Moving on Up

Guess what?! I have moved! And not just moved, I moved in with Evan. Pretty exciting times over here.

I officially handed over the keys to my apartment on Thursday, but I moved all my big stuff last weekend and then spent last week moving everything else and cleaning. So it was a slow move, and it sucked. The slow move sucks. I do not recommend it. It’s much better to pack up all your stuff in a truck and get it over with all at once. Dragging it out over a week is exhausting. But, hey-ho. It’s done, and all is good now.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some questions here because I have mentioned before that Evan lives with his brother, and also their good friend Ian. So I did move into a big ol’ bachelor pad, but only for a little bit. Ian and Brotherman are both moving out in November, so then it will just be Evan and I, living in sin. (And if you ask me my opinion on this I will tell you that I wholeheartedly think it’s a good idea to live with someone before you get married, because had I not done that previously I may have found myself in a sticky situation, but to each their own of course.)

They have a three bedroom condo, which Evan and Brotherman have owned together for a while, and it is huge and basically a bungalow in the sky. Space isn’t an issue right now at all, and Evan and I took over the master bedroom (which has its own bathroom), and once the lads are gone we will have a guest bedroom and an office. The plan is for Evan and I to live here for a while and save money and eventually buy something together. Preferably out of the city. And on a lake. Well, eventually lake. That is a dream.

This is a big change for everyone. The boys have lived together for years, so it is kind of a new era with them all going their separate ways. And I have lived alone with Winnie for the past year and a half or so, so being around people in the evening is definitely an adjustment. But I am really, really excited. I loved living by myself, but I was starting to get lonely. It’s really nice to have someone around to do nothing with. And it’s especially nice to get home from work and find that dinner is already ready. The boys are really fun and they all cook a lot, so the next month should be a good time.

Winnie is just loving her life and is acting like a brand new kitty. Someone is always around to pay attention to her, and since Winnie’s mission in life is basically to get someone to pet her, this is working out well. She really seems to be thriving here.


Poor Winnie during the move though. She was a good sport about everything, but she just did not know what was going on.


But she is a trooper and has come along with me on every move I’ve ever had.

I will miss certain things about my apartment, for sure. I will not miss the elevator taking a million years to come. Or the elevator stopping on the sixth floor for 30 seconds EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. it went down for the past SIX. MONTHS. I will not miss my crazy neighbour (crazy neighbour story to come now that I no longer live next door to him). I will not miss how expensive my rent was. But I will miss my area, and all the amazing restaurants in my area (amazing restaurants in the Yonge/Mount Pleasant and Davisville area post to come). I will miss running in the cemetery! And I will miss how close I was to the subway. I’m still in the city, but it’s definitely more suburb-ish and it’s definitely not as walkable.

And I’ll miss my beautiful view. In all weather, in all the seasons!



Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 7.16.16 PM


Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 7.15.33 PM

So that is that. I have moved and I am extremely excited. And as my good pal Paula pointed out, I now have 24/7 access to Evan’s amazing cooking! I am very pumped about that also.


His green beans are AMAZING. And so was the sausage, though it is not photogenic.

And Brotherman has been making a lot of their grandma’s apple cake lately…


Cannot get enough of that.

But mostly I’m looking forward to coming home every night to this:


And this also:


Dancing kitty!

So now you are all caught up and I can go back to talking about the every day stuff. Hope you had a great weekend!


24 responses to “Moving on Up

  1. So happy for you! And it sounds like Winnie is enjoying the move, too. Got to keep the kids happy!

  2. Oh how exciting! Congrats to you and Evan on making the leap! I expect to be invited over any day now for some of Evan’s cooking 🙂

  3. ahahahaha that sausage….

  4. Congrats to you both! My fiance & I moved in together nine & a half years ago (yes, it’s been a looong courtship – but that’s ok with us!), and it’s definitely had its ups & downs. But I agree with you that ‘living in sin’ is almost a must-do, to see if the relationship is gonna work. I, as well, realized a previous relationship was going to nowheresville, after co-habitating with that person for several months. Lesson learned! Enjoy your new digs – and all the wonderful sounding home cooking!!

    • That is quite a long courtship, but I think living together is more important than the actual marriage thing. And exactly. Sometimes it takes living together to see if it is really going to work out in the long run. I have learned many lessons there. Oh I will enjoy ALL THE COOKING.

  5. So happy for you princess. We need to do lunch in Port Credit

  6. I am so excited for you! Haha totally been in the “living in a bachelor pad” scenario before. Actually little known fact… Torrance and I have been together 10 1/2 years and the first time we have actually ever lived together ALONE was starting 2 years ago when we moved here` to NC.Granted the first couple years we were dating we were still in high school, but we have always lived apart (kinda – meaning we had separate addresses but you know we always would stay at each others houses… in sin haha kidding) or had roommates and stuff so it is just funny!
    Anyway, congrats to youuuuu!

  7. Congrats, that’s so exciting!

  8. Very happy for you, my dear! And to think, a year ago you were dealing with the creeper . . . so glad Evan is creeper’s opposite in every way!

  9. Whoop!! Hoorah to you and porpy!! I am beyond excited to come and visit you lovers in your nest of sin! Winnie just looks like a brand new woman! Exciting times ahead, Spoon!

  10. I thought I was the only one who had their cat dance. Winnie looks about as thrilled about it as Jasper always is! Congrats on the big move. I fully agree with livin’ in sin prior to major commitments.

  11. Congrats on the move, and don’t diss the suburbs! The suburbs are where the party’s at! Not really though.

  12. Ah, is it weird that I only know you through the internet and your awesome blog (which is so positive it cheers me up on crappy days) yet I am super, super happy that this is happening for you? Hooray for internet stranger happiness!

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