Lazy Lake Days

This weekend we headed up to Evan’s cottage again, so I hope you’re not sick of hearing about it yet. We’ve been there a lot this summer, a few times more than I originally expected, and it’s so nice to get away from the city for a bit. I love living in Toronto, but I feel very fortunate to be able to escape it sometimes. I am a country girl at heart and there is only so many crowded subways/traffic I can take. I will not live there forever, I’ll tell ya that.

I would be very content living somewhere like this:


Very content.

For this cottage weekend we had Brotherman, his fiancée Kelly, and their friends Ian and Dorothy in attendance.


It was a good group and we had a lot of fun.

We arrived late on Friday night and went to bed shortly after, so the party started Saturday morning. With juice.


I was really excited that they brought the juicer. I love a fresh citrusy drink with my breakfast.


We had a big family-style breakfast and I loaded my plate up with all the delicious things.


It was perfect fuel for a day of leisuring on the lake. I wish I could get paid for being a professional leisurer because I am naturally good at it.


Professional leisurers

I spent the day alternating between lying on the dock and reading, lying on a raft and reading, and lying in an inner tube and drinking beer.


This is not me. This is Ian.

And swimming also. Saturday was GORGEOUS. Just a dream day. Beautifully sunny, not a cloud in the sky, no wind, and it was hot but not humid and gross. What else was there to do? Nothing. Soak it up. Summer is too short. I got some exercise when I had to get up from my position lying on the dock, don’t worry. It is practically getting in and out of plank position.

I also had a lot of fun photographing Ian and Dorothy as they threw their tubes off the dock and then attempted to jump into them.




All good.

It made me laugh hard. 

And I have tube tricks of my own.


Not quite as mobile as the lifejacket diapers, but still a good time.

In the afternoon Ian broke out the blender and made us all pisco sours, but sans raw egg white as the original recipe called for, which we were all okay with. In the hot sun I’m not sure how good of an idea raw egg would be.


It was cold and refreshing and delicious. He used a bunch of fresh key limes and that really made the drink for me. I loved it.

We played frisbee cup…


I do not know…

And barbecued burgers with Brotherman’s slaw (that I still cannot get enough of)…


And we sat around the campfire for hours and made s’mores and talked and told stories. Perfect day.

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday, only it was a bit more windy and overcast. It eventually started to rain, but it held off until we were leaving in the late afternoon, so that is a win. On the way home Evan and I stopped for dinner with these two lovers:


We went to East Side Marios because it was right beside Walmart and we all wanted to do a little grocery shopping before we came home. I have not been to East Side Marios for YEARS and I kind of forgot how much I like it. Particularly their unlimited garlic bread and salad. It’s been far too long since this has been in my life.


I used to just die for their salad dressing. My friend used to work there and I would try to make him steal the dressing for me. Back when I was a starving student I used to go to East Side Marios, get the cheapest pasta on the menu, eat all the bread and salad, and then take my pasta home for lunch the next day. It was a really good system.

This time I stepped my order up slightly and did not go for the cheapest pasta.


Hell’s Kitchen Chicken with pasta and vegetables. Those mushrooms are so good! But I did still fill up on all the bread and salad so I had enough of that leftover to save for lunch today.

So yep, good weekend. It makes me sad that summer is almost over, but we do have one more cottage weekend to look forward to in September, which is a good thing because cottage weekends are my favourite!


4 responses to “Lazy Lake Days

  1. I wanna live in half city/half country. I think that’s why I love Reno so much. It’s a city but then just outside is all the mountains and whatnot. So pretty. I couldn’t do a country thing all the time cuz I like city action. But then I can’t do a city all the time cuz then I’m like, quit with the noise already! Basically, I am hard to please.

    I will need those burgers and that slaw when I visit. MAKE IT HAPPEN, EVAN.

    • Well I need to visit Reno apparently, because I love mountains and whatnot. This is why I love Calgary, but it gets too cold there in the winter and it’s not quite close enough to any lakes. I like lake things.

      Oh Evan will make it happen, don’t you worry.

  2. brotherman shoud sell his slaw on ebay!

  3. Unlimited garlic bread?! Yes please!

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