Game On Game Night (plus a board game giveaway!)

So, I like games a lot. I’m pretty competitive and friendly trash talking makes me laugh hard. I think I would have fun playing any game, but on the board game front, Pictionary is probably my favourite game of all time. Though Cards Against Humanity is quickly catching up… I will also never turn down a game of Monopoly. And I have spent entire rainy days playing ALL the word games, Scrabble, Scattergories, Boggle. I love them all. And Risk. And Settlers of Catan is pretty good too (although I have never won).

Anyway, you get the idea. I like games. So when Mattel asked me if I would like to host a Mattel Game On game night I did not hesitate in my “YES!!!” I would be honoured. And then when this giant box of amazingness arrived on my doorstep one day I nearly peed myself.


Blogging does have its perks, and though I usually prefer the edible ones, this was absolutely the coolest thing I have ever received because of my blog. The chocolate and the wine was pretty good too, but that was gone in a day. These games will last a long time, and the memories? Well, they will last a lifetime.

And so, Friday night was game night. Our condo is a little bit chaotic right now with Ian and Brotherman both in the process of moving out, so I want to wait until things are a little more settled around here before I host a big party. So I wanted to use the resources available to me. Ian and Evan were available to me.


I could honestly have a party by myself, but to boost our numbers we invited Ian’s girlfriend Dorothy as well. And Winnie was here, and she was more than ready to get her game on.


Mattel sent me five games tailored to my personality (I took the Facebook quiz because I am cool like that). Apparently I am a Wittian, and these are the games I would enjoy:


Apples to Apples, Balderdash, Mad Gab, Uno, and Pictionary Dice. Definitely games I would enjoy, so I think they nailed me. Mattel also sent fun things in the game kit like coasters, bottle openers, coloured napkins, and fortune cookies.


They really went all out in ensuring we had everything we needed for a successful game night. They even included handy checklists.


Which I did not follow at all, unless you would call a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt a fab outfit (and I would).


and Winnie would.

We played all the games, except Pictionary Dice, because by the time we had played the others it was late, and we had turned the other games into drinking games, so…I don’t think any of us could have drawn anything at that point. But I will bring it out in the future, don’t you worry.

We started AND ended our night with Uno. I love a good game of Uno.


My friend Sherrie actually has Uno Extreme that comes in this big plastic set and shoots cards at you when you hit a button. But regular Uno is always a fun time (to turn Uno into a drinking game, just drink whenever you pick up, and if you have to pick up 10, well…you know what to do).

Apples to Apples, party edition, was next.


Here’s the description from their website, because I am too lazy to write my own:

Apples to Apples is the game of hilarious comparisons, ready for party play! In each round, a new judge draws a Description Card. You’ve got to decide which card in your hand matches the Description in play, and hope the judge thinks your card is the best. And with so many cards in this version, it’ll never be the same game twice!

It is basically a tame version of Cards Against Humanity, which I love.


I won this round when Evan chose Shiny Spam as the best combination (losers of each round have to drink of course). The only thing with Apples to Apples is after playing Cards Against Humanity it is almost a little too tame, so it’s difficult to go back to it after you’ve gone full-out inappropriate. Inappropriate always makes me laugh. Of course, Apples to Apples is the best option if you want to play with children.

I learned that I suck at Mad Gab (I can’t help but say the sentence how it is supposed to sound, so everyone got it immediately every time it was my turn to read the card), and that Balderdash is my FAVOURITE.


I haven’t played it in years and I forgot how much I love making stuff up. This game would be extremely fun to play with my friends. I am so glad I own it. I will be busting it out at parties in the future for sure.

I also learned that pizza is really the best party snack.

You just can’t go wrong.

It was a really fun night and I spent so much time laughing that I almost needed to lie down afterwards to recover (like Emily did after our games night at the hunting camp).

And now the best part: YOU CAN HOST YOUR OWN GAME NIGHT! Mattel will give one lucky (North American) reader of mine their very own box filled with all the games! To enter this giveaway please just leave a comment telling me your favourite game. I will do a random draw to choose the winner on Monday.

So, what’s your very favourite game?

Mine is Pictionary!


105 responses to “Game On Game Night (plus a board game giveaway!)

  1. My favorite game is definitely Wilkes-Barreopoly- Monopoly based in my hometown. 🙂

  2. Scrabble all the way! Except my family isn’t really allowed to play games anymore – we have had too many “incidents.” We are just a little competitive…

  3. I love me some mad gab!

  4. It’s such a toss up between Taboo and Trivial Pursuit. Balderdash sounds fun too!

  5. Skip-Bo !!

  6. The gumshoe in me says Clue. Always and forever.

  7. I love Scrabble!! But truthfully my favourite game to play with the Beauts is a game called Personal Preference. It’s a game from the 80’s and it basically tests how well you know the other people you are playing. Lots of love for it!!!

  8. Love games too! Uno extreme is one of my faves! We played at Beth’s house before her big day! But I would have to say phase 10 and/or skipbo! Love a good card game!

  9. I love game nights! My faves right now are apples to apples and obviously cards against humanity 😉

  10. Monopoly was a game we played so much growing up…one time we had to get my mom to drive us to Toys R Us in the middle of the game to buy more money! Between all the kids on my block we owned nearly ever edition…Disney, Star Wars, Millennium, NHL, etc…

  11. Milton Bradley’s Stratego is my all-time favorite game. If you haven’t tried it, you should!! It’s only for 2 players but the deception and planning make it so much fun. By the way – I recently bought Cards Against Humanity. I’m in the US and had never heard of it until your blog. I haven’t had an opportunity yet to play it but can’t wait!


  13. Well….my kids are UNO obsessed. My son has been playing since he was about 3! My adult friends and I like Mad Gab and Pictionary – ones that make you laugh. I want to win this b/c my family could use some more board games in our life; too many electronics 🙂 Pick me!

  14. What a fun time! Can’t wait to hear how your bigger game night goes.

    I don’t think I could choose just one favorite game…I am a board game lovah! Off the top of my head, some favorites are Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, and Clue. But Cards Against Humanity is also amazing…as are so many others! Ok, all of them. My favorite game is all of them.

  15. I always have a fun time playing Fact or Crap!

  16. My favorite game every is definitely Taboo but Clue is a super close second. I agree on Apples to Apples. Way too clean. I have some friends that swear by it so I gave it a try and everything they thought was funny, I did not. But, there is one called Dirty Minds that’s just like it but wayyyy more fun.

  17. I have always loved Apples to Apples! We used to play in college, in the pre-Cards Against Humanity era. I never win, though. Must have a unique way of thinking about the world 🙂

  18. I am totally in love with balderdash if you have the right people to play with, I am great at making stuff up, plus my definitions are way better than the real one 🙂

  19. Scrabble! My husband and I are yet to play this against one another, so it would be a long overdue wife win!

  20. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

    I’m pretty sure you know it’s cards against humanity. Although I do enjoy Clue and CLASSIC ‘Guess Who’. The new one is not cool and the characters on the board make me sad inside. Perhaps if Mattel has anything to do with this they could remedy the problem and switch back to the classic 80’s characters. Merci.

  21. Apples to Apples! I don’t get to play it nearly enough, but that game is awesome!

  22. Apples to apples, catan, carcassone, no speed limit, UNO, Yahtzee. I love all games (except candyland, loved it as a kid, but as a parent not so much).

    Also, love a card game called Golf. Kiddies love it too.

    I so want to win this prize, would it help if I say we are hosting a game night anyways!!!!

    • I’m with you on Candyland. I used to just die for that game, and now when I play I’m like WTF is the point? No skill involved at all.
      It will be a random survey draw type-winner, so pray to the game gods! I will cross my fingers for you.

  23. I love ALL board games! My favorites are probably monopoly and cards against humanity!

  24. Definitely Balderdash! Always ends up being a ridiculously good time.

  25. Settlers of Catan!

  26. Sorry! is my favrite board game

  27. I’m kind of a geek and I like to keep it Canadian, so Trivial Pursuit (all editions) are my favourite! Even if I am terrible and never get any wedges, I still feel like I have learned something 🙂

  28. I love scattegories!

  29. Oh my god. This is the best giveaway I have EVER seen. Since I grew up in the middle of nowhere, my brother and I played a lot of board games. UNO is always a personal favorite. As a fun side story, when I was 8-9 and my brother was 4-5, we were playing Monopoly on the top bunk. He landed on Boardwalk, which I had a hotel on and I totally took all his money. He pushed me super hard and I fell off the bunk bed, ending up with a broken collarbone. Since that day, I always tell people that my brother tried to kill me over a Monopoly loss. 🙂

    • Wow. Your board game story wins. I understand where your brother was coming from, Monopoly is super frustrating when you are losing… I can’t believe you broke your collarbone! Hahaha. I feel okay about laughing since you are now okay 🙂

      • It’s super okay to laugh. I always expect people to laugh and get thrown off when people are like “You guys were too young to play that game!” I figure they totally missed the point of the story.

  30. Love love love a good games night! My absolute fav game right now is Kwizniac. It’s a trivia game, so fun. I also love scrabble and Pictionnary for sure. Taboo always gets me good and worked up as well. Such a fun idea for Mattel to send you a whole night in a box – awesome!

  31. I looooooooove board games! I still play scrabble or cribbage most times I visit my mom. Growing up Santa always brought us a board game! My favourite has always been the Game of Life!! But I will admit I am kind of pro-star at Boggle. My family wont play with me anymore 😦

  32. I’ve always loved Mad Gab and Catch Phrase! Always a good time with both games. Uno is a classic of course as well. Have you ever played Dutch Blitz?? Another fun one!

  33. My fiance and I are into good ol’ Crazy 8’s. so clearly this prize would come in handy 😉

  34. We are pictionary people too!

  35. I really want to win this, but you need to put yourself in the box, too, because that’s the only way my game night will be complete. Apples to Apples is a favorite, but I haven’t played Cards Against Humanity yet, so I’m reserving judgement!

  36. There are just too many to name… I just recently picked up Cranium from Winners (I have been wanting to buy it for years, not sure why I hadn’t yet!). Cards Against Humanity is also a favourite, although I had played Apples to Apples first (many elementary school classrooms have this game for language centres/freetime). I love playing Catch Phrase with my family, especially my mom… especially after she’s had a few drinks. It is downright hilarious. Trouble and Sorry! are old school favourites, and Jok-R-Ummy is a hit with my mom and dad…

  37. Rachel van Oostveen

    So Settlers of Catan is easily my favourite (so so satisfying when you do win). I’m not going to lie….my family has a Settler’s Stats sheet, where we keep track of wins/losses/longest road/largest army, etc. My brother is in the lead (because he knows all the rules inside and out! and plays online…) and we always team up on him. We actually had to take a break from playing the game for a couple months because it was causing us strife. Seriously. So we switched to Catch Phrase which is always awesome and funny to see how people deal with the stressful countdown beep. LOVE games!!!

  38. we play Monopoly as a family. my husband is always the first out…mortgages everything and the goes broke…and my youngest always wins. Things in a box is a fun game too. Haven’t played pictionary in forever, but it was always fun too.

  39. My favorite game (or at least, one of my favorites), is Apples to Apples. I’ve never played Cards Against Humanity, thought I’ve been hearing about it a lot lately, so I need to get on that!

  40. When I was 8 or 9 I stayed up late on Christmas Eve to finish a game of Monopoly with my family. My mom (who wasn’t playing) put all of her Christmas presents under the tree before going to bed…including some that were labeled “From Santa Claus”. While I’d already been suspicious about how similar Santa’s handwriting was to my mom’s, seeing her put the presents under the tree confirmed for me that there was no Santa. I still love Monopoly, even though it kind of ruined Santa Claus for me.

  41. Total toss up for me between Taboo and Apples to Apples!

  42. My favorite is Apples to Apples…..

  43. Uno and Settlers of Catan are definitely my favorite games! They were always busted out during every family gathering!


    I love Scattergories!

  45. Cards against Humanity is my current favorite to play with friends, but Pictionary is my all time favorite! My dad and I beat the rest of the family at that every Christmas.

  46. Balderdash!

  47. Balderdash – HANDS DOWN! No one ever wants to play with me though – I must just be TOO good! At least, that’s what I tell myself to feel better!

  48. Trivial Pursuit for me! But I need to get a good group of Trivial Pursuit people together again – mine have all moved away and I miss them!

    This is just the coolest gift pack ever. I would have squeed mightily upon receiving this! (And the best use for the box? As a cat toy once all the games are out! My cat heartily approves!)

  49. Definitely Cards Against Humanity!

  50. My fav is Skip-Bo! I learned how to play it teaching in Spain. Now Jason and I play it at the pub…and our backyard…and our dining room table…and on our iPhones. Obsessed a little!

  51. It’s a three way tie Cards Against Humanity, Catchphrase and Scattergories!!! I love pretty much any board game though!

  52. I love game nights and luckily so do my friends! My favorite game to play is apples to apples

  53. I Love games! Things in a Box, Monopoly, Sequence, Yahtzee, classic cribbage and Crib Wars!!

  54. I think Cranium or Apples to Apples is up there! I’ve heard so much about Cards Against Humanity. I want to play that so badly!

    My cousins and I would always play Monopoly at our family gatherings when we were younger. There were quite a lot of competition going on and awesome alliances 😀

  55. I love Pictionary as well!!

  56. Apples to apples!

  57. UNO will forever be my favorite (I could play before I could talk, and one of my first words was, “Revoice!”, my version of reverse! ), but as an artist, I do love a sneak-attack Pictionary win, too. Nothing like blowing everyone out of the water with hidden fast-drawing skills!

  58. I love love love UNO!!! And I do love Apples to Apples as well but I still haven’t played Cards Against Humanity. This is a super awesome blog perk. Oh and I’m not sure if you read all these comments but a very cool fact about moi is that my Dad was the Canadian Monopoly Champ in 1976 & 1977 and he went to the World Championship in Monaco in 1977. True story!! Greg Henkel and he’s even in Wikipedia on the History of Monopoly in the chart of winners at the bottom. We had so many Monopoly versions in our house when I was a kid.

    • SHUT. UP. That is crazy!!!! I didn’t even know there was a World Championships for Monopoly! Or even a Canadian championships. Your dad is famous for pretty much the coolest thing ever. Man, he must be REALLY good at Monopoly – please tell me you’ve beaten him at least once?

      I read every comment, always 🙂

      • I love how I said it was a very cool fact about moi when it’s really a cool thing about my Dad. Bahaha!! My older brother beat him ONCE about ten years ago and the rest of us kids considered it a victory for all of us. 🙂

  59. I always loved uno and monopoly! I’m a back to the basics girl – the childhood memories have stuck with me and I’ve always loved those games! Now, I also love apples to apples – always hilarious!

  60. Laurie @ Whisking & Writing

    Skipbo, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It. Could play forever.

  61. I am with you Linds and my fave is the tried and true Pictionary! I would love to try Balderdash sometime, too..that sounds like a great time!

  62. Oh it is so hard to choose! I love soo many, but my all time fav is probably trivial pursuit. I love learning random facts.

  63. My current favorite game would definitely have to be Settlers of Catan! So fun!

  64. It’s a toss-up between Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity. I can’t draw to save my life, so watching me play Pictionary is probably more fun for everyone else.

  65. AnneMarie Gallagher

    I actually really liked apples to apples. I had never played it but it is now one of my faves. Although now hearing that cards against humanity is a more inappropriate version if that I want to play it. I also used to love the honeymooners game(I loved the show too lol) but I haven’t played it in years!

  66. It’s so hard to choose a favorite. I love Apples to Apples, Mad Gab and Uno is played at most of my family get togethers.

  67. Scattegories all the way! All my family members dislike playing with me because I’m too good and I can score 3 points per category…. I’ve only played Apples to Apples once but I loved it….fingers crossed!

  68. I love how absurdly competitive my family gets playing Sorry! and Pictionary.

  69. My favorite game is Settlers of Catan – great strategy game – hope to win this – Thanks ! toddlovessweeps at gmail dot com

  70. Very cool batch of games! My favorite is PitchCar. It’s a dexterity/racing/flicking game. A fun time for sure.

  71. As a family, we love playing Sorry and Monopoly Millionaire. After our son goes to bed, my favorite game to play is Scrabble because I beat my husband every single time. 🙂

  72. My favorite game ever is Clue!!

  73. I love Balderdash!

  74. My favorite game actually is Apples to Apples! But I’ve been wanting to play Cards Against Humanity for at least six months now-ever since I heard about it 🙂

  75. We love the game Dixit. It’s like apples to apples with pictures instead of words.

  76. Monopoly!

  77. Settlers of Catan

  78. I’m a big fan of Settlers of Catan.

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