My burning question for RL Stine (still unanswered, but this is just as good)

So the other day I was browsing Reddit before bed on my phone, and I noticed that RL Stine, the master of teenage suspense, was doing an Ask Me Anything (or AMA). If you’re unfamiliar with a Reddit AMA, basically celebrities (or people who you are interested in hearing things about), reply to your comments and answer your questions.

Usually I am just a Reddit lurker. I have a username but I’m never signed in. I just like to look at cat gifs. And also creep myself out in the r/LetsNotMeet, r/TheTruthIsHere and the r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix sections. But RL Stine’s AMA lured me into signing in.

I LOVE RL Stine. If you don’t know who RL Stine is, well I am sorry for your childhood. He is on par with Christopher Pike as my favourite young adult mystery author and I grew up reading them both. I would say RL Stine has had a pretty big impact on my life and his Fear Street series will always hold a special place in my heart.


Goosebumps didn’t have the same allure, as I was a bit too old for Goosebumps when they become popular and I had already read the Fear Street series. Though I do remember seriously impressing the kids I was babysitting one day because I could finish a Goosebumps book in half an hour (don’t be impressed with my speed reading, it took me the entire summer to read the first Game of Thrones book).

So I love RL Stine, and I still have my collection.


No these books are not in the shelf attached to my own bed, that would be weird. They used to be in my guest room. They are currently in a box, but I will bring them out again some day!

And his AMA came at a good time because I had a burning question for RL Stine that I needed answered. Why are all the ladies in the Fear Street series wearing skintight catsuits? I am using RL Stine’s word for this, not mine. He referred to them as catsuits. And I don’t mean cat costumes, I mean basically a skintight unitard. And they wore these just for hanging around, with a scrunchie in their hair and leg warmers on their ankles (those things I get). I just found this interesting when I was reading his books and all these girls were hanging around in these catsuits…because who wears catsuits? I don’t wear catsuits. Was this an early 80s thing that I missed out on? I don’t know, but I need answers.

So I logged into Reddit and posted my question to RL Stine re: catsuits. The first comment I have ever made on Reddit, so this will tell you how important it was to me. But by this time there were already 5,000 comments, so of course mine immediately got buried. Very disappointing. I may never know what the thing was with the catsuits.

But I do know that RL Stine has Twitter.


I kind of wish it was my job to terrify kids. I may have to change career paths…

I have been following him for quite some time. So I decide that, you know, I’m not going to ask my question, but I’m going to get his attention.

So I used a line from his book, a Fear Street book (I can’t remember which one), but it is one that I have always remembered.

Well guess what.


He replied. Not only did he reply, but he said I made him laugh AND HE SAID MY NAME.

In hindsight I should have jumped on this opportunity and asked about the catsuits, but I was too excited. I nearly screamed at my desk.

So that’s it for me. I win the internet this week. Have a great weekend!


10 responses to “My burning question for RL Stine (still unanswered, but this is just as good)

  1. YOU are my HERO. One, I had no idea he had a twitter. Excuse me while I go stalk. Two, Fear Street was my absolute favorite. I can’t remember which book it was but I will never forget the scene where they tied a boy to a tree and covered him in honey. AHHH ANTS! Three, my little brother read Goosebumps and I got all mad because it didn’t exist when I was young enough to enjoy it. I fully admit to watching the show though and getting a bit creeped out.

    • I’m so excited Fear Street was your favourite! When people hear RL Stine they usually think of Goosebumps, but Fear Street was where it’s at!!!!
      And I totally remember the book you’re talking about. I think it was the camp one…Lights Out maybe?

  2. This is so awesome!! One time I wrote to Dean Koontz about how my (deceased) brother used to read his books, and for the longest time I couldn’t read his books, but now I’m glad I started reading them because it makes me feel closer to by brother and his books are awesome…and he WROTE ME BACK!

    Now you’ve made me wonder about the cat suits. I’m jealous of your R.L. Stine collection, I too loved reading those things, every single one of them.


    • That’s so amazing about Dean Koontz! I’m so glad he wrote you back. That is a really sad but nice story. I have heard good things about this Dean Koontz, I think I’m going to have to read. The only other author I have written to is Ann M. Martin, and she wrote me back also! I remember being sooo excited.

  3. I have no words for how happy this just made me! I mean OMG!!!!!

  4. I LOVED RL Stine. Th eother young adult author that I will always have a special place in my heart for is Judy Blume, and Ann M. Martin.

  5. WAT. This is amazing! I loved Goosebumps and Fear Street growing up and would probably flip my shit if RL Stine tweeted anything at me or in my general direction…ahh terrifying memories of my childhood.

  6. I loved his books! He knows your name! Whoa….

    And yes those catsuits were totally a thing. Didn’t they snap at your crotch or was that something different?

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