Uncle Leon’s Baby Shower

My good friend Leanne (or Uncle Leon, as you may have seen her commenting on my blog) is with child, and has been for quite some time. She is due in early November and yesterday was the baby shower for the beautiful mama-to-be.


Leon is such a cute pregnant gal. I love her bump, and I am obviously rubbing it in this photo, but it got cut off.

I love showers for two main reasons: games and food. I loved this shower for a third reason. All the ladies were in attendance!


Leanne is really the first one to have a baby out of all our old friends, so it’s a very exciting time. It was really good to see them and have a catch-up and mustard session.

The food was everything I was hoping for.


I love giant snack plates like this. Party foods and mini sandwiches may be my favourite food group. Evan saw this picture and was like “Don’t you want to take a nice picture for your blog? That plate is a mess.” And he is not wrong, but my main objective is to fit as much on my plate as possible, not make it look attractive. So I think I am succeeding in my mission there.

There was a sweet baby cake.


Actually the entire dessert area was pretty awesome.


Emily’s sister Sara has started making these amazing sugar cookies for various occasions.


They look professional! She does a really great job. And they taste as good as they look. I could have eaten them all day long.

Everyone also got one of these great chocolate moustaches made by Leanne’s brother’s girlfriend. Joanna and I had some fun with those.



Moustaches are always a good time. I totally had chocolate underneath my nose after that moustache picture and I didn’t notice until I got in my car to leave. Thanks for telling me, friends.

For one of the games, everyone had to bring in a baby picture of themselves and then had to guess which baby was Leanne. I was not able to pick out Leanne from all the babies, it was quite sneaky, but here is the picture I brought of myself.


My baby baby photos are packed away in a box somewhere, so a toddler photo had to do. My friends didn’t even recognize me because they said the brown hair threw them off. Interestingly I was born with black hair and it gradually lightened until I was about three and then it was just blonde.

Uncle Leon really cleaned up in the gift department.


I love giving books as baby shower presents. I remember my parents reading to me every night before bed and it instilled a HUGE love of reading in me. So my present for Leanne consisted of some of the classic Robert Munsch books (of course I included Love You Forever, best children’s book of all time), and also a onesie with a moustache on it. I didn’t even know about the chocolate moustache theme, so that was a coincidence.

Some of the gifts were so ridiculously cute they made my ovaries hurt.


Aww, baby plaid.

Leanne’s mom made her this gorgeous cloth book.


It was such an original gift.

And this is my favourite card.


From Dawn. And that is a photo of Leanne’s husband from high school. He has red hair, so we assume they are having a little ginger.

It was a fun time oohing and aahing and losing it over all the cuteness. I still can’t believe there’s gonna be a BABY!


11 responses to “Uncle Leon’s Baby Shower

  1. Oooh I love showers too! and baby stuff is just too much! My cousin is having a baby next month! I got her a baby bjorn because I think they are awesome. Books are great though- I am always buying new ones for my niece, but my SIL puts them away because she doesnt trust a 2 yr old with the “nice” books I buy. hahahaha

    PS- tell your friend i need her icing recipe. I want to make professional looking cookies too!

  2. Catch-up and mustard session?!? I am totally stealing that phrase! Love it! And that cake & those cookies made me want to lick my computer monitor. Yummmmmm!

  3. aww, I’m a blog star. Thanks for coming darling diva, I love the books 🙂

  4. Catch up and mustard session was a term we used in our B.Ed. program all the time. Perhaps you should be an elementary school teacher?

  5. Aw Leon, you are a cute preggo! I’m excited for your Ginger snap!

  6. I am totally THAT girl that hates baby showers. I almost get mad when I’m invited to them. Which is ridiculous, because it’s a wonderful occasion. I do enjoy the cake, though. That is the best part of showers. But sitting around for an hour while someone opens 80 packages of onsies and diapers kills me. Oh, here’s a fun fact! In college, we had to do a pet peeve speech and mine was about baby showers. Yep. It was. I’ll still come to your future baby shower though, because I’m fairly certain it would be a good time and include poutine.

  7. Aww, you were such a cutie! And those sugar cookies look amazing! And delicious 🙂

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