Beer & Lederhosen

The other night I was invited to Bier Markt Esplanade’s Oktoberfest VIP Party.


I am really not sure how I snagged an invitation because I am certainly not a very important person (having a blog does not = important, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), but the invitation promised beer and food, and since I love both of those things very much of course I accepted.

I am also genuinely a fan of Bier Markt in general. I have enjoyed many a good meal there.



Someone at another table ordered that waffle while I was there once and when the server walked past me with it I stopped talking mid-sentence and just followed it with my eyes. I had to have it.

Anyway, this Oktoberfest party sadly did not include waffles. It was the launch of Bier Markt’s annual Oktoberfest collection in celebration of Toronto’s Beer Week (aka the best week in the city) and was to include options from this limited-time menu.

I arrived having no idea what to expect. Well, food and beer, but I didn’t know how much of either, and I came straight from work and I didn’t pre-eat so the amount of food worried me. I don’t like to be starving. I was allowed to bring a guest, which was a very good thing because I need a partner in crime at things like this and if I didn’t have one I would just be sitting at a table alone in a dark corner eating and drinking in silence. So Evan was the chosen one. He was excited.


We got a goodie bag as we arrived (goodie giant mug would be more accurate) that included those sweet lederhosen t-shirts, so we brought our stuff over to a dark corner and sat down to get the eating and drinking fest started. But not in silence.


The servers were bringing appetizers around, so I tried some of everything that came my way. I am holding chicken schnitzel that has some sort of deliciously interesting jam on it above, and there were a bunch of other German-inspired foods like mini sausages in a bun and giant pretzels.


I don’t think I have ever tasted anything so salty. I loved it.

Maybe I am oversensitive to this because as soon as there is food somewhere I am on high alert instantly and I pretty much can’t take my eyes off of it (ESPECIALLY if I am hungry), but I notice that the servers often come around to where I’m sitting last, and sometimes there is not even anything left on their platter by the time they make it to me. This makes me sad. This was not the first time I have noticed it happening at an event like this (the same thing happened at the Firkin party), and again, maybe it happens to everyone, but it seems to be an irrational fear of mine. I will see a server carrying a platter of goodness across the room and I will get this almost anxiety feeling that the food is never going to come to me. And then it doesn’t and the fear is realized. It’s just because I don’t want to miss anything delicious! But at the same time I don’t expect the servers to hang around just me and feed me all night…

Luckily the entire pig that was roasting in the middle of the room eased my fears of starving. I took a picture of it, but it’s under a red light which makes it look grotesque, so I will save you from that sight.

That pig was delicious though. They just hack off the pork and put it right on your plate.


Along with some pasta. Filled me right up.

Oh, and there was beer also.


We got two drink tickets, and we could either use them both to fill up the giant mug we got, or use them separately for two pints. We went for the pints so we could try different things (and so our beer wouldn’t be warm when we got to the bottom of the mug). My favourite was the wheat beer, I loved it!

There was a live band playing also, and they were quite groovy.


They played a lot of Mumford & Sons and Lumineers-type beats, and my favourite Radiohead song High and Dry. I liked them, and it was a great atmosphere.

After a while the Bier Markt starting turning into more of a clubby-type party, so we headed out since it was a school night. I remember saying to Evan “What are all these people doing tomorrow? Does no one have to work?!” Ah to live a life of leisure…

It was a good time and I’m glad I was included. It was nice to have an excuse for an evening out during the week.

And of course an excuse to wear lederhosen-themed attire.


I really need a haircut…

And to own those shirts so we can break them out in the future.

So, good times. If you like beer and sausages and pork and pretzels and live in the T-dot, I would suggest heading over to a Bier Markt location before October 22, as that is when this menu ends. And on Sunday nights they’re having a pig roast!

And that is all. Thanks Bier Markt!


2 responses to “Beer & Lederhosen

  1. That waffle looks likea absolute heaven. And I LOVE the leiderhosen shirts they are the, I might have to search them out for me and my friend Katie…we took German together for 10 years in middle school/high school and I think it would be the greatest surprise ever if I randomly sent her this in the mail.

    High and Dry is also one of my favorite Radiohead songs 🙂

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