Taking us Back to Jamaica…

On Saturday we had a big celebration for another favourite couple of mine, Dawnald and Marcia.


Such a perfect picture.

Mark and Dawn were married in Jamaica in January, which was a party and a half, and if you’ve been following my blog I’m sure you remember me talking about it. Excessively.


Beautiful lovers in a dangerous time.


Ahh I wish we were still there.

They also moved into a new house in April (big year for them!), which I also blogged about. So to celebrate those two monumental events, Dawn and Mark hosted a Jamaican-themed party at their love nest with all of their family and close friends.


Lisa was staying with me, but she has known Dawn since Grade 9 through me, so she is a close friend and was obviously a mandatory guest at the party. So on Saturday afternoon we picked up Evan and studded on over. I’m really glad this went down when Lisa was here actually, because she got to see alllll the ladies.


And all of our Cartwright High School peeps were in attendance.


Including Mr. B (but he left before I could get his shining face locked down for a photo), and our friend Joel, but we kicked him out of the girls group photo for once. He probably had more fun hanging out with Evan anyway.


The weather was not the most cooperative (maybe it was getting us back for the perfect weather we had in Jamaica?), and it rained a lot throughout the day. But we were able to sneak in a little pool and tiki hut time in their gorgeous backyard.


Emily looks happy in this photo.

The snack table was pretty gorgeous also, and I got some quality snacking done over there. I brought a salmon cheese ball and also goat cheese and honey dip, but there was so much food that I ended up saving the goat cheese for Sunday.

Dinner was barbecued burgers and hot dogs, with a ton of different salads. I loaded my plate up with all the goodness.


I was casually eating my burger and all of a sudden someone yelled “OMG Lindsey, why is your burger so raw?!” and I looked at my burger where I had taken a bite and the inside looked bright red. I almost spit it out, but then realized I was sitting underneath a red balloon that was attached to a light, which was making my entire plate glowing red. Crisis averted. No raw meat. All an illusion. It kind of killed the moment for me though, and I wasn’t as into my burger after that happened…

One of Dawn’s colleagues made her an amazing Jamaican-themed cake for the occasion.


Which was quite fancy and had buttercream icing, yeah yea-ah! My fave. It was delicious.

Our favourite Edmonton Eskimo Erin introduced us to a new drinking game that is a cross between beer pong and flip cup, and I have discovered that I like it quite a lot.


You have to throw a ping pong ball into one of those lined up cups, and if you get it in there you have to drink the contents and then flip it. Then you repeat with your teammate. Whichever team is the first to have all their cups emptied and flipped over wins.

Evan was unstoppable. He and I won our first game together, and then I took a break and Emily took over my partner and they won three games in a row. Just a dynamic duo. For their last game Emily wore these giant goalie pads because she said she needed a handicap. She looked hilarious, but still won.

Lisa and Joel win for most hilarious team though, even with Emily’s goalie pads.


They were excited to be reunited.


I told Joel that he looked like Minnie Mouse.

I’m really glad Erin introduced us to her Edmonton drinking game. I have a feeling it is going to be busted out in the future.

One thing I have missed the most about having Lisa around on a regular basis is her being with me at these kinds of events. She has always been my partner in crime. We just feed off of each other so well.


We joke that we are going to start a professional party-starting business. Like if you are planning on hosting a party and are worried that people won’t be into it, you invite us and we’ll just come and get that party started right up for ya. We’ll mingle with everyone, hand out shots, be the first on the dance floor, dance with your drunken family, that sort of thing. Let me know if you need our services because I think we might have something there.

I have to say Evan is a pretty good stand-in in Lisa’s absence though.


He’s a good mingler and he makes me laugh.

After many people left the party and it was just our close friends kicking around, we decided to have a little pool time.


It wasn’t quite Jamaican swim-up bar pool…


But it does have a little waterfall and it’s still very nice.

Evan was the scariest pirate.


And Lisa and I made a new friend.


His name is Chester. You may remember him.

The pool time ended up being the highlight of my night. I wish I had a pool!


Or I wish I lived on the lake. Either/or, I’m not picky. I just want the water!

Anyway, it was a beautiful night with all our pals. And I had such a good time celebrating with Dawn and Mark! I am so happy for them.




4 responses to “Taking us Back to Jamaica…

  1. Will you hire me for your party starting business? I mean, what if there are two parties on one night that need starting. You need to think about these things.

    Oh, I have a pool. Just sayin…

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