A Few Things

Literally just three things.

1. It is hot outside. It is very, very hot outside. I know I have said before that I will never complain about the heat, I live for summer, I’d be fine living on the equator, etc. etc. Well it was easy to say that when it was minus 20 outside. Now that it is plus 40 with humidity (celsius, that’s over 100F), I will just take that back. It is way too hot. It is instant sweat everywhere as soon as you walk outside. I took a break from my beautifully air conditioned office yesterday to check out the outdoor situation and it was a wall of heat as soon as I opened the door.


It was like stepping into a sauna.

I’m sure many of you who live in warmer climates who deal with this kind of heat all year long will curse me and be all “But you can’t complain! You get a winter! You get a break!” (I am looking at you and you) But I think that gives me all the more reason to complain! We endure terrible weather for six months of the year. We had the worst winter ever. It was insanely cold from October to May. Is it too much to ask for a nice summer? We went from freezing cold and snow, to a ridiculous amount of rain, to outside being an oven. There was no in between. Why does everything have to be so extreme all the time? This hilarious woman sums up my feelings quite well (warning: there’s language in that video)

Maybe it would be more bearable if my apartment had air conditioning, but it does not. I already dislike getting ready in the morning, and the heat is just making it worse. I am sweaty as soon as I exit the shower. I was so hot and frustrated the other morning I almost lost it on Winnie just for innocently meowing at me. And poor Winnie is being hit the hardest.


Whatever Winnie. Like laying around all day expends a lot of energy.

Anyway, it’s hot. My frigid Canadian skin is not used to this, and I just needed to vent a little bit.

2. My brother was cleaning out some boxes and found this amazing picture of my dad’s band circa 1980.


Oh Prism. Also known as Bobby and the Rockers. Bob is my dad. (So my last name is Evanoff, did you know this? It’s a funny coincidence that my boyfriend’s name is Evan. Someone said to Evan that it must be fate, and he said “If it was fate shouldn’t it be Evan-on?” which I think is a good point. But we’ll say it’s fate anyway.)

My dad definitely still had those leather pants he is sporting when I was in high school. I remember wearing them once and my legs had never been so hot. I thought the lower half of my body was melting off me. I don’t know how he ever put up with that. Anything for fashion I guess.



Minus his long luscious curly locks, I think my dad looks pretty much the same.

3. A couple weeks ago I was sent Truvia to try out, a stevia-based sugar substitute.


I have actually been wanting to try Truvia for a while, even though I am not very sweetener savvy. I still use sugar. I just love it so much. I no longer take sugar in my tea, but I can’t do coffee without it. And artificial sweetener is not the same, so I still use real sugar, I’ve just been cutting down.

Truvia looks a lot like sugar…


But it has kind of a chemically/caramel smell. I have been using it in my coffee for the past couple weeks and when I just use a teaspoon it’s sweet enough without any noticeable taste. I have to say though that I’m not really a fan of it on its own. I would never dip a strawberry into it, as the label is depicting.

I’ve been keeping it in the kitchen at work for my coworkers to use, and reviews are mixed. Some of them really like it, and some of them really do not, so it’s really a personal preference. For a sweetener it is okay, it is just no sugar.

If you are looking for a zero calorie natural sweetener I’d say give it a try.


But once this jar is done I am probably going to go back to sugar, even if it is the devil.

And that is all! Have a great weekend!


11 responses to “A Few Things

  1. 1. You cannot complain about the heat. You promised!
    2. I’m pretty sure the guy to the left of your dad is Paul Rudd.
    3. I love love LOVE Truvia. It’s the closest to sugar for me. I will eat it straight. There. I said it. I like it most in cereal (cuz I buy no flavor cereal and drink no flavor almond milk, sooo…). I don’t like it in oatmeal though. That is reserved for my other lover, Splenda. So send that stuff right down here and I will eat that right up.
    4. Who doesn’t have A/C?! That…just doesn’t compute. My mom didn’t have A/C in her condo in San Diego and she made the guy put it in. haha. My momma will have none of being hot. NONE OF IT!

    • Hahaha, totally could be like Paul Rudd!

      This is actually the first time I haven’t had A/C and I didn’t think it would be a big deal… Wrong. Last summer didn’t seem to bad, but I have been dying all week. i just don’t know if it is worth it to install my own window unit. We shall see.

      Truvia needs to read your comment so they can get on sending you a lifetime supply.

  2. 1. I dont even mind the heat- it is the humidity that gets me!! It gets to be 40+ in some states, but they have a dry heat, which is totally different. so yes- complain!

  3. I feel like a mega douche complaining about the heat here in England but something I’ve realised is that hot days are awful here because this country is just not prepared for them. Our houses are built to retain heat, 80% of everyone’s wardrobe is made up of jumpers and thick jeans, air conditioning isn’t really a thing – we’re just not used to it and don’t know what to do with it. So I’m right there with you on the OMGIT’SSOHOT wagon.

  4. Your dad was in PRISM?!?! Are you kidding me? How did I not know this for the 18 months I worked with you? Like…Young and Restless Prism?

    • Hahaha, no. Not that Prism. They actually had to change their name because they did not realize Prism was already a band. I probably should clarify this, I didn’t know the other Prism was popular.

      • Ohhh. Could’ve been though. They are a Vancouver based band I believe. You’re no longer cool. The tribe has spoken. It’s time for you to go.

  5. Cely @ Running off the Reese's

    You can complain all you want to me! Being hot sucks. Even when you actually got winter. Being hot always sucks.

  6. Ah sugar…it is the devil. We’ve been trying to eradicate completely from our diet. I think if you’re having something like cake then obviously that has sugar in it but it’s so unfair when something like say, mustard has it in it. I may as well be eating cake!

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