The Great Thai Mix-Up

There are a few decent Thai food places near my old apartment, so on one of the last nights in my apartment Evan and I decided to order in while we were loading up his truck with stuff.

I called in the order to The Friendly Thai near the corner of Mount Pleasant and Davisville, and since I had to run out to get more garbage bags anyway I figured I’d just walk there and pick it up. I had never been there before but I just Google mapped it and I found it easily. I walked in and asked for my order, but not only did they not have it ready, they actually did not have a record of me calling in my order at all. I thought it was weird because I was very specific on the phone about the location since it’s a chain, but I figured there was just a communication error somewhere. I told the girl working my order again. One chicken pad thai, one red chicken curry, sticky rice, and because my order was over $20 I got a couple of free spring rolls. They made it in five minutes and I was on my way.

It was delicious.

photo (8)

Just delicious. I had already packed up most of my kitchen, so we just ate it right from the take-out containers on my counter. Perfect packing dinner.

About 20 minutes after eating all the thai food, I got a phone call from The Friendly Thai. I answered, and here is how that conversation went.

Me: Hello?

The Friendly Thai: Hello? Are you lost?

Me: …No?

TFT: Oh, okay good. [nervous laugh] I thought something happened to you!

Me: Nope! I’m all good! [Pause] …Why?

TFT: Well, your food has been sitting here waiting for you for over an hour!

Me: But I already picked it up.

TFT: You did?

Me: Yes, I just ate it.

TFT: Hm…That is weird. Because I’m looking at it. It’s sitting right here.

Me: No, I definitely just ate it. I picked it up about 45 minutes ago, and you didn’t have my order so I had to put it in again.

TFT: No, I’ve been here all night. You didn’t come in.

Me: But I was just there! And I just ate Thai food!

TFT: Oh honey, you went to the wrong location. I thought you wanted the one on Mount Pleasant Road.

Me: I did!!! That’s where I went!

TFT: Mount Pleasant and Millwood? Near the tennis courts?

Me: YES! I promise I was just there. I have eaten my food. It was delicious!

TFT: Hm. Well. Okay then. [clearly not believing me]

Me: Okay, well I have my food, so…

TFT: Okay, well it’s still here, so… [nervous laugh]

Me: But I was JUST. THERE.

TFT: You were NOT. HERE.

Me: I didn’t imagine eating Thai food!!! And I got the two free spring rolls deal!

TFT: Well I don’t know how that’s possible!!!

Me: Okay, well…

TFT: Well are you going to come pick it up?

Me: No, because I already have it! It’s eaten! I’m sorry!

TFT: Fine.

Me: Okay. Have a good night.

I got off the phone and relayed the conversation to Evan and was all “isn’t that weird?! What a crazy conversation! We obviously just ate Thai food!”

I started laughing and went over to look at the takeout bag. The receipt stapled to the brown bag caught my eye. I stopped mid-laugh.

The receipt said Thai Spicy House. I went to Thai Spicy House. Not The Friendly Thai. No wonder they didn’t have my order ready, I never called them. Apparently the two Thai restaurants are just down the street from each other.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 7.11.15 PM

Who knew?

So I had to call back The Friendly Thai all sheepishly and tell them that they were right. I am crazy. I picked up my food from the wrong Thai restaurant. They even gave me the same free spring roll deal! And I have even been to Thai Spicy House a few times and I didn’t even notice!

Oh well. We ate Thai food and ultimately that’s all that matters.

That’s all. Just wanted to tell you a story about me being an idiot. Have a good weekend!


18 responses to “The Great Thai Mix-Up

  1. haha I loved that you called them back to admit you were wrong. Also, I love pad thai!! mmmm. You need to go to Sukho Thai near St. Lawrence

  2. For a moment I thought this was going to be a glitch in the matrix story ( But the way it actually turned out is hilarious, and probably the kind of thing that I would do.

    • Ohh I am going to be spending a lot of time on that reddit thread, thanks for that.

      • I’ve just lost my entire afternoon reading through the top posts. So fascinating! And scary. I think a lot of them can be explained by glitches within the human brain, rather than anything Matrix-related. In a way that’s even worse though – terrifying to think how much of what we experience could be distorted!

  3. How funny! But also, could the person who called you have not thought of something NICER to say than “Are you lost?” I mean, just call and say “Hi, this is XX from The Friendly Thai. We still have your order here, do you still want it?”

  4. Oh dear! I feel like Thai food now…

  5. You calling back to admit your mistake is amazing. This, I guess, is a benefit from living in Southern WV–this sort of mistake doesn’t happen. If we have two of a chain, they’re spread out so far that there’s no way you’ll go to the wrong one.

  6. All I can say is it’s a good thing you moved so you can avoid The Friendly Thai for a bit!

  7. BA HA HA HA

  8. Nancy McCartney

    This could only happen to you Lindsey!! What a riot! Glad you enjoyed it in the end.

  9. This is the first sign of old age.

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