The Teppanyaki Birthday

I am back from the family Thanksgiving party that was this weekend, and I have officially solved the mystery of what Winnie does when no one is home.

2013-10-12_14.42.21.677 copy

She sleeps. She sleeps all day, every day. She gets up a few times a day to eat, use the litter box, and groom herself, but otherwise she just sleeps. The live camera was about a million times less entertaining than I expected. It was pretty cool to check in on her though. And we had the app set to record movement, so everything she did is documented. If we missed her waking up we could go back and watch her later. Not like it was exciting to watch or anything, but it was nice to have the option. We used the app iCam if anyone is interested. It was $4.99 on the app store.

On Friday night we had some pre-eating festivities, and we celebrated my friend Lisa’s 30th birthday!


This photo is from Dawn and Mark’s Tropical Jack and Jill last year, not Friday night. But I like it so I am posting it. My friend Sherrie is having a Hawaiian party in a few weeks, so good thing I brought my coconut bra along with me on the big move!

Lisa and I have known each other since Grade 4 when she moved to my school and immediately took over my best friend Stefanie. I was not happy about this so I told her to go back where she came from. She cried. We were enemies for a bit, but we are all good now. We became close in Grade 7. She came to my birthday that year and she got me all the cool happy face paraphernalia. I can distinctly remember it. Happy face earrings, necklace and belly top (yes, belly top). I was the epitome of fashion for about a month. And please tell me you remember the happy face craze. Dawn didn’t go to our elementary school (we met Dawn, Joanna and Joel in Grade 9) but as soon as we mentioned the happy face stuff she immediately said “Grade 7.” Correct.

Anyway, Lisa and I have been friends since Grade 7, is what I am getting at here. All our old friends got together to celebrate her turning the big 3-0.


Lisa and Brad


Evan, me, Dawn and Emily


Joel, Tiffany and Joanna


Corey, Evan, Mark and Joel

And our men, of course.

We went to The Villa Sushi in Whitby, which apparently has both all-you-can-eat-sushi and teppanyaki cook tables. Lisa had reserved a cook table for us. I love teppanyaki, so I was excited.

Cook tables can be a really good time if you have the right chef, and I felt pretty confident about ours.


Good times right here

They were both hilarious and made us laugh quite hard. And vice versa. I think we made their night.

We of course requested the onion volcano.


It’s a crowd pleaser for sure. Though I was a bit afraid when it turned into a scary fire ball.


But he assured me it was under control. They were also throwing eggs in the air and then cracking them as they came down on their knives. Pretty impressive. We cheered very loudly for them. I’m pretty sure the other restaurant patrons were not the biggest fans of us. But, what can ya do?

Our chef even let Dawn wear his hat.


Dawn has been blogging again recently, and she has some big news for you! (Click on that link to read it.) I have been waiting for her to officially announce this before I said anything, but I am so excited for her!

I love places like this because you are eating the entire time. You start with miso soup and salad while they are cooking up the rest of your meal. And then they just start loading up your plate. I got the salmon and steak, which comes with rice and vegetables also.


The steak and rice were done a bit after the salmon, so they hadn’t made it onto that plate yet. It ended up being a lot of food and I couldn’t finish it all, so that was sad.

This filled me up also though:


Ah, Sapporo. I do not have you often enough. I try to get it whenever I’m at a sushi restaurant.

Anyway, Friday night was a lot of fun, and I feel nothing but love for the entire evening.


Aww, rice love

It was a great low-key birthday celebration, and the perfect warm up to the weekend of eating I had ahead of me.

Happy 30th Birthday Lisa!

I hope all you Canadians had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and to everyone else I hope you had a great regular weekend!


7 responses to “The Teppanyaki Birthday

  1. The salmon was AMAZING! I think you captured the evening well. My only other memory was the drunk mom and her two sons also at the table with us. Mark kept throwing stuff at me and I would turn and eyeball the oldest son. He was so shy and hilarious about it. So much fun.

    Thanks for the shout out lover 🙂 You reminded me I need another post up in here!

  2. Random question: Do you guys have what they call “yum yum” sauce up in the Canaaadaaas? It’s basically the only reason I eat this food at all.

  3. Aaaah, the happy face craze! I immediately thought 5th grade, but I’m 28… and American, which means Canada and America had that awesome fad at the same time.

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