stations. Oh, and there’s a cheese seminar. I’m really sad to miss that especially.

And Sunday is Burger Day. All-you-can-eat sliders, various kinds, from 67 restaurants, for $30. It’s at Artscape Wychwood Barns.

It’s a good weekend to be a Torontonian. If you go to either of those events, please tell me how they are. I want details!

Have a great weekend! Eat lots! But stay away from the pig knuckles. The congealed blood also.


14 responses to “Food Talk Friday

  1. Please post a pic if you ever get octopus testicle sushi. I wonder if they would make it with spicy mayo?

  2. Oh man….the titles of our blogs today are eerily similar (two out of three words are the same)….although I’m not talking about knuckles. That actually made me experience some nausea when I read that.

    Next weekend if you do end up sticking around it’s Woofstock and Melon and I plan to attend and bring Rocky and Miyou. Bolt would not be a popular companion choice. It’s at St. Lawrence Market if you’re interested…
    if not, I get it, you hate dogs.

  3. Seriously, now I keep throwing up in my mouth a little cause I can’t stop thinking about congealed blood. And the more I try to stop thinking about it, the more it’s there. Ahkjshjdshfkjsdghfkjdsf (those are gagging/vomit-y sounds). However, I did laugh hard at “octopus testicles.” You’re a funny kid.

  4. It’s Burger WEEK!! not just on Sunday silly pants. I’ve seen line ups all week at the happening spots on Queen St. Sorry to inform you on Friday… :S

  5. Wouldn’t congealed blood cubes just be like black pudding? Which is a bit weird but not completely out of the ordinary (or maybe I just eat weird things, it is a possibility).

    Wow, you are getting spoilt with all that delicious food! I really enjoy cooking but I do love it when my boyfriend cooks for me – it’s such a nice gesture, nd he is a pretty good cook 😀

    • Had to google black pudding. Ew, but yes I guess not completely unheard of. But I think anything weird like blood, feet, stomachs, genitals, hooves, eyes, etc, should be clearly labeled so you can be free to steer clear if you are not a fan, amirite?

      Totally spoiled. Cooking boyfriends are the best!

      • Ha, black pudding is completely normal to me (and absolutely delicious) so I guess my opinion is skewed. I agree with you but maybe in Vietnamese cuisine these things *are* normal so they didn’t see any need to label? Who knows!

        Hooray for cooking boyfriends! I feel so sorry for people who say their partner can’t cook or won’t cook for them 😦

  6. I like that you only need to know if there’s congealed blood in your soon. All other blood = ok!

    I call frozen on that blueberry waffle. Is Evan starting to slack already? It’s too soon!

    Also, I would like all the perogies in the world in my mouth. Mmmm. I used to call them potato buddies before I learned they had a name.

    • Yeah, I really only have a problem with the congealed. That’s just a gross word.
      And yep, frozen. No complaints here though, Eggo waffles are the best! I would also like all the potato buddies (cute) in the world in my mouth RIGHT NOW.

  7. I had to Google “PEROGIES”. They sound amazing! Yum!

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