Happy 99th Birthday to my Amazing Nana

Happy 99th birthday to the strongest woman I know, my beautiful Nana!

photo (2)


I get a lot of feedback from people who say they love reading about my Nana, so if you want to know more about her, here are some previous things I’ve written about her amazingness:

She is truly the most positive and uplifting woman I know, and I believe this is why she has lived so long and has stayed so healthy. She is like a walking Olay ad. She uses that moisturizer every day of her life!

Of course, being 99 does not come without its health problems, and recently she fell and broke her hip. We were all very sad and worried about this, but she had surgery and has been doing rehabilitation, and although she is not quite as mobile as before the hip incident, she is still doing very well and is still able to get around with her walker. Apparently she was walking in the hospital the day after her surgery, and all the doctors and nurses were amazed at her progress, as they didn’t expect her to recover so quickly at her age. We are all very proud of her.

I also just want to quickly mention that my Nana’s husband, my papa, died over 30 years ago and she has been on her own since. She never dated after his death, and she still wears her wedding band. Just warms my heart.

Anyway, my Nana’s birthday was last week, so on Saturday my family met up at her nursing home to throw her a little party.


(My dad, Auntie Nancy and I with the Nana.)

My Nana is probably the easiest person to buy a birthday present for because she does not want me to spend any money on her, so all she has ever asked for from me is pictures of me. She really loves cards also, so this year I decided to combine the two. I saw a quote about grandma’s on Pinterest that I really liked, so I switched it up a bit in Illustrator, added some photos, and put it in a frame for her.


Just a side note, as I was wrapping her present I realized I didn’t have a bow, so Evan made one out of wrapping paper!


He used this tutorial here. I was so impressed with his bow skills. It turned out really well.

My Nanners really liked her present.


She looked at the top picture, pointed at herself and asked “Who’s this?” and I was like “It’s you!!!!” And she said she couldn’t remember ever looking like that. It made us laugh. Besides her hair colour, I think she looks the same!


She kills me. Notice how her hand is all awkwardly touching my hair? She must always be touching me if I am sitting near her. She has always been like this and I love it.

My Nana loves loves loves her desserts, so Evan and I brought her a birthday cake.


It was banana chocolate chip, and ohh man it was good.


We also snuck a couple bottles of wine into her home to toast the big 99.


Cheers to Nana! We are all hoping for 100 here (at least!) and I think she can pull it off! She is an inspiration to us all, and I strive to live by her example.

It was a great visit with my family. We stayed for a couple hours and chatted, and I left there with a full heart.

Hope you had a great weekend!


21 responses to “Happy 99th Birthday to my Amazing Nana

  1. Happy birthday to Nana! Evan makes great bows 🙂

  2. Fun times…your Nana was pleased with her party! Evan’s cake was sooo good.

  3. Awww, this is so sweet. Happy birthday to your Nana 😀

  4. Happy Birthday Nanners! Love the picutres of our special little lady!

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Nana!!!

    I love the bow and the tutorial! I am so going to try that. (Another point in the “Evan’s So Awesome” column … that is, on top of the 1000 points he already has 😀 )

  6. cathy sinclair

    Lovely Lindsey!!! Love to You and Your Family!! Nana looks great!!!!! 100 Here She Comes!!! Memories of staying at Her Home, years ago!!! xo Cathy

  7. Aww, I just love your Nana…so sweet! Looks like you made her birthday very special! I love her shirt and the off the shoulder look she was sporting…chic! LOL She is precious!
    Oh and Evan cannot be for real!!! He makes bows too?!?! Hang on to this one for sure! 🙂

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