Painting + Brunching + Leisuring

On Friday night, we made the trip once again up to Evan’s cottage to finish all the work we had started last weekend. Thankfully the floors were now done, so all that was left was painting. We had the same painting crew as last weekend, plus Brotherman’s fiancée Kelly, so with all of us and our brushes the time flew by and we are done everything except the bathrooms and kitchen. Including the popcorn ceiling in the living/dining room (the most annoying I would say). Success.


Yep, we paint with beer. It makes it way more fun, like a painting party. We were happy painters.


Just happy painters all around.


Oh wait.

Evan and I actually had to leave  around 4pm on Saturday because we had my good friend Emily’s 30th birthday barbecue to attend. So we got all cleaned up and headed over to that, and it was the most fun break of all time. More on that later though, because it needs a separate post.

On Sunday morning we were back at the cottage for more leisurely shenanigans. And it was actually a nice day! Surprise! We also had a couple of things to celebrate, Brotherman and Kelly’s impending nuptials (yayyyy lovers!), and also Kelly’s birthday.

So we all headed to the Victoria Inn in Gores Landing to get our celebration brunch on.


It was so nice. Just the cutest little inn ever. The eight of us sat on the gorgeous back patio, which had a very nice view of the lake.


Well, if that tree wasn’t in the way it would.

It was a big party of lovers. We had Kelly and Michael (Brotherman), the guests of honour…


Evan’s cousin Barb and her husband Brian…


Don’t Barb and Evan look alike? I think they do!

Evan and I…


With our mimosas.

And the ultimate lovers, Evan’s Uncle Gino and Auntie Eedie.


Who are great. Uncle Gino makes me laugh hard.

Nearly all of us ordered the sweet potato soup and the pan-fried Cajun pickerel.



No regrets here. Both were delicious. My dad used to make the most amazing pickerel ever (breaded with Cornflakes!) and it didn’t quite compare to that, but it was still really good and I enjoyed it.

Kelly’s vegetarian plate looked pretty great as well.


I had apple crisp with ice cream for dessert, but I accidentally deleted my picture of it, so here’s Barb’s blue cheese dessert plate with ice wine.


I thought that blue cheese was the only kind of cheese I didn’t like but oh boy was I wrong. I think I just don’t like it in sauce form, because I loved that blue cheese!

It was a really great brunch, with lots of toasting to Brotherman and Kelly.


I should mention that almost Evan’s entire family (and his friends) call him The Porpoise, or Porpy, or Porp because he was such a graceful swimmer when he was younger. Aww, haha. It is a funny nickname, and I am pretty much the only one who calls him Evan. It’s also funny because my parents used to call me Mermaid because I liked swimming so much (no one said I was graceful).

Anyway, after brunch we headed back to the cottage for some leisuring. I immediately set up shop in that hammock, right by the lake.


So super comfy. Uncle Gino brought over a second hammock and set it up so I had some company…


And this was my view as I drifted off to sleep.


Perfect. It may have been the best nap of my life.

It was just an excellent weekend all around. And I’m hoping the nicer weather is finally here to stay.


8 responses to “Painting + Brunching + Leisuring

  1. Beer is the only way to make painting or cleaning bearable! I swear by it 😉
    And definitely the best napping spot!

  2. What is pickerel? It looks good, is it a fish? I absolutely love hanging out at the lake. So peaceful.

  3. That’s a lovely view! Totally worth painting and flooring for!

  4. It looks beautiful there! The hammock would be my favorite place to hang out.

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