Island Times with Eric

My baby brother is here!


Eric lives in BC with my mom, so I usually only see him once or twice a year, which makes me sad. We are close despite the distance, and we make sure to pack in the adventures when we do get to see each other (last year we had some pretty fun adventures on Vancouver Island). This year Eric brought his girlfriend Kenya to visit, who has never been to Ontario before. I met Kenya last year while I was in in BC, and the first time I met her I made her climb a mountain in the pouring rain for hours, and she never complained once even though it had to have been the coldest and wettest moment of her life.


Me, Kenya, Eric on the mountain in the rain

So I knew she was a good time.

Lisa was still here as well, so on Friday we took Eric and Kenya out for a day on the town (Lisa has known Eric since he was born!).


Look at those lovers ready for their adventures.

We started out downtown and had a leisurely lunch on the Joe Bidali’s patio on Front Street.

We all got lunch-sized pasta and Caesar salad and it wasn’t bad.



At first I was giving the pasta side eye because the portion looked too small and I was hungry, but I ate it all and felt full, so I guess all good. I am really big on cleaning my plate, so had the portions been double that I would have eaten it all anyway, and then I probably would have been too full and gross and someone would have had to roll me out of there. Everything happens for a reason. Also, people tell me all the time that it’s weird to order pasta when you are out at restaurant, but I don’t care. I love pasta, I’ll eat it anywhere, and sometimes a salad or a sandwich just isn’t going to cut it.

After lunch it took us a while to decide what to do. We were thinking of going to Toronto island, but it looked like it might rain and we didn’t want to get caught in a storm. So we wandered aimlessly downtown for about an hour (which was still fun) while studying the clouds and asking each other repeatedly “Is is going to rain? Should we go to the island? Do you think it’s going to rain?” Eventually the island won and we boarded the ferry. We decided if we got caught in the rain, we got caught in the rain (spoiler: we got caught in the rain).


The island just has such amazing views of Toronto that I wanted to take these two cheeky tourists there (well Eric grew up here with me, but he has never been to the island).

We did avoid the nude beach though. I have corrupted Eric enough over the years (I knocked out his teeth, remember), so I think he was okay skipping that. Instead we made our way over to Centreville, a little amusement park in the middle of the island.


I have not been to Centreville since I was really young and I barely remembered it. But it was really cute and super fun.

Recently I was watching the movie Take This Waltz with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan and there is a part in the movie where Michelle Williams is on this indoor disco Scrambler (the carnival ride) and Video Killed the Radio Star is playing.

I really liked that part in the movie. It was filmed in Toronto and I looked it up afterwards and saw that actual ride is at Centreville, and that part was filmed in there. We came across it and I remembered that clip and was so excited to go on it.


And it played Video Killed the Radio Star! It was EXACTLY like that clip, except more dance party and more screaming the music at the top of our lungs in our car.


Lisa said it was the highlight of her trip. It may have been one of the highlights of my life! I don’t know how one song and a bunch of disco lights can make a carnival ride a million times more amazing, but it sure can. It would have been impossible not to have fun. I never wanted that song to end, and if it didn’t cost $5 each time I would have gone on it repeatedly. Maybe we were in the same car as Michelle Williams and her scandalous lover!

We also walked around through all the gardens and took a bunch of pics…


You don’t even want to know the harassment we put up with from Eric from ages two to four. He’s lucky we like him now.

And we rented a bicycle built for four and toured around the island singing “It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage, but you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for FOUR!”


I love that thing. But we were having some bell issues so we couldn’t ring it at the people we were passing as much as we would have liked. We still waved to everyone and yelled “HEYYYYYY.”


Good times.

It was a great day with my brother and his lover and my bestest.


And then it rained so we headed back to my apartment and ordered pizza and watched Warm Bodies to rest up before our shenanigans on Saturday.


8 responses to “Island Times with Eric

  1. wait- why is it weird to order pasta?

  2. I’m a plate cleaner too. I love when people suggest I just eat half. That is a DELIGHT! LOL (“I’m only going to have one piece of pizza.” *5 min later, pizza is gone*)
    It is not weird that you order pasta, but it is funny you order spaghetti. I bet you could get away with ordering off the kid’s menu and paying less. This leaves more money for beer, of course.
    Warm Bodies was slightly disappointing to me. I thought I was going to love it.

    • Oh I am with you. I could eat an entire pizza, no matter the size. Are you allowed to order from the kids menu if you are over 12 in Florida? Because they have stupid rules against that here.

      And I hear ya about Warm Bodies also. I loved the first half an hour of it and I thought I was going to LOVE it, but it kinda went downhill… Also, it was unrealistic. How can a zombie come back to life that quickly?! I still liked it though.

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