The Toronto Haunted Walk (and delicious Korean BBQ)

Happy Halloween!

This is one of my favourite holidays, and it is the first year in a long time that I will not be dressing up. But I sure did celebrate. On Saturday night Evan and I did the Toronto Haunted Walk with two of my favourite lovers Emily and Corey. The walk started at 7:30 at the Hockey Hall of Fame, so the four of us met downtown first at the Korean Grill House to squeeze in dinner before ghost story time.

I have only done Korean BBQ once before, and it is quite an experience. You grill your own meat!


Each table has a grill in the middle, and your meat comes to the table raw so you just throw in on there and grill it up. Last time I remember being worried that I wouldn’t be able to tell when things were cooked properly, but luckily we had two grill champions (Evan and Corey) who took over the grilling responsibilities.


The meat is sliced so thin that it cooks very quickly and it would be difficult to undercook it.

It was all-you-can-eat, and we ordered a TON of meat. We just sat around and ate grilled meat for two hours. It was great. We paid $2 extra per person to add shrimp and lamb, which sounds like a good idea in theory, but I’m not sure how good of a call the shrimp was…


Pretty scary stuff. I always forget that shrimp look like that. The eyes!!! Not a big fan of the eyes, or their weird leg things. But we cooked them up anyway. Then we made Evan and Corey eat them.


The highlights for me were definitely the chicken, pork and beef. They were so good on that grill. I was stuffed.

After dinner it was ghost time. A ghost tour is something I have always wanted to do, so I was really looking forward to it. I LOVE ghost stories. When we went on Saturday there was a one night only special edition of the haunted walk called Hockey, Hangings, and Hauntings, a Halloween version, and it included a visit inside one of Toronto’s most haunted buildings – the Hockey Hall of Fame.


Perhaps it is haunted by the spirit of hockey

We met our tour guide in front of the HHOF, and she was wearing a cape and holding a lantern to add to the spookiness. She was pretty awesome and I kind of want her job. It was a popular night for the ghost walk, and our group had about 30 people in it, but it still felt like an intimate thing to me. Our guide walked us through the streets downtown and she would stop us at haunted buildings like the King Edward Hotel, the courthouse, old city hall, the Metropolitan United Church, etc.


Old City Hall

Every time we would stop our guide would tell us scary stories about things that happened there and the ghosts that supposedly still hung around. She was a great story teller and I was pretty mesmerized. It was really interesting to hear stories of the hauntings, and also Toronto’s history. A lot of things I did not know about Toronto, and we have had quite a few hangings in our city (like thousands) so that is a bit disturbing.

My favourite part of the tour though was when Emily asked if the guide could take us to a haunted bathroom.

After about an hour of walking (which I was really happy about after all the meat), we were back at the HHOF, and we actually got to go inside (and it actually has a haunted bathroom!).


Where the Stanley Cup usually sits, but it was traveling.

We were in the old part of the building, which was built in 1885 and originally a bank (the ghost that haunts the HHOF is actually a bank teller). It was after hours and the building is old and creeeeepy. But beautiful. It is a beautiful building.


This was hands down my favourite part of the tour.

At the end of the night there was a draw for prizes. They told a lot of completely accurate ghostly stories, and then they threw in one story that they made up. They had four cups, each representing a different story, and you had to put a ballot in the cup for the story you thought was made up. Emily and I both chose the right story, and both of our names were drawn! The first prize was a trip to the HHOF during operating hours (that would have been cool), but Emily won second prize, another ghost tour at the University of Toronto (also cool). And I won third prize, a lantern keychain (maybe the coolest).

So I can lead my own ghost tours!

The Haunted Walk was a really fun and different thing to do. Our group didn’t have any creepy things happen, which was disappointing because I was really hoping for a ghost to show itself, or even to just have a weird feeling or something. Nope. Nothing. But the four of us had a really good time.


Waaaaaait a minute… Where did that ghostly apparition come from?! That was not in the picture when we took it, I swear!

Okay fine. But our first attempt at this picture is actually creepy:


No photoshopping here. Emily and I were standing in the path of spotlights and it did something weird to our faces. Just ours. Evan and Corey’s faces were fine. Maybe it was a ghost? Ooooh.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend the Toronto Haunted Walk if you’re looking for something different to do in the city. Even if it’s not around Halloween. I will probably do the non special Halloween edition one again sometime. It was a fun and spooky night!


7 responses to “The Toronto Haunted Walk (and delicious Korean BBQ)

  1. I think there is something spooky about old banks. Where I grew up, the library was in an old bank. The vault was where they kept all the old newspaper (you know, back before the internet when you had to go to the library to do research) and it was SO creepy! I mean, it was colder than the rest of the building and everything.

    I used to get my Fear Street books and go in there and read. Creeeepy!

  2. you are so brave!! haha there is a really popular crazy haunted outdoor walk/area/maze type thing around here that I guess people from other states come to and its really scary and torrance wants to do it pretty bad but i am the hugest wuss and cant handle those types of things haha. he even tried to trick me into going this year but luckily i caught onto his ploy before we got there!

  3. I could have definitely warned you about the Korean Grill House shrimp- I made that mistake once too!!! I love the haunted tour- one time a few months ago i ran into that bank teller story about the HHOF in a newspaper and read all up on it. Crazy!!

  4. Haha I can just hear Emilio’s voice asking for the haunted bathroom…

  5. OMG! I did not know these haunted walking tours existed or I probablly would have been on your tour Saturday night. Putting this on my to do list, right now.
    Also I am now CRAVING Korean BBQ. The beef is amazing.

  6. Amazing! I did a ghost walk in Peterborough recently where I learned that the park across from me was once a cemetary… Needless to say, I’m now a little uncomfortable walking across it, especially at night. The guide implied that some of the bodies were not moved to the new site because people either A) continued to bury their loved ones there after it was closed or B) due to the fact that records were not exactly kept very accurately/well back in the day. Also, some have been recently recovered within the past few years with landscaping and whatnot…

    The Trent Valley Archives also does a Ghost Walk pub crawl in the summertime which I am seriously considering signing up for!

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