Girls’ Day in the Mountains

I am reblogging this beautiful mountain post from last year in honour of my good friends Dawn and Emily, who are currently visiting Calgary and our friends Lisa and Crystal. I am so sad to not be there with them. I am going to reread this and just pretend I am.

Happy or Hungry

Gird your loins for a bunch of scenic mountain pictures!

Yep, just like that.

I was absolutely dead on Sunday. Just dead. I am not in college anymore; I can not party for 12 hours straight two days in a row and not feel the consequences. All of my shenanigans caught up with me, and I dreamed of lying in bed all day and eating chips and spooning my cat (or Lisa’s cat Charlie, who, by the way, has forgiven me for locking him in my suitcase for three days. He was all up in my grill wanting to snuggle.)

But, it was my last day of vacation, so something exciting (but fairly leisurely) was in order. Crystal and Dawn suggested taking a road trip to a natural hot springs in Radium, BC about a three and a half hour drive away. Lis and I were initially not the most…

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4 responses to “Girls’ Day in the Mountains

  1. Frickin’ gorgeous!! Sounds like it was a blast also! Nice work on the synchronized swim action, that’s no joke 😉

  2. Oh Spoon!! We will miss you so much this year! Do not worry, I will make sure to have enough fun for both of us. And I’ll see you in 3 weeks!!

  3. Dudette….had no idea you reblogged in honour. Loves it. Our girl’s mountain last year was FAR more relaxing than the friggin’ marathon drive we had this year. More to come on the old blog next week. Still tired!

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