Things that happened this weekend

On Friday evening I actually made dinner for once.


It is kind of my specialty. Kraft dinner and ground beef casserole. Fancy, I know. It’s really good and super easy to make. Brown ground beef with onion, garlic and red (or green) pepper, add to two boxes of prepared Kraft dinner (I used spiral noodles), throw in about a cup of salsa and a can of stewed/crushed tomatoes, put it in a casserole dish and throw it in the oven (350 for 20 minutes). It’s amazing.

I have been more excited about cooking again since the big move. When I lived on my own I got really lazy about cooking and I almost never did it, because cooking for just me was boring. I typically had a lot of what I designated “lunch” foods for dinner – sandwiches, salads. Or, my favourite, English muffin pizzas. I had those probably twice a week.

Anyway, now that there are people around to eat what I make, I find I am motivated to cook far more often. But more on that another time.

Saturday morning I woke up to coffee and steamables!


Little dumplings that Evan and Brotherman make for breakfast every so often, cooked in the steamer (hence steamables, as they call them).


With a little soy sauce they are DYNAMITE. They made them once for me a while ago, and I am not even kidding about this, every day since I have thought about them. I love them. I think they will be making an appearance in my breakfasts more often. Well, I hope.

Saturday evening Evan and I went to a birthday party about an hour away for one of his good friends from high school, who I have never met before, and who Evan had not seen in a few years. Neither of us knew anyone there besides the hosts, but they were a really fun group and had we known them I think it would have been quite the party.

Evan’s friend’s wife is really big on cooking, and the spread she had set out for hamburgers was the most elaborate barbecue condiment spread I have ever seen. She had a bunch of different things laid out, maple Ketchup, different types of mustard, garlic mayo, some crazy hot sauce that she made herself, bacon, peameal bacon, smoky bacon jam, sweet bacon jam, brie, and then the regular burger condiments. It was incredible. I loaded my burger up with everything. No picture because I didn’t know anyone and I felt weird, but I sure did get a picture of the dessert.


She baked cheesecake in single-serve mason jars and had all kinds of toppings laid out for them. Chocolate, caramel, berries, Skor bar, Reeses Pieces AND Peanut Butter Cups, and I can’t even remember what else, but a lot of delicious things. I went all out with the toppings and shoved as much as I could fit in my little jar. Just ridiculous. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to meet these people, but I think we need to hang out with them more often.

Sunday morning Evan and I went out for breakfast at Cora.


Which was very good, as it always is. Can’t go wrong with eggs benny (though I think next time I need to ask for a separate plate for my fruit because I dislike when it gets all warm from everything else on my plate).

And then a quick grocery shopping trip somehow turned into four hours of errand-running. Normally that would make me hate my life, but it was actually a good time.

Evan would like me to tell you he bought a new vacuum cleaner that he is really excited about. Like, extremely excited. More excited than I have seen anyone over a vacuum.


The Intervac! It’s like central air, but no installation required! And he got it on super sale at Home Depot. I didn’t see what the big excitement was about at first, but the demonstration was pretty impressive, I cannot lie. I have heard about all the features all weekend, so if you have any questions you just let me know.

Evan also informed me yesterday that he used to be babysat by Pete Quaife, the original bass guitarist for The Kinks. We were cleaning up while listening to my iTunes and drinking wine, and a Kinks song came on, so he started telling me all these stories. He said one time he shot a Nerf gun suction arrow at Pete and Pete grabbed the foam arrow and bit it in half. I LOVE The Kinks, so I was pretty blown away. You learn something new every day.

And little Winnie continues to improve! She is pretty much back to normal now and is playing with her little ball on a string as usual.

So I am very happy about this.

And that was my weekend. Hope yours was great!


4 responses to “Things that happened this weekend

  1. People still eat Skor bars? Hmm. So that’s how they’re staying on the market. You Canadians! I like to think of Skor as the poor man’s Heath bar. Not that I would ever turn one down. Oh no. That would never happen.

    So glad Winnie is doing better!

  2. Why do none of the people I know do things like this?? I don’t care that much for cheesecake, but if I can load it up with CANDY — Money, I say.

    Also, seems odd but I swear the woman with the vac looks like she’s levitating. And, I can understand Evan’s excitement because I have become completely obsessed with getting a new carpet shampooer. I mean, it’s all I thought about other than food yesterday.

  3. I think you and Evan need to make this for Winnie, she deserves one:

    Or I’ll come over and help you make it and you can share some of that casserole…and the steamables.

  4. That’s a great idea! Individual cheesecakes and then you choose your own topping. I love cheesecake. It is my favourite cake and what i have requested for my birthday since forever. Yum.

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