On Tuesdays I Play Volleyball

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember me posting about my adventures in beach volleyball last summer.


Laura and I

I had such a fun time that when my team asked if I wanted to play with them in the spring league I was all over it. So for the past five weeks, every Tuesday, I’ve been at Ashbridges Bay for some sweet volleyball action.


My team members Ryan (he is not usually quite that hardcore looking), Laura and Matt. Our team has nine people in total, mostly from my old work building. You may remember Matt from my the day I tried rowing.


That was an adventure and a half.

My friend Hannah (<- remember the time we went to a cat show?) is on my team also, but sadly she couldn’t make it last night because she was reffing soccer. She is very athletic and is good at pretty much every sport. I am so in awe of people who are sporty.

The spring league is definitely not as busy as the summer, but there are still quite a lot of teams. And we are still exactly average in the rec league. The standings were posted last night and we are 12th out of 29. Actually, I think that’s better than last year.

Last night we sucked pretty hard though. Volleyball is the only sport with a ball I am moderately good at (as in, I can usually get the ball over the net, with a lot of enthusiasm!) but last night I had a couple superstar moves and I have no idea where they came from. I was feeling very proud of myself and I was thinking maybe it was going to be a turning point for me and I was suddenly going to be a volleyball prostar. And then I got hit directly in the face with the ball. And that was the end of that. My newfound skills were suddenly gone and I was back to average. Ho hum. Oh well, everyone said it looked hilarious, so at least I was still entertaining.

It is a ton of fun though, even when we lose (or get hit in the face), and I am grateful for any activity that gets me on the beach in the sunshine.


It’s gorgeous down there. That whole area is really nice, and there is a huge boardwalk that runs beside the beach.


It is a lot less fun when it rains though, which we have encountered more times this spring than in the summer. It’s cold, and the ball gets caked with sand so when you hit it you get sand all in your face. Fun times.

So that’s what’s been up on the volleyball front.


7 responses to “On Tuesdays I Play Volleyball

  1. That’s awesome about playing volleyball, nice work! I have tried to play it & suck so hard core it’s not even funny. Although in my mind I’m pretty sure I resemble Gabrielle Reece on the court.

  2. I am terrible at any games that require coordination (so all games I guess) but I admire those who can play!

  3. So I was trying to find a link to a study that I heard about that claims that volleyball is the sexiest sport a woman can play according to men.

    However, I instead found this questions and it made me laugh:

  4. How fun! I used to work somewhere that had a sand court in the back and we’d play at lunch. Haven’t played in awhile though…

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