Right next to our condo building (literally almost attached to it) there is quite a large rec centre with two cardio rooms, a huge weights room, an Olympic-sized pool (which is currently empty but they are fixing it and should be opening it soon), and a bunch of other good stuff. It’s free for the residents of our building and two other buildings nearby to use (maintenance, etc. is included in condo fees). I know, it is a huge score. It’s pretty awesome and super convenient.

I cancelled my Goodlife membership when I moved because of this gym, but I haven’t mentioned it yet because Sunday was the first time I have set foot in there. Whoops. Not like my Goodlife membership was getting much use either. I hope to step it up now that things at work are simmering down a bit.

Anyway, there also happen to be racquetball courts in the rec centre, and Evan happens to love racquetball. His 60-year-old best friend Bernie taught him how to play a few years ago while he was living in Alberta, and he has loved it since. I have never played before, but Evan has decided that he wants to play with me so he is taking it upon himself to teach me.

I’m pretty uncoordinated, and sports with balls have never been my forte. I love beach volleyball and I used to play tennis a bit (not well), but that is really the extent of my experience with ball sports. Well, I played on a dodgeball team when I was in college, but I am not sure that counts.

What I’m getting at here is that I am not very athletic. I’m pretty clumsy, and it’s pretty obvious when you watch me play a sport.

Here is what I think I look like while I’m playing racquetball:


Just swooping in like a graceful ballerina


Successfully diving for those impossible low shots


Killer backhand.

And here is what I actually look like:


Twirling on one foot as the ball flies over my head.


Accidentally hitting the ball with my hand and not the actual racquet that is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR HITTING THE BALL.


Actually successfully hitting the ball…


Directly into the side of Evan’s face.



Don’t worry, I only hit him once. And it was like five minutes into my first time playing ever. He’s fine. He’s a good sport.

So, I’m not great. But I am loving it! We played three nights this week and I have been getting better every time (‘m exaggerating slightly in the pictures above, I’m actually not horrible, though I really did hit Evan in the face, and I really did hit the ball with my hand instead of the racquet). Last night I actually came close to beating Evan, but he got me 15-12. It’s the closest I’ve come to winning. But I will beat him.

It’s a really fast-paced game and I like how it is a crazy good workout (don’t believe me? watch this video, it’s nuts), but you don’t even realize you’re working out until you’ve stopped. It’s the type of active that is my favourite. You sprint, sprint, sprint, break. Sprint, sprint, break. Kind of like HIIT, but actually fun.

Anyway, that’s all, I’m learning how to play racquetball and it’s a good time!


5 responses to “Racquetball

  1. Cartoon Evan kills me! It looks just like him! Bahaha

  2. Cartoon Evan is like REALLY accurate. whoa.

  3. Agreed! Great Cartoon Even!
    I have never played racquetball, but it looks like a good time. I don’t even know where someone would play around here.

  4. Cartoon Evan is the best!

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