The Cottage Leisure Weekend


I’ve been MIA for the last few days because I’ve been up at Evan’s cottage in middle of nowhere, Ontario.


And no complaints about that, it was beautiful.

I left on Friday right after work and I did have two blog posts planned for Friday and Monday, I just had to add my pictures. But then my internet randomly went down from Thursday night until sometime over the weekend so I wasn’t able to finish those puppies up (thanks Rogers, you’re the best!). Those will have to be saved for later in the week though, because right now I have some weekend recapping to attend to.

I have only been to Evan’s cottage twice before, and both times the weekends were filled with cottage renovations. On the agenda this weekend? Leisuring. Just leisuring. No painting, no installing new floors. Just a weekend of relaxation with my one and only lover. Since we had the entire cottage to ourselves for the weekend, we decided to both take vacation days on Monday so we would have two full days of cottage shenanigans.

Leaving on Sunday is always a bummer. The impending doom of packing/cleaning up up just looms over you all Sunday and you basically lose the entire day. It’s about an hour and a half to two hour drive from the city also. We were excited for the extra day.

I think that having a cottage is a big eastern Canada thing. I don’t hear a lot about them in other places, not even really in the western provinces. Around here cottages refer to a second, more rustic home, usually in kind of a secluded location on a lake.


Ontario has so many lakes that there are many places in the province that we refer to as “cottage country” because so many people have cottages there. They’re like summer homes, but less fancy. I grew up in cottage country and I have been to many, many cottages over the years, from basically shacks with an outhouse to elaborate lakeside mansions. The more rustic the cottage, the better, I think. No one wants to be fancy at the cottage. Certainly not me.

Anyway, this is basically what our Saturday at the cottage looked like:


Ohhhh yes. Just a dream.

We did take a break from the lounging to go swimming though. Evan has a bunch of inner tubes stored in the basement, so we busted out a couple of those and floated around for a while. With beer.


I found it difficult to paddle my tube while holding my beer, so I just hooked my tube up to Evan’s and let him pull me out into deeper water, and then we let the waves push us back to shore. It was a good time.

For dinner we had a pretty great barbecue…


Those are Ritz Cracker Chips on my plate. I had never even heard of them before but Evan saw them at the store and picked them up. They were so good!

Evan wins at the snacks actually, because he also brought these:


Teddy Grahams! I haven’t had those for like 20 years!

There has been an old wicker chair sitting in the fire pit for about two months now, and we had big plans for that.


It was just waiting to be burnt. It was so old and dry it burst into flames immediately.


But it was completely burned in about two minutes, so it didn’t last very long. We had a nice fire for about an hour until the bugs started to drive us mental, but we squeezed in some marshmallow roasting. The front of the cottage has a screened-in porch, so that’s where we headed to escape the mosquitos. We played games in there for a few hours.

Evan has some really awesome and modern board game selections kicking around his cottage.


Well alright, awesome, but not modern. Both are from the mid-80s. I have never heard of the TV show Chips, but that game was probably the worst board game I’ve ever played. There was absolutely no skill involved. It was pretty much Candy Land only with motorcycles and not as good. The A-Team wasn’t bad though. We also played a lot of Rummy (the card game).

Sunday was overcast and kinda rainy, and rather than spend the entire day indoors, Evan and I went to the Warsaw Caves which are not far from the cottage.


Which was insane and absolutely not what either of us were expecting. It is going to be a separate post for sure.

When we returned, we had some reading time and a nap, and then we decided to drag out the canoe.


Still overcast and it rained a bit while we were out, but the views were gorgeous.


Evan’s cottage is in a bay, next to a bird sanctuary, so we took the canoe all around the shoreline.



That was a pretty cool uprooted tree. I told Evan if I was a beaver that’s where I would be taking up residence.

So one of the useless skills I have picked up over the years (in addition to Guitar Hero) is the ability to make a loon call using my hands and mouth (here’s how to do it if you’re curious). While we were canoeing a loon started calling from across the lake, so I made the sound back to him. Evan joked that the loon was going to come over with essentially his pants down all hot and bothered, and I said there was no way the loon was going to mistake me for another loon. I’m sure the loons are smart enough to recognize a fake call. Apparently not though, because I was about halfway through that sentence when we heard the flapping of wings and the loon landed not far from our canoe with two babies.


It would seem the loon thought I was the real deal. The loon and I called back and forth to each other for about five minutes or so, but then I started to feel guilty like I was leading the loon on, so I put an end to that before the loon got the idea that we were soulmates.

We paddled around for a bit longer and kind of watched the sunset through the overcast skies before we headed back for dinner.


Dinner was grilled steak kabobs, salad with oil and vinegar dressing, and leftover corn on the cob. Delicious.


The kebobs are from Walmart and actually came with a small jar of the most amazing steak spice. They were so good.

By the time we sat down to eat it was about 10pm, so after dinner we just played more games until bedtime. And Monday was basically a repeat of Saturday, only with time to clean up the cottage and stuff before we left.

It was a really fun weekend and I am sad that it is over.


If you made it this far I just want to quickly tell you that Evan started a blog! He and his brother have their own contracting company, and the blog is basically a renovation/DIY/tips thing, but Evan’s a great writer (he is spelling and grammar savvy – very important!) so I think it’s pretty enjoyable. Check it out!


13 responses to “The Cottage Leisure Weekend

  1. Leading the loon on about killed me. Great post!

  2. Oh the loon is too funny. I have been trying to do a loon call for years and I can’t do it! I’ve given up.
    You and Evan are so cute. Love his blog!

  3. I want to play the A-Team board game!

  4. I can do that call, but I had no idea it was a loon call. I will have to try it out! I wonder if we even have loons around here…

  5. I have a Canadian friend and she has a cottage. I thought they were special but obviously it’s a common thing!
    Your time away sounded divine!

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