Everybody’s Painting for the Weekend

I meant to write this baby up on Sunday, but when I arrived home I basically face-planted on my couch and didn’t move until it was bedtime. Friday night after work Evan and Brotherman picked me up for a fun weekend at their cottage. Well alright, I am using the word fun loosely here. Cottage leisuring is one of my favourite activities of all time, but they are currently renovating their cottage so the plan was to be working for most of the weekend. I knew what I was signing up for though, so I packed up my grubby painting clothes and was ready to go.

We stopped at a Tim Hortons on the way up, which also had a Cold Stone Creamery in it, and when I saw this I couldn’t say no…


That would be cake batter ice cream with sprinkles sandwiched between two Tim Hortons chocolate chip cookies. So it was basically my dream. It is a very good thing there aren’t any Cold Stone Creameries located close to me because I could easily eat that every day.

We also stopped at the Golden Beach Resort on Rice Lake, which is near their cottage and a frequent hangout for those lads.


Evan is quite a catch, I cannot lie (also, who painted this picture? Why does my hand just disappear into my hip?)

We went to the little restaurant there for dinner, and I was excited about it as Evan and Brotherman have been raaaaaving on about this place to me for months.


It was very cute and rustic, and it definitely had a cottagey vibe. This amazing sign was apparently in the men’s bathroom.


I didn’t actually see it (because I’m not allowed in there), but Brotherman took a picture on his phone to show me. I was very disappointed to find zero signs in the women’s washroom. There was just a boring poster for some shopping event. Does being a lady mean I can’t enjoy a clever beer sign?! No it does not.

We ate on the patio, which was nice until it started to get dark and the mosquitos were all up in my grill. I grew up in a forest though, so I am used to those annoying little bastards. I like it when they bite my eye.


I lied. I do not (this picture is not from this weekend. I avoided getting bit on the eye).

Anyway, I liked the patio. It will full of interesting characters, like an intoxicated father yelling at everyone and talking about his nether regions very loudly, and a male chef in oversized red stilettos. Definitely a frequent sight in the city, but a pleasant surprise in cottage country.

I started my cottage weekend off right with a big ol’ pint.


And the haddock and chips were the Friday night special, so that’s what we all ordered.


That was actually the small, and it was huge. And really delicious.

We finally arrived at the cottage and were greeted by most of Evan’s family on his dad’s side: his aunt and uncle, and cousins and families, none of whom I had met before. They were all very nice and welcoming, and they had a cheese platter laid out with about 10 different kinds of cheese, so of course I liked them all immediately.

Evan’s cottage is gorgeous.


This is the view from their deck. Their property is very secluded, and it’s probably the biggest cottage I have been to. It has two floors and a walkout basement with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living/dining room. Which is awesome, but bigger is not exactly better when you are painting every single one of those rooms and laying down new floor in almost all of them. That was what our Saturday activities consisted of.

Here is the family room before the new floor…


And this is it after (but not painted yet).


The floor is beautiful! I cannot take any credit for that, it was all Evan and his cousin’s husband. Evan was the official saw handler.


Note the protective glasses and ear muffs. Safety first, friends.

We are not quite done and will be returning this weekend to finish, but with 10 people working we accomplished quite a lot!


I was absolutely covered in paint afterwards. I had it everywhere.


I can’t paint and not have it all over me. I don’t know how it is possible. But I told everyone that I purposely got paint all over myself so it looked like I was working hard. Oh I know the tricks.

But I did work very hard. I will basically do whatever you want if you pay me in food, which Evan’s family must have known, because they paid me quite well.


Dinner Plate #1

Yeah I get down with fake cheese sometimes.


Dinner Plate #2

I actually didn’t mind working at all, and I feel like that is a very good environment to get to know people. It was a good first family meeting, and I definitely feel pretty comfortable around them all now (painting for 8 hours will make you a little loopy and say weird things). Plus a lot of the weekend looked like this:


So I wasn’t exactly rushing outside to be in the sunshine. I didn’t even go swimming!

But I did get out for a bit on Sunday to read my book on the deck.


It was overcast for a lot of the day so I didn’t put on sunscreen, and of course I managed to get a bit of a sunburn. I NEVER used to burn EVER, my entire childhood. Stupid sun. It does not like me anymore.

Anyway, it was a good weekend and I was really sore yesterday. I drank a lot of beer also. Oh, and Evan’s Uncle Gino is my new favourite. That is all.


10 responses to “Everybody’s Painting for the Weekend

  1. Painting together is a good way to get to know a family for sure. and now they are all impressed with what a hard working, industrious gal you aer. It’s like the old Russian Wife Test!

  2. Oh my, look at your referencing Loverboy in your title. ME GUSTA.

    So I guess you cannot blame Florida for burning you now. It is you, not us! Welcome to being a whitey.

    Also, that floor looks awesome! That Evan is so handy. I want to do what he does now.

  3. That’s one mean mosquito! Glad it didn’t happen again.

  4. Your man can cook you a mean meal AND put new floors down in a house?! You are so lucky!

  5. i’ve decided the adult sunburn issue is because when most of us were kids, we played outside a lot so we got more of a gradual “tan” from every day exposure.

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