Poor Miss Winnie Kitty

I had a nice happy post planned for today about going to the apple orchard on Sunday, but then last night Winnie got really sick and it seemed inappropriate to put up.


I may have jinxed Winnie in all my talk about how she was thriving and how well she was doing… But she really was thriving, and she was doing so well! This happened very suddenly. One minute she was fine, and the next she was lying on the floor, clearly in pain, alternating between throwing up and and having some serious issues from the other end. I won’t get into the gory details because it was pretty gross, but there was blood and something was obviously very wrong.

It happened around 7pm last night, and the vet that I have been taking her to recently was closed. So Evan and I packed her up in her carrier and took her to an emergency animal hospital near us that is open 24 hours. I was really impressed with the staff, and how caring and attentive they were with Winnie. The vet was especially concerned with not putting her through a lot of trauma because she had already stressed herself out to the point of exhaustion with everything going on in her body.

They got to the root of the problem (a very hard stool, the opposite problem Winnie had been having recently which prompted her bloodwork about three weeks ago and her kidney disease diagnosis), but are not sure what caused it. It’s possible she has a tumour or a polyp in her intestine, or she could just not be getting enough fluids.

Which brings me to options…what could we do for her? The vet gave us three options, basically.

1. Treat her symptoms. Give her three different shots (one painkiller, one anti-inflammatory, and one pepcid to help with the gas in her tummy). Also inject her with fluids because she was not eating or drinking during her symptoms and we were concerned she was dehydrated. Observe her overnight and bring her back if her situation worsened, or keep her there for observation overnight and go from there. Also give her three different antibiotic prescriptions of the same injections (in pill form though) twice a day for the next week.

2. Do option 1, plus an X-ray and a colonoscopy to see if we could find if there is an issue in her intestines causing the problem.

3. Put her down.

Winnie is 20-years-old. I have been a very lucky cat owner and she has had very few health problems until recently. She is also still extremely spry and happy, and genuinely loves her life. She is the nicest kitty I have ever had the pleasure of owning, and she has been known to turn even the most cold-hearted non-cat lover into a huge cat fan. I knew option 3 was coming and I would have to consider it, but frankly I am not ready to go there until I have exhausted other options. Her kidney disease is under control and she has been reacting very well to her new food. This seemed like an isolated issue.

However, she is 20-years-old. Not only do I not have over a thousand dollars to spend on tests and treatments for her (option 2), realistically I know that she cannot possibly live that much longer (though I say she is fueled by love like my Nana so will live forever). I can only do the treatments that are a) not too stressful for her, and b) financially within reason. And so we went with option 1. Keeping her overnight for observation was an extra $450 on top of all her prescriptions, and I thought she would be more comfortable with us anyway. So we got all her medications and brought her back home. This was really sad-funny because she was so doped up that she was totally out of it and just staring with her giant pupils not actually noticing anything while drooling all over the place.

Thankfully, the little muffin is doing really well. We put her in a contained area with her food, litter box and blankets, and when we checked on her throughout the night she seemed to be steadily improving (Evan got up at 5am to see how she was doing, bless his heart). I gave her some more pain meds this morning, as well as her other medications, and I am working from home today so I can continue to keep an eye on her. This is riveting, as she is mostly just sleeping.


She isn’t quite back to normal, and is moving around a little slowly, but she is eating and not having any of her original symptoms and doesn’t seem to be in pain. So, fingers crossed. Now we just wait and see. I’m hoping all the antibiotics will take care of the issue and she will be good as new and I will not have to consider option 3 for a long while.

I am not sure why I wrote all this out, but I was feeling a little sad today and just worried about my little kitty so I wanted to talk about it.

So please send any extra prayers to my Miss Winnie Kitty! She has the most beautiful soul of anyone I’ve ever met (cat or human) and I know she has a lot of life left in her!


Yes, we shall!


42 responses to “Poor Miss Winnie Kitty

  1. A hard stool will make her have diarreha and throw up? Awww, poor Winnie. I feel your pain, Miss Kitty.
    Glad the treatment is working. I will go through anything for my animals. I once cleaned out a burst cyst on my guinea pig and syringe fed her medicine for two months until she was healed. Cost my 1000x more than she did. Well, she was free. So yeah…a lot of vet bills to keep that little cutie alive.

    • Apparently… She was really straining to get that hard stool out, so all the strain caused the throwing up, and then whatever was getting around said stool was quite…leaky. Just constantly leaking. It was no good, but I think she will pull through.
      Aww you are such a nice pet owner. If I was an animal I’d want to live at your house. And hang with Pants.

  2. Oh, Lindsey, your post is so sweet. I will surely pray for her and you! And I’m so happy for Evan and you and your finding each other.

  3. Get well wishes for your kitty! I know how our animals fill our hearts ❤

  4. I got a little nervous about option 3, especially since it was seemingly something small that could be handled! My mom and I had to put our Sweet Sophie down 2 years ago. She was 17 years old and had been moving slower and slower and not jumping onto the couches or beds any longer. We decided to take her for a check up and upon her weighing only 4.5 pounds (we were shocked) we decided that her quality of life was not enjoyable for her. They gave us some time alone with her and we cried (and I am crying now) and told her what was happening, and she seemed to understand. She really looked at us like she understood and was perfectly okay with our decision. The final injection usually takes about 1 minute to ‘work’ and with her, it only took 10 seconds.

    It was a horribly sad day for us but knew we had to do it. And it sounds like Winnie is doing well otherwise and enjoying her life! I am sending you and Winnie Kitty some love!

    • I am crying reading this. I’m sure Sophie knew she was loved!
      Thankfully Winnie is still jumping up on things and is still pretty speedy (when she has to be). I am glad there were other options besides option 3 for sure. I just didn’t want to put her through a bunch of tests, and if any sort of surgery was necessary that probably would have been a deal breaker. Option 1 seems to be really working out and she is regaining a little spring in her step this evening!
      Thanks for the love!

      • As long as she can still jump and her tail is in the air, she is good!
        I agree, a bunch of tests and surgery would have been too much for little Winnie.

  5. I think you picked the right option for WINNIE- not for you. You kept her comfortable while treating her and at her age I think that is all she can ask for. Hopefully she continues to improve!! Poor little gal…

  6. Also, how is she with taking pills? I am an expert cat-pill giver. I should list it on my resume

  7. The Tattoo Diaries

    I hope she is okay. Something similar happened to Rocky (from eating road salt though…) it is so scary when they get so sick.

    Hope she recovers quickly!

  8. Aw, poor Winnie. 😦 20 years!!! I had a cat that lived to be 16, and thought that was a long life for a cat! I hope everything works out okay for Winnie!

  9. Oh, sending best wishes for Winnie!

  10. Poor kitty!! i know you’ve just started giving her a new food and I’m sure you’ve done your research, but I just wanted to share that my cats have responded really well to a raw food diet. Cats digest their food quickly so the raw food allows them to get more nutrients out of what they eat and the higher water content helps them stay hydrated. We feed them RadCat raw mixed with a canned food – it’s expensive but it’s the best prepared raw food we’ve found and they love it. I am thinking good thoughts for WInnie!

    • Hmm…this is interesting. Winnie’s new food is pretty expensive also, so it’s not the price really. I have to order this one specially for her, but the vet really recommended it because it is low in protein and since her kidneys are not functioning to their full potential the low protein is easier on them. Is this dry raw food? Thanks for the suggestion. I have not heard of this before but I am going to look into it.

  11. Oh Miss Winnie! Get better soon! Your mama loves you so!

    Such a tough spot to be in. I can’t imagine. Saying prayers for all of you. XO

  12. That is a tough call, sorry to hear about Winnie!

    I think pets should live forever! 😦

  13. Our sweet kitty had that problem (brought on by her thyroid condition). The vet had us regularly give her “CatLax” (as often as she would take it, several times a day) which is the dark sticky stuff they usually give cats for hairballs. Comes in a toothpaste type tube and you just put an inch of it on the floor or a plate. Kitties seem to love the heck outta it! Your regular vet should have it available. Good luck Miss Winnie, so many hearts here and there pulling for you! ❤

  14. Aw, poor Winnie! I hope that she feels better soon! You are such good cat mom!

  15. aww poor winnie. i think you went with the right option. glad she seems to be feeling a little better tho. makes me so sad when animals are hurting because they cant tell you whats going on.

  16. aww i’m thinking and praying for little winnie…:(

  17. Lindz I’m so sorry. I’m thinking about both of you. I know she is your fur baby and I really hope the little gal recovers. It does sounds like she is on her way though. I feel positive thoughts about this situation though. I think she is going to live forever and be getting back into my sandwich in no time.

    • Thanks muffin. Oh she will be around to get into your sandwich for years to come, and I know there are lots of sandwiches in kitty heaven when the time comes.
      Also, unrelated but I just want you to know that Bolt and Miyou have turned me into a dog lover.

  18. Poor Winnie, I hope she bounces back soon, sounds like she’ s on her way! Buckwheat lived to be 23, crazy eh!! Thinking of you and your sassy little minx.

    • OMG Buckwheat!!!! I forgot about Buckwheat! 23?! That is the oldest cat I have heard of. I was actually doing some googling the other day and apparently the oldest cat in the world right now is 24! I think Winnie could break that record, she is a sassy little minx!

  19. Aww, poor Winnie 😦 I hope she gets better quickly!

  20. Hey, Lindsey!! Can’t believe Winnie is 20 years old. Hope she pulls threw and beats Buckwheats record. I loved Buckwheat!! Thinking of you. xo

  21. This makes me sad too. I hope she does feel much better quickly! She’s still got a solid 10-15 years in her, I’m sure. 🙂

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