The Dirtiest of the Thirties

On Saturday I officially welcomed my childhood friend Emily to the Dirty Thirty Club (of which I am already a member). 


(This picture is from Emily’s amazing birthday party last year.)

Em’s birthday was on Saturday, and she and her lover Corey hosted a big barbecue at their love shack for all of their family and friends. Evan and I skipped out on the evening painting activities (oh darn!) to attend this, so we quickly went from painty slob-fest…


To apropos barbecue attire.


I originally wasn’t sure how we were going to be able to make it to the party because it is about an hour and a half drive to Em and Cork’s from Evan’s cottage (and for some reason it took us two hours to get home), but Evan is beautiful and when I brought up my concern about this he immediately offered to drive. I was so happy. Emily is the greatest, most thoughtful friend (remember the stocking she got me for Christmas?!) and I would have been so sad to miss her big day. I still remember playing velcro catch in Emily’s backyard on her 10th birthday, so I had to see her turn 30!

And it was great to see all our old pals.


Friends since Grade 9!

I wouldn’t have thought Emily and Corey could outdo their free pony rides (but not actually) soiree for Emily’s birthday last year, but I was wrong. Those two sure know how to throw a party.

They had the typical BBQ fare of burgers and hotdogs, so I scored a burger and also some of everything on this table.


And maybe this table also…


I was especially excited for that cherry cheesecake. Homemade and delicious.

The birthday girl accidentally burned her finger while attempting to blow out her sparklers, but she is a trooper and didn’t let her finger burn damper her evening.


She was still quite happy.

We played some fun games outside for a while, like frisbee cup.


It’s a drinking game. You are supposed to throw a frisbee at the other team’s sticks and if the cup flies off the other team has to drink (we also played this at my friend Leah’s bachelorette on the beach last summer). No one should have ever put Dawn and I on a team together because we were both not the greatest at the frisbee throwing.


I am going to say I was distracted by Dawn’s amazing mustache glasses. We both seemed to get better the more we drank though, and Emily and her sister Sara (in the picture beside Dawn) were quite good. They were able to redeem us so we could get these guys over here to drink.


Also in attendance were all the parents who chaperoned us at Dawn and Mark’s wedding in Jamaica in January.


Well I say chaperoned, but in reality they drank more than we did. Aren’t they the cutest, happiest grown-ups of all time? They had quite the reunion. Dawn and I were explaining to Julie’s dad Kenny that in Jamaica we each had a day when we were the most intoxicated (catamaran for Dawn, Negril for me), and we asked Kenny what his day was. His response was “I guess pretty much the entire time,” which made us laugh hard.

I also told Kenny that I didn’t recognize him without his sunglasses on.


Because in Jamaica he wore them the entire time. Even indoors.

Kenny enjoys us quite a lot, and us him.


We also convinced Kenny that he should drink a beer out of the Oktoberfest boot. He said okay.


He had to wear the birthday cape for this.

And not to be outdone, Leanne’s dad Bobby did the boot thing as well.


And since those are our examples of how to be a proper adult, the birthday girl and I mayyyy have gotten in on this boot action also. And I may have been wearing the birthday cape…


Oh it was a fun time.

So happy dirty 30 to my little Emilio! Thank you for hosting the best party!


And thank you for the beautiful photobomb Joel!

I said at the end of my post for Emily’s birthday last year that 29 years from then I hoped we would be throwing parties just like that one, and I am happy that at least one year later nothing has changed!

Dawn had a really great post about Emily’s birthday also if you want to check it out.


12 responses to “The Dirtiest of the Thirties

  1. I love that ‘Kenny’ ended up as a tag…haha. That happened with me too. Thanks for the shout out Buzz – I can definitely tell you have a better blogging brain than I because there were lots of photo ops that didn’t even occur to me to capture – the frisbee one obviously being a winner. I also LOVE the photo of you, Em and Joel at the end. He has just the creepiest face on, just like old times 🙂

    • It starts to come naturally. And then there are times when I’m all lazy and just don’t feel like taking pictures of anything. Haha, I love that one too. I look at it and picture Joel doing the butterfly noise.

      We are going to have some good pics from this weekend and that is for sure.

  2. You and your friends have the best parties ever. I can’t even remember what I did when I turned 30, and that was less than a year ago! 😉

  3. You and your friends have the BEST parties, I swear!

    P.S. Gonna have to steal that frisbee/drinking game … INGENIOUS 😉

  4. Bobby and J9 were honoured to be on the Blog! You are all a great bunch and we will party with you anytime! See you at the Jamaica reunion!

  5. Teresa Burgess

    I am trying to find a post about a coconut cake that I just can’t seem to find. Sorry to bother you but did you happen to post about a family member’s coconut cake in the last 30 days and if so, can you send me the link to that post?  Thank you so much!!   Teresa Burgess

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