Sushi and Saxophones (and Russia)

Friday night after work I met up with the ladies at Spring Sushi at Yonge and Dundas to stuff our faces before a night on the town.


Crystal is still visiting from Calgary, so we are trying to squeeze in all the fun times with her!

I have never been to this particular all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, but the atmosphere was very trendy and the sushi was fresh and delicious. Some of the girls ordered from the a la carte menu instead of doing the AYCE thing and the prices were extremely reasonable. We had originally tossed around the idea of going to Jabistro for sushi, which is apparently the best sushi spot in the city and the fish is flown in daily. But then we discovered it was $30 – $40 for about six pieces of sushi, so we put the kibosh on that. No thank you. I want to eat all the sushi for half that price. I was very adamant about this. I just don’t understand fancy restaurants and their ridiculous prices for small portions. My goal in life is to not be hungry, and I don’t feel like they are helping me out with that.

Spring Sushi ended up being an awesome alternative. This was the first AYCE sushi restaurant I have been to where you order on an iPad rather than checking off what you want on a paper menu.


Technology, man. It was very fancy. And your sushi comes out quickly after you order, as your items are sent directly to the kitchen (although I never did get my miso soup).

I ate a LOT of sushi, and I loved it all.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to kill time and get ready before moving on to our ultimate destination. The walk over to the hotel from the sushi restaurant was extremely entertaining. Downtown was very busy, and there were people everywhere.


Our favourite plastic saxophone broke at Dawn’s bachelorette party back in November, but thankfully Dawn decided that we have gone far too long without that amazing saxophone in our lives, so she scored a new one from the dollar store.

It was a great musical addition to the buskers on the street.


Those guys were really excited about it and yelled “Look, a SAXOPHONE!” when they spotted Dawn holding it.

We also had a puppet with us. I do not know whose it was, or where they got it or why they had it, but when it comes to my friends it is best not to ask questions. Just go with it.


This breakdancer liked it, but when we asked if he would breakdance with the puppet he said no, so we took it back and moved on.

And we came across a man who appeared to be down on his luck (he may have been living on the street) but he had the most beautiful kitty cat and Emily spotted it and picked it up immediately.


Honestly despite that cat’s living situation he looked extremely healthy and well taken care of. It’s possible his owner spends all the money he acquires on that cat. He had set the kitty up on a blanket with food and water in front of him, and the cat seemed content to just hang around. It warmed all of our hearts and we all gave the owner our change (you are asked for change SO MUCH from people when you are downtown and although I struggled with giving to everyone when I first moved to the city, I am pretty good at walking away now. Unless someone has a cat with them and then all bets are off).

We eventually made it to the hotel, and after a quick hotel party we were ready to go.


I know we’re all blonde. I am told this anytime someone looks at a picture of us. We’re all pretty naturally blonde also, so I guess it is a weird phenomenon where we grew up. Well, Melon’s a ginger but she hides it well.

Our destination was Pravda, a Russian vodka bar I have never been to, but I hear is a good time. It was within walking distance of the hotel, so we speed walked over there. Well, speed walked minus this photo op with a garbage truck.


And speed walked after walking 10 minutes in the wrong direction. I think Emily should have driven us over in that thing. They probably would have let her.

We arrived at Pravda and were excited to find no line, so we all were in immediately. I didn’t know what to expect, but I guess I should have been expecting 8 million different types of vodka and one kind of beer that was $10 a bottle, because that’s what I found. I felt a little bit uncomfortable at first, just kind of out of my element as I am not a very big club person (I prefer to dance in a lake in my bathing suit), but luckily my friends are fun in any situation. And I do mean any situation. We would have the best time at a bus stop. As long as there was someone there other than us whose day we could brighten.

We found our target for that early on.


I saw this man outside as I was leaving later and he told me that we were awesome, we made his entire night, and he had the most fun he has ever had in a bar. He loved our antics and just kept coming back for more.


Perhaps I should tell you that we had put wasabi from the sushi restaurant in the bell of the saxophone, which we then added beer to and asked if he would like to drink out of it (similar to this night without the wasabi). I guess the wasabi went well with the beer because he really seemed to enjoy it.

We also had a bunch of sport whistles that someone picked up from the dollar store (where else?), so we gave him the soccer ones because he looked like a soccer player.


He said he does actually play soccer, so I guess we were accurate with our assumption.

So I would say the people really made Pravda a fun time. Well, and the Russian national anthem sporadically playing. That was also fun. And not easy to dance to, but I’ll dance (terribly) to anything, so I got ‘er done.

Fun fact: people sometimes think I’m Russian because of my last name (which is Bulgarian). One time when I was working at Dairy Queen in high school the guy who was delivering all the food stuff was waiting for us to put everything away before we could sign off that he had delivered it. I eventually signed the paper, and he looked at my last name and said “Are you Russian?” and I misunderstood and asked “…Rushin’ to put stuff away?” and he said “No, like…from Russia.” It was very funny.

So no I’m not Russian, but Pravda was a really good Russian time! I laughed so hard that I literally could not laugh anymore. I had used up all my laughter. Just spent. My friends just kill me.


6 responses to “Sushi and Saxophones (and Russia)

  1. You guys are crazy! I like pravda, but I am not quite into $18 martinis…I like to get drunk for cheap 😉

    PS- all MY friends are brunettes! Even tho I am naturally blonde, they converted me haha

  2. A good fancy restaurant means that the small portion is so rich and full of flavour and good quality ingredients you are full even though the portion is small. However sadly most fancy restaurants are just overpriced for a small dish that wasn’t worth it (I worked as a waitress at a fancy fine dine French/Modern Australian restaurant and our portions weren’t overly small however they weren’t huge either however they were quite filling – and i like to eat too, quality buffets are one of my favourite things!)

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