The Lake House

On Sunday, after two days of going hard, we needed a day of leisure. I have mentioned before that Lisa had a cottage near my house when I was growing up and that was how we knew each other (we met skating on the lake when I was 9).


Melissa, Lisa, Katie, myself, Heather-Lee, and Heather on their old dock wayyy back in the day. Lisa and Heather’s dad still has this photo as his computer background.

Lisa’s parents recently sold that cottage (sad day!), are selling their house, and have bought a house on Sturgeon Lake to replace them both. Why have a house and a cottage when you can retire in one beautiful lake house? Lisa’s parents are doing life right, I tell you.

So on Sunday morning we woke up at Dawn and Mark’s house and then headed over to Lisa’s parents’ new lake house. And it is beauty.


And I love that they have a pirate flag.

We all spread out on the lawn and sunned ourselves while reminiscing about the rest of our weekend.


Heather, her boyfriend Brent, and friend Matt were in attendance as well, so it was fun to relive our Blue Jays night with them. And Lisa’s parents!!!! I have missed them! I love my second family.

Lunch was served shortly after our arrival.


And yeah I like a lot of stuff on my sausages. For as long as I can remember Lisa’s parents have had the best relishes. Hot dog relish, corn relish, onion relish…I loaded it all on there. I love a good relish. Eat all the relish!

After lunch it was swimming time.


Lisa’s parents new house has the BEST SWIMMING EVER. It is rocky and incredibly deep and you can dive off the end of the dock. It is a dream. I love diving into deep water so much. This is a huge difference to Lake Scugog, the lake we grew up on, because that is a very shallow lake that seems to just be getting more shallow, more murky, and more weedy. I am so happy for them that their new house has good swimming, because a lake house without good swimming is a bummer for sure.

I didn’t mention this in the Blue Jays post, but Heather fractured her foot a while ago and is still wearing an air cast and walking with crutches. Swimming was a bit of an issue for her because she can’t flip her foot properly. But no worries, she had a plan.


The life jacket diaper. You just put your legs into the arm holes of the life jacket, buckle up, and instant diaper. We used to do this when we were kids and float around. It works beautifully. Brent helped her into the water and all was well. She could swim with us.


But then we kind of felt left out. It looked like the life jacket diaper was a good time. So Lisa, Brent and I decided we wanted to be as cool as Heather, and we needed them too.


Practical and also flattering.


Don’t forget flattering.

The life jacket diapers were a dream! Forget inner tubes and other floatation devices, life jacket diapers are all the rage. You can effortlessly float in the water but have your legs and arms free, for holding beer and leisurely propelling yourself.


Just a genius idea. Everyone must do this.

We hung out and talked and swam for hours. It was such a good day.


Lisa’s mom is the cutest.

Eventually someone started to get a little tired…


Bolt, I am looking at you. So Dawn and Mark packed up Erin and the dogs to go home, but Evan and I stayed for dinner.



And potatoes (covered with Helluva Good Dip), asparagus, cheese bun, and salad. That pork was amazing, I have to say.

We also had a sweet Oreo cake to celebrate Lisa’s birthday.


Which was delicious, as all Oreo cakes are.

And Lisa and I got a bestie shot by the lake, like so many we have taken before.


And Evan and I got a Titanic shot like I have always wanted to do…


Except Evan has somehow never seen Titanic so he didn’t know what to do… But it worked out.

And the entire day just reiterated that I WILL live on a lake one day. For sure.

And now I have spent an entire week recapping my weekend, and now it is weekend time again. And this weekend is gonna be good. It’s a long weekend, my baby brother Eric is visiting from BC with his girlfriend, we’re going to Big Chief Island, and we’re hitting up Evan’s cottage. So next week will probably be a week of weekend recapping as well. Gird your loins.


7 responses to “The Lake House

  1. when i was at summer camp we used to wear life jacket diapers AND a life jacket and sumo wrestle 🙂

  2. We had swim saddles for that exact reason on our boat! Best things ever!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! Life Jacket diapers are brilliant! I will be trying this when we go to the lake later this month!
    Oh, and please watch Titanic with Evan! He is missing out!!! I love reading your posts…you always have something exciting happening!

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