Quick Calgary Adventures

I am back from my western adventures. That trip was very speedy. I really would have loved to spend an extra day in Calgary, but my last work event is this coming Monday so I had to be back in the office yesterday to get some stuff done. I am really excited for Tuesday, when everything is over. For now…

Anyway, both of the events on Monday and Tuesday this week went really well. After our first event in Toronto I was feeling a lot more confident about things, but because of the travel involved with these two I was very worried that I was going to forget something important. I checked my lists a million times to make sure I had everything. Name badges, label maker, signs, programs, presentations, Sharpies. I had everything. All good.

But it wasn’t until I got to Calgary on Tuesday that I realized I forgot something very important.

Pants. I forgot pants.

It wasn’t a problem on Monday because I wore a dress to the event, but on Tuesday I was planning on wearing dress pants with a blazer. Except I forgot to pack said dress pants. I even forgot to pack jeans. I had my gray running tights that I wore on Sunday and were all sweaty from my run, black Lululemon flared pants, black 3/4 tights also from Lulu (my only two pants from Lululemon, don’t get the wrong idea and think I am rich or anything), and a pair of shorts. So I had a plethora of leisuring clothes, but I was really lacking on the business attire. Rather than wear the same dress, I improvised with the 3/4 length tights and a pair of tall boots. Luckily the shirt I wore underneath my blazer was long enough to cover my bum area, which was my main concern.

The airline accidentally shipped my coworker’s luggage straight from Vancouver to Toronto and missed Calgary, so all she had was what she was wearing and she was also wearing tights. So at least I had a partner in crime. I’m really glad that didn’t happen to me because I was wearing a shirt that had cats on it on the plane. Nothing screams professionalism like cats.

Our event on Tuesday was at the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary, a super luxurious hotel that reminds me of the Titanic. The lobby was absolutely stunning.


And the room we had our event in was just as beautiful.


My bestie Lisa lives in Calgary, so she came to the event!

photo (1)

I was so excited to see her, and I was so glad she came. I haven’t seen her since the summer! I am definitely more confident when she is around and I really loved having her there for moral support. She ended up helping me out, and she took over the registration table like a pro. The guests thought she worked with us, and she had the whole “And here is your name badge, and coat check is to the right, bathrooms are around the corner, and there’s tea and coffee right there” down pat. It was super helpful.

At one point when the canapés were coming around she said to me “I’m really impressed with how cheese-heavy this event is. I can tell you did the menu.” She should have came to the Vancouver event where one of the appetizers was just a ball of goat cheese on a stick.

Afterwards we went over to her sister Heather’s with a bottle of wine to catch up, and it was the most hilarious night I’ve had in a long time. I took a picture of the three of us, but it’s so dark you can’t tell what’s going on. So here’s a good one of us.

photo (3)

I am the weirdo on the left. Lisa is just to the right behind me, then our old pal Amanda in her fabulous purple snow pants, and then Heather on the far right. We have known each other for a LONG TIME!

Here is a more recent one from the summer.


When we were wearing our life jackets diapers.

The night with those two was hilarious and I was so glad I was able to squeeze it in. I was hurting the next day from all the laughter (maybe the wine also) but it was well worth it.

I got home from my travels on Wednesday evening and I was sooo insanely exhausted. Just done. Evan totally boosted my spirits though. He surprised me when I got home by redoing our master bathroom ensuite while I was gone (with the help of Brotherman). Like the entire thing. He painted, installed new tile, put in a new toilet and sink, new cabinet and mirror and he put up shelving. I don’t think shocked would even describe my reaction, I nearly had a heart attack. Evan and Brotherman said my reaction was like one of those people on a home show. It was like While You Were Out! Just add this to the reasons why Evan is the best ever. I never would have expected that. Best surprise of all time.

Anyway, work time. I am insanely excited for the weekend. Have a good one!


3 responses to “Quick Calgary Adventures

  1. I need an Evan. Can I borrow him on a monthly basis? I pay handsomly in beer and pizza.

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