High Park & CraveTO

This weekend was significantly less busy than the rest of my weekends lately, which, good news, means I can squeeze all my recapping into one post instead of stretching it out out over three or four (or five…). I was really thankful to not have a ton on the agenda because I feel like I’ve been a bit too busy lately and I’ve barely been home. I was starting to kind of look forward to winter weekends when nothing is really going on and I can hibernate. I really hate to say that…

Saturday I had a lunch date with my good friend Lisa from Journalism school. I haven’t seen her since May when we went up to our friend Fran’s cottage so it was nice to have a catch-up time. It was also nice that she made me the best lunch ever.


My only contribution to this was suggesting Helluva Good Dip to accompany the pork kebabs. I am dip savvy, not barbecue savvy. She grilled that all herself while I supervised and told her stories. It was a good tradeoff I think. I really was impressed with her grilling skills though.

She lives pretty close to High Park (a huge park in the middle of the city), so afterwards we checked that out.


High Park is beautiful! I have only been there once and I didn’t get to explore it all that much. Lisa took me to places I have never been!


I like how there are so many trails that you don’t have to stay on the main one. We did a little off-roading.


I was slightly concerned that we were going to get lost, but Lisa is a skilled navigator and we were able to make our way back to the car. We didn’t stay that long as we both had plans for the evening, but I have to say that High Park is a really good date spot.

Evan and I had plans that evening with Brotherman and some of their friends to go to CraveTO, a food and beer festival in Honest Ed’s alley.


Honest Ed’s is a discount store located in downtown Toronto, and it also happens to be a pretty big landmark. You can read about the history here if you are interested, but the store is actually up for sale so it would have been nice to browse around in there before it closes down. Unfortunately we got there after it closed for the day, so we headed straight to the alley behind it for food and beer.


CraveTO was a really good time and I enjoyed myself a lot, however before I get into the activities I have to get this off my chest. It was expensive. It was $17.50 to get in ($20 at the door but we bought our tickets in advance), and then $5 for beer and $5 for all food items. The beer and food wasn’t unreasonable, but when you add the ticket price…well, it’s a lot. I am not sure why they charged so much admission, because it was literally in an alley with a DJ and about 10 food trucks/stations and five beer stands (I’m just guessing, too lazy to google), so definitely nothing elaborate. We were talking about it and we thought maybe they charged so they could have security presence? I do not know. I personally do not think it was worth the admission charge and because of this I don’t think I would go again. BUT I was already there and I was determined to have a good time, so it was fun.


Evan and Brotherman’s friend Ian (Evan’s plaid twin above) was the original instigator of attending this, as a bunch of his friends were going so he told us about it. So when the people with the video cameras came over and asked “Why did you come to CraveTO tonight?!” I got out of that awkward question by immediately pointing to Ian and saying “This guy right here.”

I somehow roped my friend Hannah into meeting us also.


It was a good time checking out all the food places.


I really wanted to get a fried chicken skewer but then I was so overwhelmed by all the other choices that I ended up forgetting about it. I was sad about that.

I ended up eating a samosa, an Indian curry grilled cheese (I can’t remember the kind of cheese that was on it now, but it was really good), and snow crab legs.


Everyone made fun of me for this. Evan was all “I can’t believe you are eating snow crab legs from a truck,” but they were very good and already cut so pretty easy to eat. And Evan did get an octopus taco…


So I don’t know how he can talk.


I had a bite of it, and it was alright. Really spicy though. Evan also got a burger from a place called Mama’s Boy, which I had a few bites of. I preferred that over his octopus taco for sure.

And then there was the beer.


I think we all tried all the different kinds of beer. Each brewery stand had two different kinds, so there was a big variety.


The beer was definitely the highlight of CraveTO for me.


And Evan it would appear. Brotherman took about four versions of this picture until our friend Ian was perfectly lined up in the background between us.


Success. He looks like he is on a mission.

Afterwards we really should have just gone home, but somehow Ian and his friends convinced us to go to a bar with them. The camera went away after CraveTO though. Well, mine did. Evan took a bunch of embarrassing pictures of me dancing, but those will not see the light of day.

We eventually made our way home, which was a fun time in itself as Evan and I ended up having a Gatorade fight in the street. Evan decided it would be a good idea to squirt me with his Gatorade, so obviously I had to retaliate. I squirted mine all over his face, and by the end we were basically dumping our Gatorade bottles over each other’s heads. We arrived back at my place both covered with Gatorade and extremely sticky. Good times. I really like that Evan turns even a walk home into an adventure. I could not stop laughing.

On Sunday ol’ Evers and I were feeling pretty rough. We probably should have drank that Gatorade instead of pouring it on each other, but ah, hindsight. We were originally thinking of going to the island (because it would be such an amazing date and I want to take Evan there so badly!), but after our night out the trip downtown seemed a little too adventurous. It was a beautiful day though, and all I wanted was to be outside, so we stopped by Tim Hortons and grabbed some sandwiches and coffee and brought them over to a park in my ‘hood.


We put down a blanket and laid around and read our books for, I’m not even kidding, five hours. It was just so nice out. Eventually we started to get hungry again, but then the ice cream truck came by so that held us over for a while.


It’s always nice to have ice cream delivered directly to you. Evan was obsessed with finding a popsicle with gumballs, so he definitely scored with his Sonic the Hedgehog ice pop.

Around dinnertime we quickly stopped by the grocery store and picked up all the ingredients to make veggie pizza.


I am obsessed with the veggie pizza from Toppers Pizza, which sadly is not available in Toronto, so our mission was to recreate it. And I have to say this was pretty close.

It was a good weekend in the city!


8 responses to “High Park & CraveTO

  1. So did you both read different books for 5 hours or did you read TO Evan for 5 hours. One of them I will judge you for, so choose wisely.

  2. Your adventure-filled weekends sound like so much fun! I’m totally jealous!

  3. “It’s always nice to have ice cream delivered directly to you”

    What! That is … like inventing sliced bread all over again! Brilliant.

  4. I would’ve laid in that park for hours too! Great pictures!

  5. I just love all your posts but man, sitting in a park all day reading and getting ice cream?? Perfection.

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