Flood City

If you do not live in Canada you maybe did not hear about this, but Toronto had a major flood earlier this week.

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I really avoid talking about natural disasters on my blog, mainly because there are so many happening around the world all the time that if I did talk about them it’s probably all I would get a chance to talk about. Also, if it didn’t affect me directly, I don’t think there is anything I can add that someone else isn’t already saying.

But I have a lot of American readers who probably didn’t hear about this, since when it comes to Canada no one seems to care. I feel it is my duty to tell you about the things that happen here, and the Toronto flood on Monday was crazy!

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We basically had the same amount of rain that falls here in a month, fall in something ridiculous like an hour. Obviously Toronto’s infrastructure is not meant to handle this so, flood city.

Luckily no one was hurt, and luckily I had Monday off and was safe at home when the rain started and could just safely watch the storm from my window (this time lapse video of the storm is pretty awesome). Otherwise I would have been driving right around here when this happened:

resize (3)

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So that would have been no good.

The worst story I think was the one about the flooded GO Train.



My coworker was on that train, and this is the email I received from her on Tuesday morning:

I was stranded on the Richmond Hill train last night waiting for the dinghy boat rescues. Saw several people swim, a Mercedes was fully submerged, along with an SUV and left abandoned. My carriage was flooded on the lower deck up to seat level, so had to move upstairs, and stood for 7 hours with no air con, many lights stopped working….emergency windows had to be pulled out because it was hard to breathe, sweaty and people getting claustrophobic in cramped spaces. Finally we walked out on the tracks at 1am (very wet, slippery and muddy) and we still had to catch 2 separate rescue buses to get to our stations. Had to give 2 people rides home and finally home 3am. Think we’re getting our money back for this ride. The train is still on the Richmond Hill tracks this morning and they can’t move it yet…

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What a nightmare! I don’t know how she didn’t have a meltdown. I would rather be in a tight cave underground than stuck on a train with sweaty people for seven hours. I probably would have tried to swim.

Here’s what the inside of her train looked like:

resize (8)

I can’t even believe this happened here.

My favourite pictures were of the children saving the rats in a flooded park.


I can’t find the picture now, but there was one I saw of two rats floating in a dollhouse and it just about killed me. Save all the rats!

Again, luckily no one was hurt. Except for the sad Ferrari.

resize (7)


Anyway, now it’s like nothing even happened, so I guess no worries. Weird phenomenon though, for sure.

Have a great weekend! I am hoping for SUNSHINE!


19 responses to “Flood City

  1. We care about what happens in Canada…. Remember the Olympics were there and now this!

  2. It was crazy! I went out for dinner in the storm, like a fool (I didnt know how bad it would get!). I didnt need to take the subway home so thankfully I had no issues. But my work lost power for TWO days so it was a mini vacation for me at home!

  3. I heard about the flood on TV (CNN maybe?), but reading about it here (since I kinda feel sort of ‘acquainted’ with you, cos I read your blog… does that sound too creepy? Sorry!) gives it more of a “real” feel. And those pictures – WOW that’s a really lotta water!!! Glad everyone was ok, and that everything is back to normal now!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! That looks so scary. Thank God no one was hurt! So glad you were safe at home that day! I did hear something about it on the news here but didn’t realize it was that bad!

  5. I was wondering why you hadn’t mentioned anything about it! Insanity. I was on a tour bus driving into the city on monday at 10pm and there was total darkness up until we reached yonge and eglinton– very scary! Apparently this is the worst storm to have happened in Toronto since 1954.

  6. That’s a lot of rain! What are you going to do aboot it?

    Sorry, I am an ass.

    I’m glad no one got hurt!

  7. It was intense! I had to keep an eye on our parking garage because it started to flood and our car was pretty close to where the water was coming in. My poor guy though, it took 4 hours for him to get home from King station, just about started to cry (from hunger, exhaustion and and being soaked) when I told him about what was going on in the garage.

  8. Very glad you weren’t out in it!

  9. Heard about it and was wondering if you were going to write anything on it. I thought it was crazy since I know the other side of your country just experienced extreme flooding recently. So sad! Glad everyone where you are is ok!

  10. That is so horrible! We had crazy flooding like that during hurricane Irene. And also flash floods a couple of weeks ago (my driveway was a river with 6 inches of water rushing down it for about an hour). But trapped on a flooded train for 7hrs sounds awful! Glad your friend (and everyone else) was ok!

  11. I like Canada. You people are super nice. Who else would save rats? I’m glad you’re ok!

  12. Weather be crazy lately. It never rains in TX…been raining since I got here. It’s been extra bad in Orlando this year too. Guess it’s everywhere. I would definitely had made a swim for it.

  13. It´s unbelievable what mother nature can do when she just decides to. Also it´s unimaginable what people who were trapped by the water had to gone through. I found some breathtaking instagram pictures when Toronto was hit by that storm. Check it out. It´s freezing when I´m looking at it. Insane!

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