31 Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

Today is Evan’s 31st birthday!


Usually I try to refrain from getting all sappy and I especially avoid posting statuses like “my boyfriend is the bestest EVER!” on my Facebook, etc. because probably no one cares besides me. But I do believe in giving credit where credit is due, and sometimes people are just the best and deserve a blog post dedicated to their amazingness. So today I am letting my cheesy romantic flag fly. Evan is the most awesome person I know, so in honour of his 31st birthday…

31 Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever (in no particular order)

31. He is the only person I know (besides my Bestie and my Nana) who is just as food-oriented as I am. If not more. He has been introducing me to new foods!


30. And as a continuation of that, I love how he plans dates for us that centre around food. Our beach date picnic, our conservation area picnic and our day in Chinatown are a few examples of this.


29. Still food-related, he loves to cook and he cooks for me so often. I have never experienced this before and I really, really like it. If I’m staying at his house and there are leftovers from dinner, he will pack them up for my lunch. He also leaves for work later than me in the morning so he always makes me breakfast while I am getting ready. One time neither of us had time for breakfast so he made me a strawberry-banana smoothie to go.

28. He is the most thoughtful when it comes to gifts. I have a guitar that I want to learn how to play, so for Valentine’s Day he MADE me a guitar lessons book himself. He printed out beginner to advanced music lessons that he had found on the internet, put them together in a book, drew the cover himself and then had it laminated. And then he had the whole thing professionally bound. Then he had downloaded a bunch of lesson videos to correspond with the book, put them on a memory stick, and just transferred them over to my computer. After presenting that to me he made me dinner and decorated the table all romantically. The table that he dragged in from my balcony and cleaned up and decorated because I don’t actually have a dining table.


He wins.

27. Again with the thoughtful gifts, this frame that he made me to commemorate our Florida adventure:


Made with the shells we found on the beach together. And the shark’s teeth in the bottom left corner.

26. And because I cut myself on that frame (and I am generally kind of accident prone) the next day he bought me a first aid kit. A really good one. Fanciest first aid kit I have ever owned.

25. After our very first date, he texted to me “I love your smile Lindsey. It’s a good one.” Best post first date text I have ever received. And don’t even get me started on our second date when he spiked our Tim Hortons coffee with Baileys and took me to a giant greenhouse before taking me out for dinner…

24. I left some clothes at his place and he washed and folded them all for me and then left them in a neat little pile. Also, I left him alone in my apartment last weekend while I went out for a bit and I came home to find that he had cleaned my entire kitchen.

23. He fixes my car.


22. He put this beautiful backsplash in for my parents as a thank you for letting us stay at their condo in Florida.


21. When he comes over he usually brings snacks and wine.

20. He texts me every single morning and says “Good morning beautiful! Have the best day!” or some variation of that, with different nicknames for me. Every day. Even if I have just left him. He has not missed one day. He will also randomly text me during the day and say something like “just thinking about you…” or tell me something that he likes about me. Makes me smile really hard every time.

19. He loves the Reddit app on his phone and sends me funny cat pictures and gifs sporadically throughout the day. Like this one:


18. When I am leaving his condo, he walks me to my car to kiss me goodbye. If I am taking the bus, he will usually walk me to the bus stop. If he is pressed for time, he will at least walk me to the elevator.

17. When I came back from Jamaica he picked me and two of my friends up from the airport. I came out of customs and he was standing there holding a sign with my name on it, and when we got to the car he had coconuts and Red Stripe beer that we had been drinking in Jamaica waiting for us so we could recreate our trip when we got home. And then when my friend’s ride fell through he drove her over an hour home and refused to accept gas money. She had to sneakily shove it in his pocket and run away, and he STILL tried to give it back to me to give to her.

16. He really wanted me to try this soup that his grandma makes (minestra), so one time he brought all the ingredients over to my house (including two bay leaves and a pressure cooker) so he could make it for me.


18. When something goes wrong, he takes it in stride. I have rarely, if ever, heard him complain. While camping, he did not complain about the rain once. Not even when the tarp collapsed on top of him and ruined the taco he was in the middle of eating. Not even when he had to tie our garbage in a tree in the pouring rain (it was tricky to find a good branch in the dark!) He is just so good natured and genuinely the happiest person.

17. He is FUNNY. He has great stories and he makes me laugh very hard on a daily basis. Sometimes he doesn’t even have to say anything to make me laugh, I just look at his cheeky face and I start dying. He also has a really funny way of describing things. Like if someone is acting crazy, for example, he’ll say they are a coconut. It makes me laugh.

16. He can talk to anyone about anything. If I bring him to a social event with me and he doesn’t know very many people, I do not have to worry about him at all. At Dawn’s wedding reception in the summer I had to leave him for a bit and I came back to find him comfortably talking to my high school teacher Mr. B like they had been best friends forever.

15. He’s mildly allergic to cats, but he loooooooves Winnie and snuggles her anyway.


14. When we are leaving my apartment he will say to Winnie “Be a good kitties!” because that is what I always say to her. He told me one time he said this to a strange cat before he even realized what he was saying.

13. The Blue Jays shirt he bought as a surprise for Lisa for her birthday. Most thoughtful thing any boyfriend of mine has ever done for one of my friends.


12. He loves to read, and I can sit around and read with him like I would with my best friend (see above). Bonus: I got him into the Harry Potter series and he loves it and is almost done the last book.

11. He constantly says to me “You are so beautiful,” “You’re amazing,” “You are just the best.” And he will tell me I’m beautiful even when I look my absolute worst. While camping for example, I was wet and dirty and shiny-faced and greasy-haired and he looked at me and said “You are just so beautiful.” And he really meant it.

10. He is very affectionate and cuddly and romantic without being cheesy.

9. He’s clean. For a bachelor pad his condo is very neat and organized, especially his room. I have never seen clothes lying around. I actually think he might be more neat than I am, and he’s definitely more organized. But at the same time he’s not freaky about it.

9. His nickname is Porpy (short for porpoise) because he’s such a graceful swimmer! All his family and friends call him this. I don’t know why, but this just warms my heart.

8. When his grandfather, Bubby, passed away this spring, Evan made a box for his ashes out of cedar. He meticulously measured and cut the wood, glued/nailed the box together, sanded it, and then Brotherman inked angel wings on top of the box. And then Evan stained it.


I was so impressed I could barely handle it.

7. He has EXCELLENT spelling and grammar skills. Excellent. He’s just a very good writer in general. I like this very much.

6. I trust him 100% with anything, in any situation. I know that anything he does or tries will work out. He is just one of those people who is naturally good at everything.

5. We were at the cottage over the weekend and I was helping him move the barbecue while we were packing up. As I went to pick up the cover, which was on the ground, he said “Oh don’t worry about it, I’ll do that. There are probably spiders on it.” It’s the little things.

4. Everyone loves him, and continually tells me how great he is. When we were out with everyone on Blue Jays night, Heather’s boyfriend came over to Lisa and I and said “So, Evan eh?! That guy’s F-ing awesome!” I was proud.

3. When I can’t see him at night, he will FaceTime me before we go to sleep.


2. He is very close with his family, and I love how much they love him. He would do anything for anyone, but this especially applies to his family.

1. He makes me incredibly happy and feel very excited about my life.

I could honestly go on and on. He is just so insanely thoughtful and considerate that it blows me away. I do not know how I snagged him, but I am so grateful that I have met him and I thank my lucky stars that he is in my life every day. I always ask him how I found him, and he will just remind me that HE found ME.

So Happy Birthday to Evan! He is just the best.


(and Evan, I hope this did not embarrass you too much and you enjoyed, in your words, having your horn tooted.)


43 responses to “31 Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

  1. Oh my gosh, he truly is the best!!!

  2. Evan IS the best. I love your love!

    And to prove that he (and YOU) are the best ever, Fabian told me that after meeting you and Evan that he would be open to meeting my other blogging friends because he liked you guys so much. Win!

    • I love yours!

      Well let’s not get too excited Paula. Just because Evan and I are awesome doesn’t mean that all bloggers and their lovers are. Well I’m sure if they’re your friends they’re alright… We liked YOU GUYS so much!!! I wish you lived closer!

  3. This article is one of the best you have written….I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! It certainly is very raw and beautiful! Give Evan our love,
    Mona and Dad

  4. Sweetest post ever! And Happy Birthday Evan!

  5. Ok, normally I just lurk, but you and Evan are the cutest, and this brought me out of lurkdom to tell you so! Like Paula says–I love your love! Happy Birthday, Evan! He’s lucky to have snagged you, too!

  6. Um just when I thought you could not get any cooler this happens! SO amazing, you two are incredibly lucky and awesome! HBD Evan!

  7. Listen, I feel really bad about this…but I am just going to have to find a way to steal your boyfriend!! You two are so lucky to have each other! Happy birthday Evan! I feel like I know you!

  8. Oh my … I read every single word. Beautiful – absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    Reading about Evan and his awesomeness never gets old, so don’t ever hesitate writing about him. 🙂

    And … this may have all inspired me to work harder on my relationship…

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Evan! You two are so wonderful together.

  9. Evan is like a donut…is there anything he can’t do? Happy birthday!

  10. This is such a sweet post. Happy birthday, Evan!

  11. He sounds like a winner Lindsey! This was so very touching. He’s gotta have some flaw, like a crippling addiction to bad reality tv or something? Actually that would be adorable. ugh. 😛

  12. Forgot to say happy birthday Evan!

  13. Jo-Ann and Harry George

    Hi Lindsey,

    Fantastic post today. Although we haven’t yet met Evan we feel like we know him. Glad everything is going great for both of you.

    Wish him a Happy Birthday from us.


    Jo-Ann and Harry

  14. Ahhh!!! i just love your relationship!! He *IS* the best!!

  15. Beautiful Post! Made me smile today!

  16. Woo hoo!!! Happy Birthday Porpy! Oh, you lovers make my insides melt!
    I wish we were always together! You are a precious gem!

  17. I’m sooo happy for you both that you found each other and have such incrediable love and happiness in your lives! It was so great to meet Evan when we were home and come out to visit anytime 🙂 Love Chrissy

  18. I almost choked and died on the vomit created by all the cuteness.

    Y’all make me sick. Happy Birthday to awesome Evan!

  19. I seriously got teary-eyed reading this. You guys SO deserve each other and are so lucky to have found each other. God has truly smiled down on you both. I hope Evan has the best birthday ever! I bet this post made it for him! 🙂

  20. You forgot that Evan is brother to brother man and da slaw 😉

  21. I want that! Happy Birthday Evan! So happy for you both!

  22. Great post! My 9 yr old son has the same name and I certainly hope he is as awesome as your Evan is when he turns 31!

  23. This is beautiful. I am SO happy for you. Happy belated birthday, Evan!

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  25. Awwww…this is so sweet. I think my teeth are aching a little, actually. I just celebrated wedding anniversary #29 with my dear hubster and it IS the little things that make for a long-lived love affair! How lucky are we?! Lovely post.

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