Vancouver is Pretty.

Hello from sunny Vancouver!


Well actually that’s a lie. I am writing this at the airport and it’s early and still dark, but that was the view from my hotel room over the last couple of days, and it was beauty. Just beauty. It has been pure sunshine the entire time I’ve been here, which was a surprise, because every time I have been to Vancouver before it has been rainy, foggy, or dark. But the last couple of days have just been majestic and everyone I have met who lives here has gone on about how nice the weather has been. Apparently Vancouver is setting a record for consecutive days without rain in October.

I was here for a short period of time, Sunday afternoon until this morning at 8am (Pacific time). Also, I am here for business, not pleasure (though it has been quite a pleasurable time) and I had an event yesterday that ran from 2pm-7pm, so most of the day was spent running that and preparing for it.

After a beautiful (not really) five hour plane ride on Sunday, I eventually made it to my hotel around 4pm (again, Pacific time, gained three hours!). I stayed at the Four Seasons hotel right in downtown Vancouver (our event was held there also), so very convenient. And fancy. Very fancy.

I had checked out the map situation ahead of time and noticed that Stanley Park was only 2.7 kilometres from my hotel and I could easily get there by foot. So as soon as I arrived I immediately changed into workout clothes and ran (literally ran) outside to check out the scenery. I wanted to make the most of what little free time I did have.

I knew this was really the only extra-curricular activity I was going to get a chance to do, so I took a ton of pictures. Well, that’s not really the reason for the pictures, I take a lot of pictures all the time anyway. But let it be known that Vancouver is pretty.


Really, really pretty.

And I know Canadians are friendly in general (this is a stereotype about us that I totally agree with), but I felt like people on the street in Vancouver were even more friendly than people in Toronto. A lot of random strangers smiled very brightly at me, which made me feel warm and fuzzy, and also like there was something wrong with what I was wearing or I had something on my face. I don’t think that was the case though, I think they were just nice.

Anyway, I ran through downtown and to Stanley Park, and once I got there I stopped a ton and took LOTS of pictures. Because again, pretty.





Just disgusting views, amirite? I think it may have been the most beautiful run of my life.

At least I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.


There was a pretty big crowd milling around in the area above taking pictures in front of that beautiful tree. The man posing on the seawall was my favourite, he definitely had the best pose of anyone I saw.

The seawall goes around the perimeter of the park, so I kept on running, and eventually the views went from city to mountains.


I would have felt lame taking the picture below, but everyone was stopping to take pictures, so whatever.


I just love the mountains so much. Photos just do not do them justice. Especially iPhone photos.



I ended up running around the entire seawall, and then through some trails in the park as well.


I think it was probably 10-15 km in total, but my phone for some reason decided to die when it was at 22% battery, so I have no pictures past a certain point and I am not sure of the actual distance.

Anyway, it was a really awesome thing to do in the short amount of free time I had, and I am so glad this was my activity of choice. One of my coworkers was all “You should go to the spa!” but ehhh that doesn’t really sound like a dream to me. I did go to the pool afterwards and did some swimming and whirlpool stuff. It was nice!

I am headed to Calgary now, where I again have an event from 2pm – 7pm. And perhaps you know this already, but Calgary is where my bestie Lisa lives! Definitely squeezing her hilarious self in once all the crazy things are over.

And that’s it for now, s’laters!


3 responses to “Vancouver is Pretty.

  1. I have been to Canada one time — in February. I definitely need to go back and check it out when everything isn’t in hiding from winter.

  2. Yay, you were in my city! We have had pretty nice weather recently – you were lucky you came when you did!

  3. One of my blog buddies that I’ve never met before lives in Calgary (Leigh from All You Need is Love). I feel like you two should get together and make me all jelly with a cute picture!

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