Dog Whispering & Baby Chicks

It was a pretty busy weekend over here. On Friday night after work I met up with my friend Lisa and we roadtripped together to our other pal Fran’s husband’s family cottage for some girl time.


Lindsey, Lisa, Amy, Fran

We are all friends from Journalism school, and I saw Lisa fairly recently at a Yogurty’s event, and Fran at her ugly Christmas sweater party, but the last time the four of us were together was at Fran’s wedding this past September.


My first Italian wedding where I ate for four hours. Good times.

Lisa and I didn’t arrive at the cottage until about 10pm as it is kind of a far drive and we got caught in a bit of traffic, and I had to leave the next morning, so we immediately squeezed in the fun cottage times. We caught up around the fire while roasting marshmallows for s’mores, which we made with REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS instead of plain chocolate. That idea was all Fran, and it was the best idea ever.  I was not surprised though. Fran is kind of the queen of snacks, and the snack cupboard in her house is the most impressive I have ever seen.

We also spent a lot of time in the hottub, which overlooks the lake.


It was so beautiful at nighttime. I felt like I was on a trip somewhere. We had a really great girls night, and I don’t think we went to bed until after 3am. Oy.

Fran’s family’s cottage is gorgeous, and it has a beautiful waterfront.


I would have been all over swimming in that.

On Saturday there was a memorial for Evan’s grandfather, Bubby, in Tweed, so that is where I headed from the cottage. I had never met Bubby, but I have heard so many stories about him from Evan and his family that I feel like I have. Everyone calls him Bubby because when Evan was a baby his grandfather called him “Baby” and when Evan tried to call him “Baby” back it came out as “Bubby,” and the name stuck. I think it’s a cute grandpa nickname. I used to call my grandpa D-Dad, and I have no idea where that came from. I think Evan and Brotherman are very lucky to have had such an amazing grandfather, who was a huge part of their lives into adulthood. I never met one of my grandpa’s (my Nana’s husband died when my mom was pregnant with me), and my D-Dad passed away when I was seven so I have very few memories of him.

It was an incredibly touching service, and I noticed that everyone who talked about Bubby mentioned that he was the perfect example of the kind of person we should all strive to be. I honestly could say the same about Evan, so I guess I now know where he got it from.

The reception was at Evan’s Nana’s sister’s cottage (everyone calls her Auntie Booj), so we all headed back there for refreshments. Auntie Booj’s Pomeranian Comet and I became quite close.


Comet killed me. He was such a happy little muffin.

Evan’s dad lives around the corner, so Evan and I went over there afterwards for a sleepover. You may remember me blogging about visiting them a couple months ago (their amazing animals in particular), and I was reunited with my BFF Sasha.


Ohh how I love that dog.


Pretty sure she likes me too.

Evan’s Dad and stepmom Loulou have some new additions to their animal party. Baby guineafowl!


And baby chicks!


I don’t think I have ever seen baby chickens before, so that was very exciting.

We got to hold the little chickies.



They were so cute.

I would also like to show you the stand that Evan’s dad built for their bird’s Jubee and Kiwi.

How much fun does that thing look? I kind of wish I was a bird just so I could hang out on that.

Anyway, we stayed at Evan’s dad’s until about noon and then visited with his mom and Nana in Belleville for a bit before I headed home and immediately face-planted on my couch. And that was my weekend. Hope you all had a good one!

(PS – Hi Loulou 🙂 )


15 responses to “Dog Whispering & Baby Chicks

  1. that lake looks so beautiful. and I can’t say there are many things I love more than baby animals!

  2. Belleville! I live in Belleville! I lovingly refer to it as Bellevegas though (for obvious reasons). Next time you are here you must go to Burger Revolution. You will not be disappointed.

    • Evan grew up in Belleville! He said he has seen that place but has never been there. So good to know, we will have to hit that up next time.
      Oh and he says he knows allll about the Bellevegas 😉

      • Really?? That is awesome! I recently moved here from Toronto. It has been a bit of an adjustment to say the least!

  3. Wow, that view of the lake is stunning, I could live in that hot tub! Oh those baby chicks are precious too!

  4. Now, go forth and try S’mores with Cadbury Eggs. Oh my sweet baby Jesus that is good.
    Sorry to hear about Evan’s bubby. 😦

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