Weekend Cottage Things

This week has been incredibly busy so just a heads up I probably won’t be blogging very much. I also don’t feel like I have much to say because all I’m really up to is work stuff. My life seems to happen in phases like that. Boring weekday, boring weekday, OMG WEEKEND FUN TIMES!!! Boring weekday, boring weekday. Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say at all and sometimes I feel like I have way too many things I want to write about.

Anyway, I want to recap my weekend. On Saturday morning Evan and I headed up to his cottage, so this weekend was basically a repeat of this weekend, only better weather, no caves, and more people. Evan and his family take turns with the cottage on weekends, and this weekend was actually Brotherman’s weekend. He was up there with his fiancée Kelly, Kelly’s sister and her family, and it was incredibly nice of them to let us crash their cottage time.

I spent most of Saturday alternating between laying around the dock, and leisuring around with Evan in this raft on the water:


We spent about two hours anchored in the middle of the bay in that thing. It was beautiful. And I would like you to know that the electric air pump stopped working so I blew that baby up by mouth. I don’t mess around. That raft was happening.

Lots of swimming went down also.


It was still pretty hot, but I can totally deal with the heat if I am lakeside. It’s city heat that is the annoying heat. And humidity. Humidity is annoying.

But the heat is great for fun water times. Lots of those were happening.


The kids playing in the water were hilarious. They just loved it so much.

Kelly’s little niece Victoria seems to love beer so much also.


And how exactly do I open this?

She was CUTE, and probably the best baby ever. In the two days I was there she cried only once, so, she was allowed to stay.

For Saturday night dinner Evan and I planned on barbecuing burgers, but then Kelly’s sister Mena asked if we minded if she made pork with rice. I will never mind ever if anyone offers to make me dinner, so I was definitely up for that. Sounded good to me.


Oh it was good. No lie, that was the best pork I have ever had.


It was a great dinner, and I am still thinking about that pork. I need to learn her sweet Korean cooking skills because she cooks meat RIGHT. I also love that we all ate with chopsticks.

Sunday was much the same as Saturday, more swimming, more raft leisuring, and we also squeezed in some canoeing.


Evan dropped the two boys off at the dock and picked me up, so we paddled around the lake for about an hour. I was reunited with my soulmate loon, but he had his actual lover with him and didn’t seem quite as into me as he did before. I was jealous.

We also did some hammock napping.


Or Evan did, and I did some hammock drinking.


I don’t think there is anything like drinking beer in the sunshine. Good times.


9 responses to “Weekend Cottage Things

  1. I need a lake cottage.

  2. LOL. That pic of Evan on the raft is a DELIGHT. I need to get in on some of this cottage action now that it’s all renovated and I don’t have to do any of the work.

  3. Ah, I need a weekend like this! But just with me and the hus. We’ve had so many guests lately I just need a break!

  4. So jealous of your cottage time and lakeside leisuring! So. Jealous.

  5. Beer and sunshine. YES. We were recently on a holiday at the beach and i loved lying in the sun, beer, chips and a book. Bliss!

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