My Nana and My Cat: A Comparison

I have been thinking a lot lately about how similar my Nana and Winnie are. You are probably wondering how a grown woman can possibly be anything like a cat, and I feel you on that. I know it sounds crazy, but they are kindred spirits. And I’ll tell you why.


They’re both really old.

I’ll just state the obvious here and get that out of the way. They’re old. Winnie is 20 and my Nana is 99. There are differing opinions on cat years compared to human years, but Winnie is anywhere from 100 to 140 years old in human years, so really they’re about the same age.


They are both social butterflies. 

When my Nana first moved into her nursing home she said what she missed the most about her freedom was going to the bank and going out to get her groceries. She just missed those regular, every day interactions with people. She will talk to anyone, and is basically in her element during any social event.

Winnie is the same. She lives for social interaction. She wants to be around people all the time, and she will meow at/snuggle with anyone. Anyone who enters the house. My bestie Lisa told me last time she was staying with me that she always thinks Winnie remembers her because she’s so affectionate towards her, and then she said “But then I remember that Winnie’s slutty with everyone.” And true. She is.


Especially Evan these days. She better watch herself.

They both are very food-oriented.

My Nana gained a bit of weight when she first moved into her nursing home because there was dessert served with every meal and she couldn’t resist it. So many of my memories of her involve food. Her freshly squeezed orange juice, her homemade perogies, cabbage rolls, lasagne, her Christmas cookies, her banana splits, her salads, pickled everything, her BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! (best birthday cake I have ever had, ever), the list goes on and on.

Winnie loves food also. She can’t make me delicious things, but she will eat absolutely anything (except raw vegetables, and interestingly my Nana cannot have much “roughage” either). The other day we cooked ham for breakfast and Winnie stalked the kitchen table until it was unattended for a minute, jumped up onto it, stole a piece of Brotherman’s ham off his plate, ran away and ate it. So, yep. Food oriented.

They both love to snuggle.

When my cousins and I are visiting our Nana, we get right onto the bed with her and give her a snuggle.


Winnie too lives to snuggle.


She is sprawled out on Evan’s legs with her tail resting on mine as I type this.

My cousin Allie wrote a letter to our Nana once and listed all the things she remembers about her, and one of the things was “Going to sleep with you on the pull-out coach and never feeling you leave.”  Winnie stays with me in my arms nearly every night until I fall asleep, and I never feel her leave. I’ll just wake up later and find her on my feet.

They both have to be touching me at all times if they’re near me.

Kind of a continuation of the snuggling, but whenever I am sitting near my Nana, she must be touching me. I have always noticed and loved this about her. In all my pictures with her, she is always extra touching me. An example:


Winnie is like this, but it’s the opposite. She wants someone touching her at all times. She lives to be touched. When you get home from work, or when you wake up in the morning, Winnie is waiting to greet you. She meows at you and immediately leads you over to the ottoman (ALWAYS the ottoman), where she lures you into petting her. If you are standing near her and you are not touching her she will look at you like “WHY AREN’T YOU TOUCHING ME?!”


They both have had kidney issues.

My Nana had a kidney removed 20 years ago. Still spry. Winnie has been diagnosed with kidney disease. Still spry.

They both like to play.

My Nana goes around to all the games the nurses put on in her nursing home. She loves table bowling, BINGO and Mystery Word (Mystery Word is her favourite). She mostly goes to the games because the nurses are judged on attendance and she doesn’t want the nurses to get bad marks or feel bad if their attendance is low, but still, she likes to play.


Winnie also likes to play. She cannot resist her ball on a string. Ever. No matter what she is doing if you dangle it in front of her she will immediately stop and grab for it with her little paws and her mouth. She is old, but she is FAST.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 8.00.30 AM

I got this.

They both love their family and are fueled by love.

No explanation needed. Both my Nana and Winnie live for the love of their family.



Well, Winnie lives for the love of anyone, really. But I like to think she loves me the most.

They both give me this incredible feeling of comfort just being around them.

Once again, no explanation needed. They both can instantly make any situation better and being in the presence of either of them makes me feel safe and warm.

They both have the most positive attitude of anyone I know.

My Nana and Winnie are both rays of sunshine in my life. They are both incredibly happy and positive. After any sort of illness or setback, their positive attitude and strong will is what keeps them going. You may ask how I can tell that a cat has a positive attitude, but you just can. And if you ask anyone who has met Winnie I know they would agree with me.

How do you think they have both lived for so long and are still so happy? They are both the prime example of positive thinking. They don’t sweat the small stuff. But they live for the smallest joys in life.


Like Winnie’s favourite alpine scratcher.

It is the little things that make them happy, and I think both of them are examples of how the quality and longevity of your life is directly related to your happiness.


And that is how my Nana and my cat are the same.

Do any animals remind you of people you know?
I can’t be the only one!


21 responses to “My Nana and My Cat: A Comparison

  1. I think all cats have personality. Ive had everything from grump, to snugglebutt, to idiot, to lazy, and indifferent to everything! Im glad your cat (and your Nan!) are of the snuggly, happy variety 🙂

    Tho grumpy cats can be fun too- only to torture them

  2. Aw, how cute!!! You forgot though that they are both BEAUTIFUL!

    I also have a tortie that is slutty with everyone – and just as demanding about the pets. She’s been known to even climb into toolbags of those who come to work at the house!

  3. You make a lot of convincing points there :). What a wonderful grandmother… And cat!

  4. Haha…one way in which Winnie and nana are NOT the same is that i would never call nana a slut…to confirm. Such a good post! I love them both!!

  5. Linds, you are EXACTLY like Nana and Winnie too! It should be a three way comparison (okay, minus you’re not 100). But you fit every other category.

  6. I love this post so much I can’t explain it. My husband has informed me that me and my dog Daisy are basically two beings with one soul. This slightly disturbs me when he mentions this when I am calling her a spoiled rotten dog.

    As a random note, my dog Daisy and cat Jasper are best friends. I’m serious. They love each other. Jasper constantly wants to be sitting on me AND curled up with Daisy. This picture demonstrates his absolute favorite thing ever:

  7. Loved this post Linds! Brought a tear to my eye about how luck we are to have such an incrediable little lady in our lives!

  8. Absolutely wonderful Linds! I had tears in my eyes from laughing !! Much love to you… oh the little little is awake… must go!
    ha ha just saw that Chrissy wrote basically the same… baaaaaa

  9. Awww, you are adorable. I want to pinch your cheeks. All four of them! So get ready for that action.

    I think Pants is like me. She gets angry and growls when I don’t feed her fast enough and she doesn’t like to be picked up but she loves her petting (just like me). 🙂

  10. Ohh, I’m excited.

    Haha, Pants sounds kind of like me also.

  11. Awww, such a cute post!
    I don’t so much know any animals that remind me of anyone however i want our children to be like Solomon. I like that he’s a little bit wild and very cheeky but he’s also very obedient and respectful.

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