Guess who was on the radio this morning?

That’s RIGHT! Me! This morning was my radio debut.

We have this extremely popular morning show in the Toronto area called The Dean Blundell Show, did anyone hear it this morning? Anyway, they have this segment at 8am called “Wha Happened?!” where listeners call in and tell embarrassing stories about things happening to them and the best story wins prizes.

I haven’t listened to the Dean Blundell Show all that much lately, but I caught it this morning as I was driving to work and I decided to call in. I have plenty of embarrassing stories, but the ones that Dean and friends seem to favour have some sort of dirty element to them. My plan was to tell my story about getting trapped in the cemetery while running and having to straddle a strange man’s head with my sweaty legs to get out (straddling the strange man’s head would be the dirty element here).


So I called around 7:45 expecting it to be super busy, but I somehow got through right away. I was very, very surprised. For some reason I was extremely nervous and my heart was beating like crazy. I was practically hyperventilating. But by the time I had to tell my story I was in my office at my desk, so that helped calm my nerves a little bit.

I was the very first story, and you can listen to the audio here. Start at 45.15 to hear my man voice (just move the little audio bar over, it’s almost right in the middle of the segment).

Of course they took it into dirtier territory, but I was expecting that. I was just happy to get through my story without them really harassing me, because they have been known to play static and goat noises and ask “Are you on a cell phone?!” if the story is boring. Or they have this clip that just says “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. You are so boring.” and then they just hang up. So I was lucky. It was very funny because I know a lot of people who listen to that show in the morning, so a bunch of my friends recognized me and texted me about it.

I didn’t win, which was very disappointing because I really did want CASBY Award tickets. I want to see Mother Mother and Hollerado and Said the Whale. I’m pretty sure you can only win tickets. And honestly I thought my story was the best out of the others, and they had a good reaction to it! I think sometimes going first can work against you, because by the time they heard from everyone maybe they forgot me. Who knows.

So that just means I’ll have to call back another time and tell them about the piggyback fail. That has a dirty twist with the whole underwear fandango.

That is all. Just wanted to tell you about my radio experience. Have a good weekend!


14 responses to “Guess who was on the radio this morning?

  1. That’s hilarious, I used to love listening to the Edge, but stopped tuning in a few months ago favoring 97.7 HTZ FM. I would have died laughing if I had heard you!

    • Hmm, I have been on the hunt for a new radio station, I am going to have to check out 97.7. I haven’t been into the Dean Blundell show much lately since they’ve been replacing everyone, and I find Dean is just getting more and more arrogant.

      One of my best friends from high school heard it and didn’t even know it was me until today!

      • That’s how I was feeling! They’ve apparently replaced Todd with Billie from the former Mad Dog and Billie, meh. Htz FM actually has a morning show hosted by Jason Barr which is awesome – the music is a bit different though, some older stuff and harder stuff. I had to throw in the towel with the Edge when they started to play Serena Ryder crap and the same 30 songs over and over.

  2. As creepy as this sounds, it was cool to hear your voice and what you sound like! I guess after reading your blog for so long, i developed my own voice for you in my head while i read (as you do, like when you read a book – or maybe that’s just me and I’m weird) and so it was cool to hear you for real.

  3. haha I always listen and somehow missed you! Love it! I miss Todd – who is that new chick? She isn’t funny.

  4. That is so awesome…I remember laughing hysterically when you first told that story on the blog…So surprised you did not win!

  5. The one time I tried to call into the radio was when I was trying to request a song (“Helena” by My Chemical Romance… oh grade 8), and my phone call actually made it through which would have been exciting… if I hadn’t totally chickened out and said “never mind” and hung up halfway through the phone call. The worst part is, the radio station still played that phone call on the air, and my family laughed at me.
    You have a really good radio voice and if you were nervous I couldn’t tell 🙂

    p.s. as a very new blogger I’d like to thank you for being my first blogger follower on Twitter 🙂 (my other followers all seem to be Beliebers and Directioners as a result of me following 1D and the biebs)

    • I have been meaning to respond to this, sorry for the delay!

      I can totally understand chickening out. I almost did as well. That’s hilarious that your family heard you! Mine would probably never let me live it down.

      And you are welcome! I am following the Biebs on Instagram, and I am really not sure why as every time he posts a photo I just feel like I want to punch him in the face. I think I’m going I have to do the ol’ unfollow.

  6. That’s pretty fantastic that you were on the radio, but I still like that the “piggyback fail” made it onto Ellen…

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