Can’t Help Falling in Love with…Elvis

Every year my Nana’s nursing home hosts a family appreciation barbecue for the residents’ families. And every year there is an Elvis impersonator in attendance.


That photo is from two years ago, but Elvis still looks the same. He is a hit with all the ladies, let me tell you.

Wednesday night was my third time attending the Elvis barbecue, and usually my aunt and dad come as well but they are both away this week, so it was just Evan and I. It was Evan’s first time, and also his first Elvis impersonator experience, so a very exciting day for sure. This Elvis is the only one I’ve seen so take what I say with a grain of salt because I don’t have anyone to compare him to, but he’s pretty awesome. I think he gets better every year.


He is probably the biggest ham I have ever witnessed in action. He goes around to all the ladies, sidles on up to them, presents them with flowers and sings to them and says things like “What’s your room number baby?”, “Are you lonesome tonight?”, “Room 121 right? I’ll see you later,” and “Will you marry me?” etc. etc. He has a million lines, and the ladies just die for him. He’s so great at engaging with them. He had them all clapping, and when they weren’t clapping he would say things like “Get with the program!” It made me laugh.

Lucky for you guys I just learned how to take videos on Instagram. Make sure your sound is on if you want the full Elvis experience.

Elvis is alive and he's after Evan! And possibly my Nana.

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Evan just kills me. Notice how Elvis was planning on sitting on his lap but Evan strategically had his arm blocking him.

Don’t worry, my Nanny wasn’t left out.

This Elvis is a minx to the ninth degree. #instavid

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Honestly, he sings so well!

And is my Nana not the cutest ever? She was so happy and excited.


I am pretty sure it’s the highlight of her year. Actually, I think it’s the highlight of everyone’s year. I mentioned this to Evan and he said “I think this was the highlight of MY year!” He kept raving on about how hilarious Elvis was and thanking me for bringing him. He really enjoyed himself and his reactions to the things Elvis was saying were just the best.

At one point, Elvis came over and totally centred us out. He asked our names and announced to everyone “This is Evan and Lindsey. They are in love.” and then mentioned something about us being engaged and Evan just didn’t know it yet, so that wasn’t awkward at all. For the rest of the evening we had strangers saying to us “No pressure or anything!” No way, none at all.

Ohh that Elvis is a minx and a half.


Evan grabbed his contact info in case anyone would like to book him for anything.


Afterwards he said to me “What can we book Elvis for? Do you think he’d come to the cottage?” I do not know, but it sure would be hilarious if he did.

It was a really fun time.

In non-Elvis news, guess what I am doing this weekend?


That’s RIGHT. Evan and I are going camping. And not just any camping, legit, backwoods, carry all your stuff in a canoe, tie your food up in a tree, do your business in a hole, portage camping. Sound exciting? No one I have talked to about it thinks so. I, however, am incredibly excited. I LOVE camping, but I have only done the camping where your car is on the site with you and at the end of the day you can just shove all your stuff in it with no worries. I have never canoed to my campsite, so this should be interesting.

I was also hit pretty hard by the Gill train last night, pretty much full body weights workout and my thighs are screaming and my arms don’t feel much better, so hopefully I can even lift the canoe…

I will report back next week with our camping stories. Have a great Labour Day weekend!


13 responses to “Can’t Help Falling in Love with…Elvis

  1. Your camping trip sounds like torture to me, but I hope you have fun. And can lift your arms. And legs.

    I love that Evan wants to book the Elvis for an event. Maybe you could book him for your camping trip?!!

  2. There has to be a birthday coming up in your crowd of friends. I think Elvis = the replacement to creepy clowns when you hit a certain age. When’s Evan’s birthday because…obvious choice.

  3. When I was watching the video I actually said out loud, “He’s trying to sit on his lap!” Hahaha well played, Evan. Well played.

    This is going to come out sounding creepy, but it’s funny after reading your blog for so long to hear your voice. It was neat! Haha

    And your Nana is the second cutest grandma I know! Only next to my own, of course 🙂 Have fun camping!

    • Yeah, he blocked him well! And I know what you mean, I feel the same way when I hear a blogger’s voice for the first time. Paula from Eat Watch Run told me when we talked on the phone for the first time that she expected me to sound more teeny bopperish. I guess that’s a compliment?

  4. Duh! Isn’t it obvious that you should book Elvis for your wedding?! Bahaha!
    You’ll love the REAL camping. Just by being excited about it, you’ve won half the battle. It’s great.

  5. Love the Video’s, Nana looks great! Especially with that extra little sparkle in her eyes, for Elvis. Have fun, Camping!!! Silent Lake was outdoorsy enough for me. xo Great Memories!!

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