Tales from my iPhone

Nothing is really new since the weekend. Just working and stuff, you know. But I was going through all the photos on my phone last night and I found a ton that I was planning to talk about at some point, and then never did. I figured I might as well put them all into one post and then I can move on with my life.

A few months ago while out at the bar for my friend Sherrie’s birthday, Dawn and I found a new friend who we called Jean Claude Van Damme.


Jean-Claude Van Damme

Hey? Right? We kept calling him that and eventually said we needed a picture with him. He liked it. Also, I just want to mention we were originally going to our favourite country bar, so this is why I’m clad in plaid. Here’s another picture of all of us from that night:


My BFF Lisa sent me this picture the other day:


Because she said it reminded her of me. She is not wrong. I definitely sing the entire song, including any instrumental parts. I always have, and I can’t help myself! The guitar solo in Don’t Stop Believin’ is my very fave guitar part to sing of all time. Is that a crazy thing to do though? Why is the guy in the picture wearing a straight jacket? (Edit: this is why. Who knew that was Freddie Mercury? Did not make that connection.)

My Auntie Nancy was visiting my Nana last week and sent me this beautiful picture of the two of them:


Look at my Nana! She is so beautiful! They both are gorgeous, but my Nana is going to be 99 on July 10th. 99!!!! Look at her skin! LOOK AT IT! She is just a little ray of sunshine. Also, my aunt? 70. She still looks like she is 40 to me. God I hope I have their genes. Just ridiculous. (Edit again: my aunt read this and informed me that she just turned 69. Jumped the gun on that one. But still, my point remains!)

These pictures are going back about six months or so but they are from my second date with Evan. It was too new for me to talk about then, but I thought I might eventually so I kept the photos and they were still kicking around on my phone. On our second date he took me to Allan Gardens in Toronto.


On our first date we just quickly met for a drink because we were both extremely busy that week. And because we originally met online, it was basically to make sure we both existed, we were who we said we were, and no one was lying about their height or any other major details (I had a lot of weird online dates, as you know). All was good on date #1, so we proceeded to date #2.

Evan told me nothing about where we were going. He told me to just meet him downtown and he would take care of the rest. Upon meeting he brought me into Tim Hortons, bought us both coffees, and then we went outside and he spiked our coffees with a mini bottle of Baileys that he had brought with him (I was already sold after this). And then we walked with our coffees over to the beautiful Allan Gardens, which is a huge greenhouse downtown Toronto that I had never been to.


This was around Christmas, so hence the Christmas decorations. It was especially nice because it was absolutely freezing outside, but inside it was almost tropical. We shed our coats and walked around with our Baileys coffees and looked at all the beautiful flowers and plants and just talked. And then he took me out for dinner. Best, most original, date ever. That second date absolutely sold it for me. It was so thoughtful.

And his thoughtfulness continues. A couple weeks ago Evan made this amazing photo frame for me:


The photo is of us in Florida, and he added some sand and arranged all the shells that we found together on the beach in Florida on top of the clear frame. Then he poured this liquid plastic that he found at Michael’s on top of everything, and it dried clear and hard so all the shells would stick on there, but you can still feel them if you run your finger over the frame. It’s pretty amazing, and I was very touched at the thought and seriously impressed that he made this.

Before the plastic dried it leaked through the glass and created these drips on the opposite side of the frame. Some of the drips turned into large plastic strings, so at work the next day I decided I was just going to cut them off with scissors.

Welp, somehow the scissors slipped and I accidentally snipped off the tip of my finger…


It stopped bleeding after an hour or so, and all is good now and it’s healing nicely. But that is how Evan’s beautiful picture frame tried to kill me.

And of course I have photos of Winnie…


Soo many of my elderly little minx.



She’s the best.

And that is all.


16 responses to “Tales from my iPhone

  1. Oh sweetheart…that “guy” is freddie mercury!

    • Ohh hahahaha, that explains so much. Did not get that reference. I thought you were talking about Jean Claude Van Damme so I was like “No that is DEFINITELY Jean Claude Van Damme” but I gotcha now. Haha. I’m gonna have to edit that, merci.

  2. Your fam is so beautiful! Heck, I hope I have those genes..and I’m pretty sure we are not related, so that’s weird.
    Even’s 2nd date idea was awesome. So clever and such a good idea around Christmas. Smart boy, that.

  3. Um, any guy who brings a mini bottle of Baileys on a date to spike your coffees with is marriage material. Haha, jk! I just wish my fiance thought of that. 🙂

    I haven’t been a super long time reader of your blog (almost a year maybe? referred from running off the reeses), but I’ve really enjoyed reading it -especially the parts with Evan in it. I think it’s because when you write about Evan, it’s in such a genuinely complimentary way that it inspires me to take the time to look at my fiance to see all those things I love about him and remember all those small but important details that made my heart first flutter seven years ago. So thank you for sharing that important part of your life with us!

    P.S. Your family has incredible genes! My grandmother had gorgeous skin too. Something about that generation? And your aunt definitely does *not* look 70. I would have thought that was a typo!

    • RIGHT?! I really was blown away by the Baileys. I was so impressed. Such a great idea.
      Aww, thanks for the blog comments. And that’s so nice, I’m glad me talking about Evan makes you appreciate your man. It is so easy to take thoughtfulness for granted. I’m really glad for this feedback also, because I worry no one wants to hear these details except for me. So thank you!

      Did your grandma use Olay moisturizer? Because mine swears by it!

  4. Can I just say, I absolutely LOVE your blog. I started reading after you posted on GOMI about your awful online dating story, and this has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to read. Your writing is awesome and it’s so fun to hear about your adventures! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Evan sounds amazing. The whole second date sounds awesome (especially the Bailey’s).

  5. I’m SO glad Jean Claude could make it on the blog in some form! If you ever want to see a scandalous movie featuring Allan Gardens check out Chloe. Perhaps if Evan had of spiked your drink more it would have turned into something out of the movie. Ow owwww.

  6. Aw, Evers is beautiful for doing such special things for you! He is a keeper. And nana is looking good!

  7. Thanks for the compliments Lindsey regarding how Nanny and I look beautiful but just so you know my dear….I just turned 69 on June 17th and that is bad enough. I don’t really feel it so I have to keep playing tennis and eating gourmet meals and drinking wine (red of course!).


    Nancy xo

  8. Your Nana and Aunt look amazing!

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