The Beach Date (and the sausages that almost weren’t)

Saturday morning after my night out with the girls, Evan picked me up for a beach date!


We had plans to visit his family in Belleville for the rest of the weekend, so we figured since we were in the area we would hit up Sandbanks for the day on Saturday, which is a beautiful beach on Lake Ontario. I have been to Sandbanks many times before though (usually for camping), and on the drive there we were talking about how busy it would be since it was Saturday and decent weather. Evan grew up in the area and mentioned he knew of another beach that was way less busy. Little Bluff, a conservation area on the opposite side of Sandbanks. I had never been there and when he explained it I was down immediately. So that’s where we ended up, and it was beautiful.


There is a little bluff that overlooks the water (hence the name “Little Bluff”), and the view is just gorgeous. The water is such a beautiful colour.

As we were driving into the conservation area, Evan was telling me a story about the last time he was there with Brotherman when he was about 14, and about this fox that was stalking them because it wanted their beef jerky. Coincidentally, as soon as we got out of the car we saw a fox! I immediately yelled “He’s after your BEEF JERKY!” But luckily the fox ran away and did not harass us. He was not after our beef jerky.

There is a little trail beside the bluff that leads down to the water…


And as soon as you exit it is just beauty, beauty.


This beach is the exact opposite of Sandbanks. All rock, no sand, and barely any people! Such a good call. Sandbanks is my favourite sandy beach in Ontario, but rocky swimming is my favourite because I find the water so much more clear and refreshing, and it’s usually deeper. I couldn’t wait to get into it.


That is the little bluff behind me. Evan and I decided to be adventurous and swim over to it.


When we got close it was shallow enough to walk, but I was iffy about putting my feet down on the algae rocks in that area, so I preferred to keep swimming. Evan got pretty close to the cliff.


This was taken about .2 seconds before Evan saw a water snake beside him. Snakes to Evan are like spiders to me, so he had a bit of a freak out and was suddenly next to me a second later. He immediately declared this particular area a snake zone and said he was outta there. As we were swimming back, he was turning back to look at me and was all “I KNEW there would be snakes here! They love the rocks! This is a snake’s dream! Blechhhh snakes!” and I noticed what looked like a stick half out of the water directly in front of him. I interrupted his snake tangent to ask “What’s that in front of you?” and he turned around just as he was about to swim into it. It was of course another snake, much larger than the first one he’d seen. I wish I had our reaction on video, because him panicking made me panic and we were both splashing around like maniacs so we would scare the snake and it wouldn’t come after us. I tend to pick up on the reactions of others, so both of us going nuts was hilarious I’m sure.

I don’t really mind snakes, and I used to catch garter snakes when I was a kid, but I don’t particularly enjoy them swimming in the water with me… Blech.

Anyway, we made it safely back to our beach area and set up shop.


So Evan had mentioned he had brought a picnic for us, and I was expecting some snacks and maybe some bread and possibly meat for sandwiches. I was not expecting him to bust out a grill.


He exceeds my expectations of pretty much everything daily though, so I should not have been surprised. He has tricks up his sleeve.

He also had beer.


Cheers to not getting attacked by a snake.

That guy thinks of everything.

The grill was to cook these mini sausages Evan had bought. I was all over this idea, but then we had some grill issues… It suddenly got very windy, and we could not get the coal that sits underneath the grill to light. We tried for so long and it was just not happening. We decided we needed to help it out.


We collected a bunch of sticks and dry leaves to light a fire inside the grill, but still, too windy to light. Wasn’t happening.

So Evan thought maybe if we created a wall around the grill we might be able to block the wind and light the fire.


But nope. Still didn’t work. It would catch for a second and then just go out. I find it funny how easy it apparently is to burn your house down, but lighting a fire in a designated spot designed for fire-starting is so hard.

Eventually we packed up everything and went up to the picnic shelter. Evan was not letting us have cold sausages, so he got creative.


And finally, FINALLY, after about an hour of trying to light the damn fire, we lit the fire and were able to light the coal on fire.


He even brought tongs that resourceful minx!

And, more importantly, were able to cook our mini sausages.



It was perfect after it was officially lit, and the coal got extremely hot and cooked our sausages perfectly. I was pumped.

And what delicious little sausages they were.


I think they tasted better because it had taken us so long to make them and I was worried for a bit that they may not happen at all. I was very grateful for Evan and his sausages.



It was a good beach day!


15 responses to “The Beach Date (and the sausages that almost weren’t)

  1. You have the best weekends and I just love reading about your adventures! You and Evan are adorable. Ah, love.

  2. That last pic is soooooo cute! I love your love!

    Also, best sentence ever: I was very grateful for Evan and his sausages.

  3. Looks like a beautiful place! You guys look so happy. 🙂

  4. Aw, porpy and his mini sausages….he is such a boy scout! I would have been all “welp!, I guess we’re going to starve!” and given up immediately. And also, please frame that last pic….it was a dream.

  5. I LOVE how he incorporates food into every one of your dates. That itself makes him an automatic winner!

    P.S. I just about melted when I read that he brought a grill to your beach date…

  6. You guys are the cutest! Yup, even more brownie points with that little grill and those cute little sausages!

  7. That’s such a cute photo 🙂 And they look like yummy little sausages!

  8. those are prettiest stumpiest sausages i have ever seen.
    they make me want to move to canada.
    also you and evan are cute. the end.

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