Blue Jays & Loose Moose

After our day of island adventuring, Lisa and I had plans to meet up with Evan, Lisa’s sister Heather, and a bunch of Heather’s friends (who we also know) for the Blue Jays game.


Lisa, me, Heather

I only semi follow baseball, but I do enjoy a good Blue Jays game. I haven’t watched it on TV since the days of Kelly Gruber and Roberto Alomar, but I try to make it to a game at least once a year. I always have fun, but this was hands down the best time I’ve ever had at a Jays game. I’m actually not sure I can remember a night where I’ve had more fun.

We had great seats, just behind third base…


And the dome was open, so we had a great view of the CN Tower.


And we had the nicest, happiest people of all time in our group, which of course contributed the most to the fun. There were nine of us in total, and it was just a big group of best friends.


Heather (behind me), Matt, and Sarah (beside me) have all been good friends since college, and I have known Heather since she was 7 since she is Lisa’s sister. It was so good to see them. Heather’s boyfriend Brent was also in attendance, as well as Sarah’s husband Brian, and Matt’s boyfriend Trevor.


Matt & Trevor

Matt and Trevor are my favourite couple ever. I just love them. I have only met them once but I feel like we are kindred sprits. I met them a little over three years ago when Lisa, Heather and I spent the weekend at their house in Revelstoke, BC. We cross country skied up a mountain with boxes of wine, drank the wine in a large cabin we found, and then attempted to ski back down the mountain. Actually now that I think about it, that night was maybe more fun. Maybe.



But the Blue Jays night is a close second. Matt and Trevor like to call me Scando, and when my brother Eric asked them why (he was with us in Revelstoke also) they said “Because she looks Scandinavian! And she’s a little bit scandaloussssss.” I like it, and I like that it’s been three years and they are still calling me that.

Anyway, I am digressing all over the place, so hopefully I haven’t lost you.

I got Lisa a Blue Jays hat for her birthday, and Evan got her a fabulous shirt.


Lisa and I were in a hurry to meet everyone and we had passed people selling those shirts, only the men’s version in white, but we didn’t stop because we were rushed. Lisa regretted this and was going on about how if she saw those shirts again she didn’t care what time it was, she was stopping. We didn’t see them again, but then we met Evan and he said “Hey, is it someone’s birthday today?” and pulled that tee out from behind his back. In the women’s version, her size, and the colour she wanted. Lisa was excited. She put it on immediately.


I hadn’t even told Evan she wanted that shirt. Lisa and I were both blown away it was so nice and thoughtful. Again with the boyfriend points. I am really taken aback sometimes by how thoughtful he is (not just because of that shirt specifically, his thoughtfulness is really a constant thing).


Yeah I’m drinking beer through a straw. It was easier to be mobile that way.

And he just fit in beautifully with everyone.


The game itself was awesome. The Jays had a bit of a slow start, but they picked it up quickly with five home runs (including a grand slam), and they killed the Houston Astros. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. They won because of us. Well, more specifically, they won because of our friend Brian’s lucky nipples. We started rubbing Brian’s nipples through his shirt for luck, and after that the Jays started playing better and the home runs just kept coming. We had people three rows behind us coming over to rub Brian’s nipples. Eventually he was all “Stop it, they’re chafing!” and we were all “Suck it up Brian! You take one for the team and you let us rub your magical lucky nipples!”


Brian is beside me in blue. It looks like Trevor is reaching in for a nipple rub. And I think this picture sums up the amount of fun that we’re having. I even got my hotdog in there!

I was having so much fun that it was hard for me to pay attention to the game. At one point there was so much going on around me that I turned to Lisa and just yelled “I AM OVERSTIMULATED!!!!!” I didn’t even notice that I made it on the Jumbotron for the FIRST TIME EVER. It has always been my dream to get on there, I never have before, and then I do and I don’t even see it. Well it was only half my face, but still. It counts.

After the game we decided that we did not want the night to end (I am still sad the night ended), so we all headed over to the Loose Moose, a nearby pub. The Loose Moose does not take reservations, so Matt decided he was going to run there and beat the crowd. After a false start (he tripped and fell on his face), he took off running and Lisa followed him. When Lisa was describing it to us later she said she couldn’t keep up with Matt because he turned into this nimble gazelle, leaping gracefully through groups of people, stopping cars with his hand as he ran on the street, dodging bike racks and garbage cans, never slowing down. I wish I saw this, but the reenactment had me dying laughing.

I leisurely walked over with Evan and Trevor, and when we got there Matt and Lisa had gone ahead and ordered three pitchers of beer and three plates of nachos for our table, and they were all spread out and waiting for us.


To say that I was excited would be an understatement.

We also met up with our friend Matt (Bumper) at the Loose Moose.


And I don’t know what else to say except that the Loose Moose was a really good time.





Brian and his lucky American Eagle nipples


So much love in this picture!

I had the best time on the dance floor with these people, I can’t even tell you.

Lisa and I didn’t plan on staying all that long, but suddenly it was 2am and the bar was closing. So that was that. Fun times. This combined with our island stuff earlier makes Friday a dream day. And a dream birthday for Lisa for sure!


13 responses to “Blue Jays & Loose Moose

  1. LOL to the overstimulated comment. Looks like fun! I think you had more friends out with you that night than I have had in my whole life.

  2. What fun! Your baseball outing beats mine last week, hands down. Of course, most of our group were minors. That may have something to do with it…

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