The Hawaiian Party

As fun as Friday game night was, I had been looking forward to Saturday night for months, when I first got the Facebook invite. My friend Sherrie hosted a Hawaiian-themed party!


I love theme parties just slightly less than I love games, so I got all dolled up in my Hawaiian attire (of which I have no shortage of). I donated my coconut bra to Sherrie, because Evan and I had been shopping earlier that day (he dragged me to a Kitchen Stuff Plus sale, which surprisingly was a good time), and I found this:


This would be an inflatable bra with floating fish in it. I got it for $2. Pretty huge score if you ask my opinion (and you did, reading my blog is asking for my opinion on things). So I decided to forgo the coconuts and instead get my fish on. Over my shirt obviously, because just that thing alone would have been highly inappropriate and that is an understatement.

Sherrie decorated her house beautifully tropically for the occasion.



I’m not sure if it is a good idea to have inflatable tubes on lamps, but we didn’t start a fire, so all good.


And a big high five to this bronze stallion:


I thought about bringing all my games over and having my game night during Sherrie’s Hawaiian affair, but I didn’t want to hijack her party. And also, she created a pretty good game all on her own.

Adult spin the bottle. With shots.


Is that genius or is that genius? She filled the cups with different creme liquors, whiskey, vodka, beer, and then to mix it up, water and Kool-Aid. I was sober as I was a driving diva, and Dawn is with child and obviously not drinking, so I loved that we could still participate with the water and the Kool-Aid. And then if our bottle happened to land on a harder shot we just donated it to Mark.


Or Sherrie.


They liked it.

The game was a big hit. I think it may become a staple in my group of friends.

There was also a limbo contest…


Which we played for about two minutes and then we went back to spin the bottle. That was the lowest I had to go, thankfully.


Mark sure was excited. Evan had a night with his high school friends planned, so sadly he had to miss this night. And I’ll tell you all what I told him. You missed a good time. You missed a VERY good time.

Everyone really went all out with the costumes.


Ah, a rose between two thorns. Ginger’s ginger wig was my favourite. It was a beautiful addition to his skin tight shirt (actually purchased in Hawaii when he was still in high school).

And of course it was really great to catch up with all the ladies.



Fun times. And a nice little tropical pick-me-up because it is winter again and that makes me sad. Though I am excited for a little bit of hibernation…


14 responses to “The Hawaiian Party

  1. Your friends are amazing. Also, that fish bra is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen

  2. you look so gorgeous in that 2nd to last picture! Well, you always look gorgeous duh, but that just happens to be an extra awesome picture and the yellow looks fab on you!
    And the fish bra is pretty damn awesome.

  3. Shots spin the bottle is genius!!! I am totally stealing that!

  4. I have to agree, the bra AND the spin-the-bottle with shots is ingenius. Also, my dad has the same Hawaiian shirt as your ginger friend, also purchased on a trip to Hawaii…

  5. I am going to a Luau party this Friday and am super excited. Yes, it’s at my fitness center but the ladies there are amazing so it should be fun.

    Minus booze…I think. It’s hard to tell with these ladies.

  6. Your hair seems to be really keeping the curl! That makes me happy for you! gawdgeous!!!

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