Wine & Ch…Chocolate?

As my blog has grown, I am contacted pretty regularly by companies that would like to send me something to review. I am always flattered, but I don’t usually take them up on the offer unless it is something that I genuinely love, have already been wanting to try, feel people would be interested in, is a good fit for my blog, etc. I won’t sell myself out for anything, I do have standards. Though I’d probably do just about anything for a free sandwich, so I’m not saying my standards are high.

But when someone offers to send you a free bottle of wine and a box of gourmet chocolate, friends, if you say no you are doing life wrong.


That right there is basically my dream. Thank you to the amazing people at STLTO Wine and BRIX chocolate for sending this to me! You are now my new best friends.

I have never thought about pairing chocolate with wine before. Honestly, I don’t really think about pairing wine with anything. Sure, cheese, but both wine and cheese are good on their own and I would never associate one with the other. I find it really funny when I’m buying wine at the liquor store and the salesperson asks me what kind of dish I will be pairing it with.


Oh, good one. I’m not that fancy. Maybe some chips later? We’ll see how the night goes. Actually chocolate sounds pretty good!

So clearly I am a classy wine connoisseur.

Anyway, it was all I could do not to bust into that chocolate as soon as it arrived on my doorstep. It was probably the biggest test of willpower I have ever gone through. However, I thought it would be best to get an opinion other than mine, and with no girls’ nights on the horizon (meaning not in the next day because I wouldn’t last any longer around temptation), I brought everything over to Evan’s. I figure that EVERYONE loves wine and chocolate, so I was sure the lads could help me out with the incredibly strenuous task of reviewing these things. It’s a tough job.

They were up for it though.


They are supposed to be looking sophisticated. Are they succeeding?

So BRIX sent me a box with four different types of chocolate: extra dark (70% cacao), medium dark (60% cacao), smooth dark (54% cacao), and milk chocolate (46% cacao).

chocolate1Each chocolate is designed specifically for wine, and is suggested to be paired with different types. The idea behind it is that chocolate and wine bring out the best in each other. I was reading somewhere that the creator of BRIX chocolate would get together with friends and enjoy red wine and cheese, but thought it was foolish to be eating fat-laden cheeses while trying to benefit from the health effects of the red wine. Enter BRIX, chocolate designed for wine.

I don’t usually appreciate the badmouthing of cheese and I will defend all the cheese until the end of time, however this does make sense to me. I can’t ignore that cheese is quite calorie-heavy (doesn’t stop me from eating it in abundance usually…), and I am not sure why no one thought of this before.

STLTO had sent me a bottle of merlot, which was best with the medium dark chocolate.


We followed the steps for preparation and testing, and honestly it was amazing. The chocolate was really good, and it genuinely did bring out other flavours in the wine. We tried all the chocolate, and even though the medium dark was best with our wine, they were all great. Who knew chocolate would be so perfect with wine?


Brotherman said he is going to make the poor man’s version of this with the $9 bottle of red wine they like and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers bars. Sure, you could do that. But I would just like to point out that BRIX is actually very reasonably priced if you order it from the website, and it tasted gourmet to me.

Obviously the four of us finished the bottle of STLTO wine that night, but I had a lot of chocolate left over, so we did the chocolate and wine thing for the next several days with different types of wine. Excellent every time, with every wine. And then I just ate the rest of the chocolate by itself (by myself). Also very good sans wine.

So, wine and chocolate! I highly recommend this. Try it out, it’s insanely good!


13 responses to “Wine & Ch…Chocolate?

  1. tell them to offer you a discount code for your readers!! I would love to do a girls night with chocolate and wine 🙂

  2. I second Newlyweds ona Budget’s suggestion!

  3. Yum! Two of my favorite things!

  4. OK, fine. I’ll drink wine and eat chocolate with you next time I’m in Toronto. If you insist.

  5. You SHARED your wine and chocolate?!

  6. Wine and chocolate: best combo EVER! Quite a few of the wineries in CA have chocolate at their tastings. It’s so good. We have massive amounts of wine in our cellar (we are really into it). But not enough chocolate…

  7. Have you ever had chocolate wine? I don’t even like wine and there is a chocolate wine that is AMAZING that we get every now and then. Definitely a dessert wine. It’s like 2 for 1. Instead of using one hand for wine and one for the chocolate, you use one hand for chocolate wine and one for a burger.

  8. Lucky duck! Sounds great.

  9. Brotherman likes $9 wine and Reese’s? Tell me more about this person. I think we may be related.

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