The cottage weekend of brothers and lovers (it’s not as weird as it sounds)

This past Monday was a Civic holiday in Ontario, which, I don’t even know what that means… But it does mean no work, so whatever the reason for the holiday, a day off is a day off, and this meant on Sunday morning I still had two full days of glorious weekend left.  Yes yes.

Some of the girls and I stayed in a hotel after our Big Chief adventure, and we were so dead from our day in the sun (I started drinking at 11am…) that I was asleep by 10pm that night. So when my alarm went off at 6am on Sunday I was able to drag myself out of my hotel bed without too much effort (it wasn’t ideal, but I managed). I was out of our room by 6:15, back at my apartment to pick up Eric and Kenya by 8, and were on the road to Evan’s cottage by 8:30. Even I was impressed by my timing. Really not sure how that happened.

Waking up at the cottage is always the best, but we arrived early enough to have the entire day there.


Eric and Kenya had a day by themselves in the city on Saturday and they had a fun time at the CN Tower, but since they both live in middle-of-nowhere-BC, I think they were excited for a couple of relaxed days at the cottage.


My brotha!

Evan and his Brotherman had been there since Friday afternoon and had this sweet paddle boat all ready for our arrival.


They attached an electric motor to it, so no pedaling required. Laziness for the win. It went just as fast as it would if you were actually pedaling though… We all immediately took it out for a ride.


And after the boat rides we got settled into the leirsuring.


Yep, Evan is reading Harry Potter. Guess who got him into it? I actually read the first few books to him (I know, cheesy, I know, don’t harass me), and then he just continued on his own because he liked it so much. He’s on the fifth book, so is currently reading all about Harry’s teenage angst and how his scar hurts and no one tells him anything. Poor Harry. Life is just so tough.

Anyway, we couldn’t leisure for too long because we had plans in the early afternoon. My dad and Mona have a trailer (well technically it is a 5th wheel) near Evan’s cottage so we all headed there for lunch.


Some trailer eh?

It’s actually pretty awesome. It is in a trailer park with a bunch of other trailers (usually that’s what a trailer park is), and you should see the set up some people have. A few people had built an actual HOUSE around their trailer. My parents just had a deck and I felt like that was even elaborate. I love a good deck.


Mona, by the way, is decorator extraordinare and will decorate every square inch of everything. Bare wooden beam? It needs a picture frame on it. She does a really great job though. I’m jealous of her decorating skills, because my own are lackluster to say the least. I have a hard enough time dressing myself, so decorating my living space? Forget it.

The inside of the trailer is surprisingly spacious!


I see something like this and I kind of fantasize about living there and just driving around and traveling the world. Actually wait, no, I want a boat. I’ll live in a boat and travel the world.  One day when I’m rich. I’ll blog about it, don’t worry. You’ll be able to live vicariously through me. You can come visit me on my boat if you bring good snacks.

Speaking of snacks, I was basically dying of starvation by this point and my hunger monster was about to come out with a vengeance. Luckily Mona and the Bobster (my dad) grilled us up a fabulous lunch.


Mona had tzatziki sauce and feta cheese out for the burgers in case we wanted to make a Greek burger, which actually looked amazing. But I stuck to boring burger condiments because I just love the combination of beef and cheddar cheese and Ketchup, mustard, pickle and red onion so much. I can’t make myself stray from it. But I appreciated having the option.

For dessert we had pie with whipped cream and possibly the best brownies I have ever had in my life.


This is not a flattering photo of them, so you’ll just have to trust me.

And then we headed to the “pond” that is inside the trailer park. It was huge though and seemed more like a small lake to me.


My dad always dresses like he lives in Florida year round.

And then we went back to Evan’s cottage for more leisure time.

We introduced Eric to frisbee cup.


But our frisbee was from the 70s and had dog bite marks all over it, so it wasn’t exactly under ideal circumstances.

We had sun time.


Eric is saying “Ahhh bliss”

We went fishing.


Evan and Brotherman



Lots o’ fishing. Did not catch anything.

We read our books.


Just lots of hammock time in general.


And we had a bonfire!


And we repeated all these activities on Monday. Minus the bonfire. And plus a dynamite breakfast made by the lovely Evan and I.


And more burgers for lupper (linner?).


I used to really dislike olives. I’m talking detest. But I always wanted to like them so I would try them all the time hoping that this time, it would be it. I would like olives. But nope, no dice. And then one day I ate this amazing tapenade that was full of olives and I LOVED it, and ever since then something  has been happening. My tastebuds are evolving. Over the past couple of years I’ve been starting to open up to olives a little bit. And lately I don’t know what’s been going on but I just can’t get enough of them. So salty and delicious. I want them on everything.

So that’s about it. It was just a really nice and relaxed weekend with my lover and my brother.


And my brother’s lover. And my lover’s brother. Can you keep that straight? Lovers and brothers.


I’m gonna miss my little brother!



8 responses to “The cottage weekend of brothers and lovers (it’s not as weird as it sounds)

  1. Sounds like a dream! As usual I am super jealous of the lake cottage! Well played finding a beau with one of those! 🙂

    Your brother and Kenya are precious!

  2. I knew you were an expert about trailers especially when they have food in them

  3. So many lovers and brothers!
    You are the queen of leisuring my friend. Hands down. I am a fan of the leisuring, but at some point I feel the need to get up and clean. It’s a sickness.

    • I am the queen. Though I am like that too if I am home, just not at the cottage. There isn’t much cleaning to do there besides cleaning up after yourself. I have been feeling bad though because I have been so busy on the weekends lately that I have been neglecting household chores…

  4. Lover’s, Brother’s and Father’s!! Still not as weird as it sounds. I love your Dad, are you kidding me, a fifth wheel in Ontario and a Spot in Florida. Good for you guys, Mona and Bob. Love seeing Eric and you together!! Happy Summer!! xoxoox

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