Evan Evanoff

$6.99 Great Clips coupons arrived in the mail earlier this week, and I was immediately very excited because HOORAY! Cheap haircuts! I have the easiest hair in the world and it looks the same whether I spend $100 on a haircut or $7, so cheaper works for me. The coupons used to be $3.99, but whatever, I’ll take it.

We received two coupons, one addressed to me, and one addressed to…


That is MY last name, not Evan’s

So this further excited me. I guess they only have one last name recorded for both of us? I do not know, but I wish Evan’s name was Evan Evanoff. It has such a nice ring to it.

Someone once said to Evan that because my last name was Evanoff our relationship must be fate, and he said “If it was fate, shouldn’t it be Evanon?” Haha. Fair point.

Anyway, that’s it. Short post today. Have a great weekend!


4 responses to “Evan Evanoff

  1. that is hilarious because when we moved into our apartment, they messed up our lease since I did all the paperwork they had torrances last name as my last name too and I teased him about it a lot and told them I wasn’t going to have them fix it. Im sure it really was a blow to his manhood (haha). Though it did not have quite as much of an ironic ring to it as evan evanoff haha

  2. Evanoff and Evanon. Ha! Wait, wouldn’t Evanon be where people go to anonymously talk about why they don’t like being named Evan?

  3. Hahahaha…that is awesome.

  4. The first weekend we met him at the Deer Camp we mashed his name with yours and I knew you two were meant to be together because he laughed…. instead of throwing a chair and giving us the double finger.

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