Weekend Stuff

I still had a gift card from the Milestones Chef’s Menu tasting that I attended in May. Don’t ask me how, as usually those burn a hole in my pocket. I expected the gift card to be like $20 max, since Milestones had already fed me so much and really owed me nothing. I decided to check the balance online so I knew what I was working with, and I was pleasantly surprised to find $50 on there!


YES! Date night here we come!

Evan and I found a nearby Milestones and got the party started with a couple pints of Rickard’s White on the patio.


Milestones is a little bit on the expensive side (not quite Keg, but not far off either), but since we rolling in gift card cash, we went a little crazy and ordered bocconcini garlic bread to start.


It was SO good. It may have been the cheesiest garlic bread I have ever witnessed. Nothing wrong with that. Milestones is doing garlic bread right, that is for sure.

I was thinking about trying an item on the Chef’s menu to see if it was as good as when I sampled everything, but then the butternut squash ravioli with goat cheese and spiced pecans caught my eye and I knew that’s what I wanted.


It was an interesting presentation, and I was actually concerned that wouldn’t fill me up. But no worries there, it was very misleading. I was full after about three bites and I couldn’t quite finish it. I loved it. The addition of goat cheese really made it for me.

On Saturday after the Nana party, Evan and I decided to check out Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area in Aurora, since my Nana lives around there.


It was a nice day (though HOT!), and pretty gorgeous there, so we had fun exploring it. I was also really impressed with this:


A fitness trail! Exercise stations right on the trail. What a great idea. I want this in my neighbourhood.


I would definitely do this if I lived around here. Sure beats the gym.

We also did a little geocaching, which is basically like an outdoor scavenger hunt around the world, if you have never heard of it. Here’s a handy video about it.

I have the free app on my phone that will show you the three nearest geocaches, and we were quickly able to spot them.


Having an app for this was a lot easier than my old method of geocaching, which was google the general location of the cache before you leave the house and then attempt to find it once you were outside. That really did not work out very well sometimes, and I spent hours and hours looking for a few caches in my old neighbourhood. The app was a dream compared to that, as the compass will lead you directly where the cache is hidden. It was Evan’s first time geocaching though, so I do kind of wish at least one wasn’t so easy to find.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some stuff for dinner, and we noticed that brie was on sale. Certainly can’t pass that up.


That was pre dinner. Dinner was this amazing black bean dip that Evan made and a bunch of cut up vegetables, plus some rosemary pork.

On Saturday we decided to escape the city and head up to Sibbald Point Provincial Park on Lake Simcoe for some beach time. It’s convenient because it’s fairly close to the city, but far enough away that it has the feel of cottage country.

No one else had the idea of going there at all. No one.


That’s like Florida beach busy! That was a surprise since I thought we were stumbling across some unknown gem, but it looks like everyone in the city knows about it.

Ah well. We were able to find a spot for our beach blanket that wasn’t too rammed.


It was a gorgeous day and we spent the afternoon swimming and leisuring around in the sun.


I was happy to finally have a sun day, because so far this summer hasn’t been ideal for that. And I’ll take busy beach over no beach any time.

And that was my weekend. Fun times.


11 responses to “Weekend Stuff

  1. mmm now I want brie and beer! I need to host some sort of beer and cheese night. I feel like that combination is lacking in the social sphere

  2. You are not allowed to complain that it’s hot. It’s FORBIDDEN.

    Also, there is a park right near my house that has exercise stations, so basically you and Evan need to come visit me now. I mean, I won’t take you there. I’ll take you both and get you liquored up, but I think it’s the thought that counts here.

  3. theshrinkingowl

    Oh my God, that food looks amazing. WANT.

  4. Do you wanna do beach day for my b-day? I wouldn’t protest to gettin my tan on! Plus it will be a friday, so maybe not so busy?

  5. Can you tell me what the name of the app is that you are using for geocaching? The “official” one is $9.99!

    • It’s the free version of that one! If you search “geocaching” on the app store it will come up. Free is nice, but it will only show you the same three geocaches in whatever area you are in and I’m sure the paid app would show them all (hence why it’s free). I’m thinking of bucking up and paying for it, because I find that a little annoying.

  6. Yum. All that food looks delicious. And i love geocaching! My best friend in high school, Matt, introduced me to it and we used to go geocaching all around the Blue Mountains (NSW, Australia). Fun times. He even brought a little stash of treasures to put into the geocache if it was big enough.

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