The Best Boat Day (Big Chief Island Part 2)

Saturday morning I had to ditch Eric and Kenya for a bit, as we have had a huge girls’ day planned for a quite a while. Our good friend from high school Crystal is ALSO visiting from Calgary (it’s been so awesome to have everyone here at the same time!), and she organized a big day trip on her husband’s parents’ (Ed and Rhonda) boat to Big Chief Island. We went last year and I blogged about it.


Basically you wade around in this bay where the water is waist deep, and you drink and you dance and it is just a dream. It was such an amazing time last year that I have been looking forward to this day since May, when I found out we were for sure doing it again.

But last year Ed and Rhonda only had Crystal, Joanna and I to deal with…


Well. And our pal Chester.

This year EVERYONE could make it. When I say we had a big girls day, I mean it was a BIG girls day. All our high school friends, plus Dawn’s sister Melon, Crystal’s sister Theresa, and her friend Holly.


Rhonda is on the bottom left, and it was so great to be reunited with that sensual minx. She was my BFF in the water last year, so I was looking forward to more shenanigans with her. I love how when Lisa met her she immediately said “Hi, I’m Lindsey’s best friend and she told me I will love you, so I know that I will.” And she did.

And then there was Ed of course, who was our boat driver/beer fridge stocker for the day.


And what a good beer fridge stocker he was. My beer was always perfectly cold. I don’t think he really minded us hijacking his boat. We probably could have kidnapped him and he would have been alright with it.


Captain Ed and Skipper Emily

And of course I was excited to see my pal Crystal.


Crystal is the one who is laying across us

I always have the best time with her, she is the best person to talk to, and it has been far too long since I have seen her beautiful face.

Oh, and Royal the dog was in attendance again.


And he was excited to be included in the festivities.

So onto the shenanigans.

Lisa and I drove up early in the morning to meet everyone on the boat slip. We were ready to get the party started (since we are very good at that).


We drove out to the bay of Big Chief, got our drinks ready, and got in that beautiful water!

1094650_10153093397640257_596848463_oOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now if you know my friends and I at all, you know we like our props. There was no shortage of props on this excursion, let me tell you. We went all out.

We had the pirate ship tube, and the baby that has replaced Troy


As well as our leis, tons of water games, water guns, Chester, an inflatable monkey, and I had an inflatable shark.


I liked to sneak up on strangers in the water with the shark while singing the Jaws music. Sometimes I wish people would act to us the way we act to them, because I would probably die laughing if someone did that to me.

Our favourite is touring around and looking at all the boats. Um, and the sea planes?!


Next year I would really like to arrive in a sea plane, if someone could please make that happen.

The fun thing about touring around was acquiring new people to use our props. Like this fine young gent who didn’t mind getting in the pirate tube.


Or wearing a tiny pink glitter cowboy hat. And holding the baby. He was a good dad (and a good sport).

And of course with all the things we had going on, people just came over to our boat area to see what was up.


It was easy to lure those guys over to help us move our boat when needed. I also realized that the guy in the pink conductor’s hat was there last year. And I had a picture with him.


He was like “I remember you guys! You had the glasses!” Yes we did. This year I got him to let me wear his hat.


This is my kind of party. I love the water and I would pretty much sell my soul to be able to live in it like a mermaid, so a party in the water like this instantly makes it better than any other party or bar I have ever been to. It also helped that my best friends near and far were in attendance.

Last year did turn into a dance party though, and this year was significantly more tame. We made it an amazing time of course, but this summer just hasn’t been as nice so there weren’t as many people in the water. And the big party boat never showed, and neither did Dirty Curty. The party boat that did show up was kind of lame and I had a bit of a beef with the music they were playing. It was techno music, which wasn’t the biggest problem, but it was a radio station so there were commercials periodically. Perhaps they weren’t ready to take on the task of being the actual party boat, but I feel if you are going to call yourself a party boat you need to be playing good music. That is your one job. You can’t half-ass the music at a party.

I decided I needed to rectify the situation. I was feeling brave so I marched (waded) over to their boat and climbed aboard (which was a struggle, their ladder was tricky) and told them to step it up (nicely). They did change the radio station, but they ultimately failed to get the party started. I think they needed Lisa and I on the boat. Lisa was watching me talk to them on their boat from afar and apparently she could see me flailing my arms at them and was yelling that she could picture exactly what I was saying.

Lisa was going back to Calgary shortly after, and this was the last time I was going to see her. This made the day a little bittersweet for me.


I will miss my best friend! She makes me happy.


You KNOW the purple pantaloons I am sporting here have stirrups…

Anyway, it was a beautiful day with all my friends, and I couldn’t ask for a better time with them all.


Til next year! (well really just til tomorrow…)


4 responses to “The Best Boat Day (Big Chief Island Part 2)

  1. I cannot get over the amount of fun you and your friends have. This looks like such a blast. I wish there was somewhere like this near me!

  2. Where the hell did that old pic come from? I would like to blame my sister, as she sent me some pretty attractive ones yesterday. Oh, such a fun day!

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