Cork’s Birthday and Organization Weekend

On Friday night my pals and I all gathered to celebrate our friend Corey’s 32nd birthday. It has been two years since I first introduced our friend Corey on his 30th birthday party.

birthday girl

Two years ago!

He was a beautiful birthday girl. We went all out in a very mature way to celebrate his big 3-0, complete with princess signs and creepy gift bags (I say we, but I mean mostly Dawn. She makes a very good birthday and she gives me good blogging material.)

Last year Cork’s birthday was a slightly more grown-up house party, but still included some interesting elements (the Stud Undies), and good friends, and was a very fun time.


This year, it would appear we are now adults. We met at a pub on Friday night to celebrate the Corkster turning 32, and no one brought any glasses, there were no props, and there were especially no giant princess boards.


Also from two years ago.

So I guess we really are maturing in our old age. It’s probably about time, as one of us has a child (not me), one of us just had a baby (not me), and another one of us is pregnant (again not me), so I guess we should be setting examples. It seems to be baby time! I knew this day would come.

But we are all still young at heart.

Also, Evan and I did gave Corey his gift in a sweet Treasure Troll loot bag that we found at this amazing convenience store near us. The stock in there hasn’t been replenished since the early 90s, so there’s some good gems to be found. We’ll be hitting that up for other birthdays in the future for sure.

Anyway, it was still a really great night with all our friends (about 20 of us!)


Sherrie and I

My high school band friends and I heard our old official band song start playing (Stand By Me) and decided to get a nice old friends picture in honour of the moment.


Ohh, band. We were so cool.

I didn’t take many pictures (for once, I don’t know what was going on!) but someone did send me a few good ones of Corey.


He was really excited for his birthday.


He’s a good sport. He likes whipped cream in his face.

The rest of the weekend was spent organizing the condo now that it is just Evan and I. This sounds like it would not be very fun at all, but honestly it was hilarious and probably the best weekend I’ve had in a while. It was really nice to just hang out with Evan and get all our stuff together. Most of my things were still in boxes up until this weekend as I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone and overcrowd the condo (with all my books mainly). It looks really empty now that all the Stars Wars figures have been cleared out (not joking), but I’m liking it.

We found some gems while we were unpacking and organizing…like this beautiful photo of my friends and I in Grade 9 at Dawn’s surprise party.


Surprise, I’m having a balloon child!

With Joel, Lisa and Emily. Two of them are in the photo with me above also. Aw, old friends. We were so innocent.

And this lovely card from Dawn for my 18th birthday:


Which STILL makes me laugh hard. We used to just die for I wish that site was still around.

And this beautiful frame given to me when I was leaving Dairy Queen after working there for quite a long time.


I actually started in 2000, but whatever, I’ll let it slide. And I’m surprised I wasn’t fired earlier for hiding in the freezer and eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and cookie dough…

We found a bunch of fun things of Evan’s also, like his old report cards (he was a really good student!) and his high school yearbook, which I really enjoyed looking through.

And this game of his Nana’s that we are definitely keeping:

You play this while listening along to a record. Pretty groovy. We also happen to have his Nana’s old record player, so perhaps we will have to play this at a game night in the future…

So it was a great weekend and it was nice to hang out at home for once rather than be all over the place. I like.


4 responses to “Cork’s Birthday and Organization Weekend

  1. I love all of the treasures. Some of them make me die and some just make you so happy inside. We had such an amazing teenage life. One day you need to come over with your treasure box and I’ll get out mine and we can pee ourselves. Preferably when I am wanting to drink myself into oblivion with a two month old at home.
    I think you and Evan missed the ‘Shake Weight’ and ‘Chin Slimmer’ that we brought Corey (obviously delivered in a creepy doll bag). The Shake weight got thrown across the table and knocked Mark’s beer everywhere, including into my purse. Good times.

  2. post pics of the evan evanoff home!

  3. P.S. I was driving the baby and belting out the new pitbull song – having a baby does not equal grown up at all lol

  4. My “band song” was “Friends in Low Places.”

    To this day, I can sing it from memory.

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